You can see all the steps and rules, which you can follow about spam, under this text. We, from DragonVale wiki don't want ANY spam or violence right here, because the game can be played by users that aren't at their right age. You, as a user, need to know that you shouldn't have an account if your age hasn't reached 13. It's a worldwide know Wikia Rule, and we want you to follow that one too. All the rules of the Wiki can be found on the Wiki Rules and Policies page.

What to do when you see spam?

When you see spam, or something else on a page, which is NOT DragonVale related, you don't need to give a comment back like this : Spam Allert. The only thing you can do, what makes you helpful, is contacting an Admin or Wiki Mod. You can find all the Admins and Wiki Mods on this page. That link will lead you a to the Staff page. The best things what you could do when you see someone spamming or doing bad things are:.

- 1. If a user is spamming a comment on a page, then you also need to warn an Admin/Bureaucrat. Then you need to do the same things as the steps you read before. Just contact an Admin/Bureaucrat and they'll see what they can do. Then that comment will be removed too.
- 2. If a user is telling stories which aren't real or fake, then you need to contact a Admin/Bureaucrat once again. The user will be warned and we'll have your thanks for telling us. If the user does it once again, then we can make sure he/she gets his/her last warnings. If he/she spams more with his/her nonsense then he CAN be banned by an Admin/Bureaucrat.
- 3. If you see trolling people, then you need to contact an Admin/Bureaucrat too. Then we can make sure he doesn't spam the DragonVale Wiki pages. (A troll is a Wikia Contributor, or User which stops by random wiki's and spams about other subjects. These persons don't know anything about the wiki's subject).
- 4. If you aren't sure if it is spam, then you could always check the Wiki Rules and Policies. Then you can be sure, BEFORE you say anything to an Admin/Bureaucrat on his/her Message Wall

What you should NOT do

These steps are here for preventing spam and to prevent the grown of a spammed comment. The most people who see a spammed comment on a wiki page are saying immediately : "SPAM!". And that's just the thing you shouldn't say. Because if you do, the comment can get bigger and bigger and before you know, there begins a bad conversation. We all should really appreciate it if you can follow these steps. Here are the steps for what you shouldn't do or when you see spam :

- 1. The BEST thing YOU COULD DO is just ignore the spam or notice a Admin/Bureaucrat. By ignoring the spam, the size of the spammed comments and/or messages won't increase. (This also applies to the Chat Rules below this page)
- 2. You should not spam any page with using symbols and letters (or capital letters), vulgar language or profanity, inappropriate words or phrases, inappropriate sexual references/imagery, acronyms or abbreviation which include any of the above, emoticons which include any of the above, any other vulgar statements/imagery not listed above, excessive punctuation, excessive capital letters. The comments will be deleted for sure. You can find the rules about commenting here. There are the rules for commenting and messaging for everyone to follow.
- 3. You should NOT place a comment on an already spammed comment on the wiki, because then the size of the comment will increase. The best thing you could do is just let an Admin/Bureaucrat handle it. Then the comment will be removed as soon as possible. Then you could always repeat the steps from "What to do when you see spam".
- 4. You should NOT spam a Message Wall on ANY user. This means the thread on that user's Message Wall will be deleted. Because it will be seen as spam. If you do it multiple times, then you can be banned.

Spam in Chat

- 1. The rules about spamming also apply to the Chat Room of this Wiki. You can see ALL the rules which are are currently written down for the chat right here. We want you to follow all the rules from DragonVale Wiki and we really appreciate you to follow the rules well.

Thank you very much for reading this Blog! Now we should be sure that you won't spam any page or Chat Room. This was a Blog about the well known rules and steps about SPAM.

EDIT: The Blog has been re-written on some parts and checked on spelling and grammar. Any wrongs or bad spelled sentences? Please notice me, and I will change it ASAP! 22-06-'13