Before I begin anything, I deeply apologize for my lack of artistic ability. Most of what I publish here will be simple sketches of my ideas. Backflip, if you are reading this, then many, many thanks to you.

Most of these ideas are my own, but the Eclipse dragon ideas (minus the island) are others'. This is simply my variation on it.

Eclipse Dragons​​​​

Eclipse Island

Eclipse Island - Color

A Picture of the Eclipse Island.

Habitat Type: Eclipse

Level available: Level 19

Conjure time: 24 hours

Cost: 2,500,000 DragonCash

Max Income: 750,000 DragonCash each.

Kept in a state of perpetual eclipse, the Eclipse Island should keep your Solar and Lunar Eclipse dragons very happy indeed. In order to avoid conflict between the two, this island has been separated into two parts. Also, Eclipse dragons can only be bred at all with one of these in your park, due to some special magic that the wizards have yet to explain. Hopefully you can breed a few of these rare creatures!

Solar Eclipse Dragon

Elements: Eclipse, Sun

Level available: Level 19

Breeding time: 48 hours

Breeding combos: Sun/Moon (50%); Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse (50%); Moon/Solar Eclipse (75%); Sun/Lunar Eclipse (25%); Sun/Solar Eclipse (50%); Solar Eclipse/Solar Eclipse (100%)

Cost: 2,250 Gems

Earning Rates:


Level 1: 48 DragonCash/minute.


Level 10: 316 DragonCash/minute.

Shield your eyes when viewing the Solar Eclipse Dragon! This mysterious specimen was discovered by the famous stargazer Galleo, along with the Lunar Eclipse Dragons, who found them huddling in the middle of a total eclipse. A docile creature and strict herbivore, the Solar Eclipse Dragon possesses very few forms of self-defense. However, when startled, the creature will activate its Corona, effectively blinding its attacker so that it may flee. It's said that the Solar Eclipse Dragons spend almost their entire lives within the umbra of the moon, only leaving in times of great emergency. Of course, the fact that you can have one in your park is only because of the Eclipse Island itself. Pretty handy, don't you think?

Lunar Eclipse Dragon

Elements: Eclipse, Moon

Level availabe: Level 19

Breeding time: 48 hours

Breeding combos: Sun/Moon (50%); Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse (50%); Moon/Solar Eclipse (25%), Sun/Lunar Eclipse (75%); Moon/Lunar Eclipse (50%); Lunar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse (100%)

Cost: 2,250 Gems

Earning Rates:


Level 1: 48 DragonCash/minute.


Level 10: 316 DragonCash/minute.

The Lunar Eclipse Dragon is a strange creature indeed. Like the Solar Eclipse Dragon, it was discovered by the stargazer Galleo many years ago, but there are many odd differences between the two. It has been discovered through intensive study that this dragon prefers dark, dry areas to live in, and enters into sunlight very rarely, much like the Solar Eclipse Dragon. Unlike its more docile sibling, however, the Lunar Eclipse Dragon is very easily angered, and its rampages have done an uncountable amount of property damage. Thankfully, it's also rather easy to keep calm, so long as it's placed away from the Solar Eclipse Dragon. While the two will interact, it's best to keep them far away from each other for most of the time. Its ferocious appearance is known to scare many away, but when not enraged, this dragon is actually quite friendly. Just make sure not to make it angry.

Caves and the Overworld

Overworld Portal

Level available: 14

Cost: 500,000 DragonCash

Use: Allows any and all owners to go to the Overworld area, where the caves are.

In a spectacular feat of wizardry, this portal will enable not only your guests to return to the world below, but you as well! Just be careful with this, alright? We've been told that this new portal magic is very unstable, but it's probably just a rumor...

Overworld - Caves

The overworld is accessable at level 14, through the purchase of the Overworld Portal building. It will allow you to enter into four cave-based dungeons. (Note: creatures inside are defeated via incapacitating magic.)

Undersea Trench:

Accessable level: 14

Cost to enter: 60,000 DragonCash.

Foes: Snapling Turtle, Watt Eel, Greatback Shark

Boss: Deep Sea Dragon

Rewards: 1 gem (5%), 80,000 DragonCash (25%), 60,000 DragonCash (60%), Deep Sea Dragon Egg (10%)

Great Volcano:

Accessable level: 17

Cost to enter: 100,000 DragonCash

Foes: Fire Ant, Blast Slug, Ore Beast

Boss: Crater Dragon

Rewards 2 gems (5%), 200,000 DragonCash (25%), 125,000 DragonCash (60%), Crater Dragon Egg (10%)

Lightning Caverns:

Accessable level: 20

Cost to enter: 250,000 DragonCash

Foes: Spark Beast, Thunder Mind, Stone Bat

Boss: Surge Dragon

Rewards: 3 gems (5%), 500,000 DragonCash (25%), 300,000 DragonCash (60%), Surge Dragon Egg (10%)

Scar of the World:

Accessable level: 22

Cost to enter: 600,000 DragonCash

Foes: Rusty Root, Scarred Beast, Wind Bat

Boss: Platinum Dragon

Rewards 5 gems (5%), 1,200,000 DragonCash (25%), 750,000 DragonCash (60%), Platinum Dragon Egg (10%)

Planet Dragons

Planet Habitat:

Level available: 20

Cost: 7,500,000 DragonCash

Build time: 8 hours

Maximum DragonCash: 500,000 for inner, 750,000 for outer.

(Note: habitat consists of two major parts... an "inner-solar system" area for Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and an "Outer-solar system" for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Planet Dragons


Mercury Dragon - Water and Quicksilver - 29.5 hours.

Venus Dragon - Plant and Lava - 22.5 hours

Mars Dragon - Metal and Scorch - 24.4 hours

Jupiter Dragon - Air and Storm - 9.8 hours

Saturn Dragon - Fire and Mountain - 10.6 hours

Uranus Dragon - Lightning and Mist - 17.2 hours

Neptune Dragon - Earth and Rain - 16.1 hours

Pluto Dragon - Cold and Quake - 19.2 hours

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