Yes, I am aware the Gemstone Dragons were introduced back in May. This blog was created April 14th, a month before they were released.

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Suggestion for New Dragons

  • "Precious Stone" or "Gem" themed Dragons.
  • There will not be any new Element introduced.
  • This idea is designed to be expandable!

My idea stems from reading other ideas posted here involving new Dragon breeds and Elements. My idea is a variation for new dragon breeds, specifically "Gem-themed" Dragons, without a new Element introduced which would require an opposing Element to be created as well.

Basic Concept

  • Using a Crystal Dragon as the basis of creating new breeds of Dragon.
  • A "crystal" is considered a precious stone or gem.

We already have a Crystal Dragon, the new breeds could viably be bred with a Crystal Dragon being one of the mated pair. The new dragons would inherit only the Earth Element from the Crystal Dragon and only one Element from the other "parent" Dragon in order to create a new, two-Element, "Gem-themed" Dragon.

Example: Crystal Dragon (Lightning/Earth) + Blazing Dragon (Fire/Air) might result in a new breed: Ruby Dragon (Earth/Fire) or Citrine Dragon (Earth/Air). However, any of the current breeds of Dragon that Lightning/Earth & Fire/Air can create might also be bred instead.

Making Sense of Using a Crystal Instead of a New Element

Although Crystal may not be an Element itself in DragonVale, the mating pair of a Crystal Dragon and another Dragon could plausibly create new Dragons such as a Ruby Dragon or a Sapphire Dragon. Using Crystal as the basis would allow the new Dragons to make sense without adding an entirely new Element (or multiple Elements to satisfy the Opposites system).

Naturally, this would be a unique breeding process. The result would be random just like all other breeding (excluding 2 same-type Dragons), with the exception that when breeding with a Crystal Dragon - there is a chance that a Crystal Dragon's second Element: Lightning, is ignored and the resulting breed would be selected from the new breed pool of "Gem-themed" Dragons.

As with Genetics and Nature, not everything is kept when mixing Elements, some genetic makeup is lost or wasted. This is true for everything; Animals, Minerals and Vegetables. So the "nature" or "natural" design still remains when breeding a Crystal Dragon with another Dragon to create a new, 2-Element Dragon even if the total Elements involved at the beginning was greater than two.

Deciding How to Introduce These Dragons

When it comes to deciding how to properly introduce these new Dragons, there are a few things that must be addressed.

Do we introduce these Dragons as new, permanent breeds or do we introduce them as Limited Dragons?

Option One

When considering the first option to introduce the Dragons as new, permanent breeds, a few things must be decided:

  • Total number of new Dragons: ?
  • Names for the new Dragons
  • Combinations to create the Dragons

This is the option I have come to favor and I have created a preliminary list to satisfy the above questions which will be linked below. This option would introduce all 7 Dragons (to start) at once, much like the Metal Dragons although they were introduced as a new Element, and while the new Dragon names may go up for vote the combinations could ultimately remain unchanged, 1 new hybrid for each Element. Note: I did not include a Metal Hybrid because I did not find it fitting to the theme of precious stone/gem.

Preliminary Gem-themed Dragon Layout

Option Two

When considering the second option to introduce the Dragons as Limited Dragons, an idea was presented to have them as "Birthstone" Dragons, available for the month in which they are designated. This option eliminates the need to know how many Dragons which would be 12, but there still remains the following:

  • Total number of new Dragons: 12
  • Names for the new Dragons
  • Combinations to create the Dragons
  • Which Birthstone for each month to use (some months have two Birthstones, June has three)

This option is more of a compromise that would introduce new Dragons as Limited Dragons instead of permanent Dragons. The total number of Dragons introduced would be 12 and they would appear during their individual months. Once their Birthstone has been decided upon, their name would be set and combinations might warrant three- or four-Element Dragons instead of the proposed two-Element Dragons.

This page was created by another Wikia member: Pickle786™'s Birthstone Dragon Blog

Note: The blog mentioned above is not directly related to the idea mentioned in Option Two. Similar ideas but received by different individuals.

Closing Comments

The ultimate goal is to add new Dragons to the already existing Dragons with the only change being that the new Dragons may only be bred when one of the mated dragons is a Crystal Dragon.

Please keep in mind, I am only referring to them as "Gem-themed" Dragons because it fits naturally with the names of the proposed Dragons (Ruby, Topaz, Coral etc) and that their breeding is based off the mating of a Crystal Dragon (which a Crystal is a Gem already or precious stone, those are synonymous). I am not saying "Gem Dragon" to mean a new Element.

Here I will list the preliminary list of new Dragons I believe would fit best in this concept.


Plant Earth Fire Cold Lightning Water Air Metal
Hybrid Emerald Onyx Ruby Turquoise Topaz Coral Citrine *None
  • The exclusion of Metal is not purposeful, I simply have not found a precious stone that would be viable as a metal-gem hybrid. I would look for the help of the community to fill this slot with a logical option. It would need to be something that can viably fit into "nature's design".

The current list of suggestions for a Metal-Gem themed Hybrid:

  • Obsidian (a mineral ore that has been commonly used in place of metal)
  • Graphite (a pre-diamond form of Carbon, metallic - considered a mineral)
  • Pyrite (a mineral ore as well as a naturally formed semi-precious stone)
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