Vital Essence was released to contribute towards an additional power for Gaia.

It can be collected through incubating eggs at the Legendary Nursery.

Depending on the incubation time of the egg a different amount of Vital Essence is given.

Finding Vital Essence

Using Vital Essence

Vital Essence is used to level up Gaia.

Vital Essence each power level reduces overall incubation time at the Legendary Nursery by a percent.

After the max level is reached an additional nest will be available at the Legendary Nursery.

Each level requires a certain amount of Vital Essence to be spent.

Advancement Tiers
Power Level Cost
Two VitalEssence 10,000
Three VitalEssence 10,000
Four VitalEssence 10,000
Five VitalEssence 10,000
Six VitalEssence 20,000
Seven VitalEssence 20,000
Eight VitalEssence 20,000
Nine VitalEssence 20,000
Ten VitalEssence 20,000
Eleven VitalEssence 30,000
Twelve VitalEssence 30,000
Thirteen VitalEssence 30,000
Fourteen VitalEssence 30,000
Fifteen VitalEssence 40,000
Sixteen VitalEssence 40,000
Seventeen VitalEssence 50,000
Eighteen VitalEssence 50,000
Nineteen VitalEssence 60,000
Max VitalEssence 60,000


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  • Vital Essence was added on May 30, 2019.

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