Dear Backflip Studios, If you're reading this, here are some concepts for new dragons that I'd like to propose to you:

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Song Dragon(Air+Lightning)

The enchanting melodies the Song Dragons sing is the most beautiful thing you will ever hear. Some explorers spend all of their lives searching for one just to hear what it sounds like. I hear that someone named Guido de Mozzarezzo is planning to invent a new way of recording music based on the shape of the Song Dragon .

  • Adult Song Dragon
  • Baby Song Dragon
  • Adult Thistle Dragon
  • Baby Thistle Dragon

Thistle dragon(Metal+Plant)

Thistle dragons can be quite a handful, but they're sure to draw in visitors! These rough guys have a nasty habit of swinging their prickly tail at anything they can see, so make sure to be on your guard! You may want to keep a safe distance from their spikes, as well--just a scratch could leave you senseless!

Mystic Dragon (Water+Lightning+Air)

These gentle fellows love to dance gracefully on ponds and lakes. Mystic dragons are very playful, and might even invite you to join in the ballet! They're sure to give visitors a good show.

  • Adult Mystic Dragon
  • Baby Mystic Dragon
  • Adult Ruby
  • Baby Ruby

Ruby Dragon

The rare but mighty ruby dragon is able to magically generate gems, making it a valuable addition to any park. They can often be seen flying over rainbows. Their sparkling red wings and horns are insanely beautiful, making the ruby dragon attractive to much unwanted attention. Many shoe-makers used to hunt and kill ruby dragons to make ruby slippers out of their hides, and as a result these dragons are extremely rare. Like other gemstone dragons, the magic from the Shimmering Isles prevents ruby dragons from breeding.

Fusion Dragon(Fire+Lightning+Cold)

The first Fusion Dragon was created when a lightning bold struck an ice cream cone that a young wizard accidentally dropped into a campfire. Ever since that fateful day, these beautiful beings have roamed the land, astounding and mystifying people worldwide. As fusion dragons grow up, they grow more heads. Each head has a distinct personality, and as a result, the heads sometimes fight against each other.

  • Baby Fusion
  • Juvenile Fusion
  • Adult Scorpion
  • Baby Scorpion

Scorpion Dragon(Metal+Earth)

Scorpion dragons confuse enemies with their dragon-shaped claws, and then attack with their poisonous stinger. Though they have a tough exoskeleton, their bellies are unprotected. Angry scorpion dragons have been known to destroy nearby villages, making them loathed by many wizards. Watch out! One could attack at any minute!

Desert Dragon(Fire+Earth+Air)

Desert dragons fly around in the hottest months of the year causing droughts and heat waves along the way. They can live without much food or water, and can often been seen flying through dry, sandy, areas. Keep these fiery fellows away from cold dragons; Ice dragons have been known to melt when they're near a Desert dragon.

  • Adult Desert
  • Baby Desert
  • Adult Sea
  • Baby Sea
Sea Dragon(Water+Plant+Lightning)Sea Dragons can be found in many areas with warm, shallow water. Because of their coloring, they are often mistaken for plants. Sea Dragons are extremely succeptible to changes in the environment, and the clean water they need to survive is becoming harder and harder to find. Wizards have managed to recreate the unique conditions required by the sea dragons in your habitats, so now's the perfect time to start breeding!

Moth Dragon(Air+Lightning+Cold)

Moth Dragons come out long after the butterfly dragons have flown away. All moth dragons are attracted to light, making them extremely easy for dragon collectors to catch. They use complex patterns to confuse predators. Moth dragons are one of the few species of dragon who are flightless as babies, yet grow wings as they develop.

  • Adult Moth
  • Baby Moth
  • Adult Hummingbird
  • Baby Hummingbird
Hummingbird Dragon(Air+Plant+Lightning)Did you know that Hummingbird Dragons flap their wings 12 to 80 times per second? Don't be fooled by this dragon's small size, the Hummingbird dragon is strong, agile, and sharp beaked. Their oddly shaped beaks fit perfectly into certain types of flowers, making them a common find in many gardens.

What do you think? What should I draw next? Which one is your favorite? How much hedge would a hedgehog hedge if a hedgehog could hog hedge?

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