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Hi there! I'm Wavern, and these are my Dragonvale ideas.This blog will get updated often, and I will try to respond to your comments! I am a big fan of dragonvale, and I enjoy (and sometimes hate) playing the game. If you enjoy looking at my dragons, thx very much! I appreciate fans who like my art. I hope these will get chosen by Backflip!

Request List

This is where I will post my requests. I will try to get everyone's done somehow!

  • Cloud Dragon ( Done!)
  • Green Majesty Dragon (Done!)
  • Legolaika Dragon (Colouring...)
  • Tiger Dragon (Done!)
  • Imaginary Dragon (Done!)
  • Book Dragon (Done!)

Meet the Dragons!

Light Dragon.(Light)  


My Dragonvale light Dragon.

The bringer of peace and love, the Light dragon has a story to tell. Long, long ago, they used to be as numerous as Plant dragons. All, until, the dark dragons became jealous of their beauty,kindness and the beautiful light that hung from their tails.. And so, they had an idea. Each dark dragon crafted a glass orb, and that night, fitted it onto each and every light dragons tail, as they slept. When they woke, the light that shone through their tails stopped, causing them to fly away, and never come back.


My Dragonvale Mermaid Dragon.

Mermaid Dragon (Light, Plant).

Mermaid dragons are wonderful creatures that swim in the shallow waters of the Light Forest.The wizard known as Merman found this dragon lying on his boat after an experdition, and fell in love with it. He took it home with him, and a unique bond was formed. He was very sad to let it go away, but he quickly cast a spell that you could breed them, and so he could turn into one, and then they swam away, never to be seen again.


My dragonvale Peacock Dragon

Peacock Dragon (Air, Light)

The Beautiful Peacock Dragon is a magical hybrid of the Feather Dragon. When it was first discovered, many thought that it was just a shiny glimmer of rainbow across the  ground because it was moving fast. One wizard knew exactly what it was and tried to prove it. No matter how hard he tried to show that it was a dragon, no one ever took him seriously. Then one night, the Peacock Dragon scurried across the ground again, leaving a strange, scaly type of feather behind. When scientists discovered the feather, the Wizard was rewarded for a correct hypothosis. Since these beautiful creatures can not fly, some scientists still observe them during the night.

( Written by the Magic Dragon )


My Dragonvale Pheonix Dragon.

Pheonix Dragon (Fire,Light)

The Dashing Phoenix Dragon is a blazing hybrid of a fire dragon. This magnificent creature was first believed to be a bird, like the old myths and tales. Once it was found, DragonVale Scientists discovered that it was genetically combined with the body of the old Phoenix itself. Many mysteries about this dragon still question the famous scientists, since not much about them has been found.


My Dragonvale Spectrum Dragon

Spectrum Dragon (Moon,Rainbow)

From afar, the spectrum dragon is a scinilating mass of lights. Its radiant shine guids other dragons during the great dragon migration. The Spectrum Dragon's light are actually the only way that humans are able to see light in every spectrum without any non-magical machines. When the Spectrum dragon spreads its wings, they will catch any light around them and cast an almost magical glow. This is certaintly one bedazzling addition to your park!

Bubble Dragon (Water, Light)


My Dragonvale Bubble Dragon

The Bubble Dragon was first discovered when a DragonVale Diver took a dare from a devious wizard to swim deeper then The Sparkling Sea Trench-the deepest that anyone has ever swam. When the diver jumped in, he quickly lost a big amount of his breath. He dove down deeper, but it was hard. The currents were strong, and the Diver wasn't used to going so deep underwater. By the time he reached the Trench, he was out of breath. Suddenly, a happy, giddy, watery Bubble Dragon popped up from down under. The wet dragon carried the Diver to the surface. Every wizard was surprised with his return. The Wizard looked very surprised. He asked him how far he dove. The Wizard told everyone the story. The Diver didn't fufill his destiny, but he was rewarded for finding a new dragon.

Angel Dragon (Light Supertype)

Angel dragon h

My Dragonvale Angel Dragon

The "angelic" Angel Dragon was discovered many long years ago. At first, the Light Dragon and Dark Dragon mated together, creating a variety amount of children, including the Rainbow Dragon, the Solar and Lunar Eclipse Dragons and the Sun and Moon Dragon. After producing tons of baby dragons, the mother Light Dragon left the Dark Dragon behind. She mated with a Cloud Dragon and created this lovely Angel Dragon. The Dark Dragon left his babies and mated with a Fire dragon creating a Devil Dragon. The Angel Dragon fueded with this evil beast for years, until both of them gave up. The Devil Dragon decided to rule the Underworld and leave the Angel Dragon to rule Heaven.Since then, Angel Dragons were rarely ever seen, and even though everyone knows they are bred with Light and Cloud, no one can get ahold of the rare Light Dragon making it very hard to breed.

Magic Dragon (Magic) In Honour Of The Magic Dragon.


My DragonVale Magic Dragon

The story of the magic dragon dates back to 100dd, where the princess of dragonvale, Kora, was captured along with her twin, Kiara were captured in the tallest tower of Mt Plinges, where their shrill cries couldn't be heard. But in the middle of the night, when Kora was staring out the window, a magic dragon known as Melody swooped down and flew through the window, picking the twins up and flying them to safety in the forest. Overtime, Kora had created a unique bond with Melody, and was depressed when melody had to go. Kiara had found a way out of the forest, just to find her twin sister had turned into a Magic dragon. Then, they flew away in harmony,for ever and ever.


My Dragonvale Imaginary Dragon

Imaginary Dragon (Potion) In Honour Of A Dragonvale Fan.


My Dragonvale Wavern Dragon

Wavern Dragon (Potion) For myself, of course! Wavern dragons are magestic and the masters of colour. They are known to camoflage into anything, even rock. They are also the only dragons who can shine and glimmer in all the colours of the rainbow.As pretty as they are, they have been known to make potions to help wizards and witches find their way through anything.These dragons are extremely rare, and will only appear on the night before midwinter...

Cloud Dragon (Water,Magic)


My Dragonvale Cloud Dragon

Green Majesty Dragon


My Dragonvale Green Majesty Dragon

  Theres is a legend of a place called "Wekeuh" where a wizard who calls himself, "The Green Majesty", creates dragons and shows them to his friends. This dragon is his pet, and it is beaming with postive light and the light is green and it is MAJESTIC!

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