All right. Well hi people! Ths is just a small blog listing a few dragons that I have created over the course that I've been playing Dragonvale. Some you may have already seen in the game and some you may see in the future. Enjoy!

Meet the Beasts


Photon Dragon

Photon Dragon(Plant+Lightning)

The wild photon dragon amplifies energy from the sun with its large wings that act like solar panels allowing these dragons to grow erratically and often causing them to sprout more than one head. This dragon gives a new meaning to green energy.


Current Dragon

Current Dragon(Water+Lightning)

These slippery fellas just love giving a shock to anyone they come in contact with. Although they usually keep to the water, they are fully capable of running as fast as a racehorse on land therefore nowhere is safe except a well insulated room.


Harlequin Dragon

Harlequin Dragon(Plant+Earth+Water) This rare dragon that only appears around the time when things start coming back to life seems to have had a recent run-in with the court jester. Although the wizards don't know if it's born with those spots or if it paints them on by itself, they do know that it enjoys hopping around, leaving eggs and other goodies in mossy patches of grass hidden from the sun and that it enjoys having splash in water puddles after an April shower. Also, it likes hanging around rabbits.


Bog Dragon

Bog Dragon(Water+Earth)

This well-camouflaged fellow seems to have a lazy streak pretending to be a floating log as it sneaks up on passerby's snatching their food right out of their hands. Is it just lazy or is it clever? We don't really know. However, if it starts crying in front of you, something is definitely up.


Butterfly Dragon

Butterfly Dragon(Plant+Air)

These light-footed creatures flutter from flower to flower as if graceful dancers. In fact, Dragon Lake was based around this graceful creature. its delicate wings glisten with all seven colors of the rainbow as it lets off an aroma of fresh mint and lavender. Just don't mistake them for firefly dragons or else you'll get a real tongue-lashing.


Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon(Air+Water)

This friendly dragon always has its head in the clouds. It floats along the breeze on gossamer wings while cavorting with others of its kind. Although it might look delicate and amiable but if anyone ruins its favorite perch, it tears through the sky at mach 10 speeds bringing curtains of wind and rain.


Firework Dragon

Firework Dragon(Fire+Air)

The sparkling firework dragon is a true work of art as it twists and twirls through the air on wings that seem to made of pure molten energy. No one can mistake the signature sizzle and crack of this beauty as it zips through the night sky like a shooting star...or was it a flying machine?


Volcanic Dragon

Volcanic Dragon(Earth+Fire)

This lethargic beast may appear threatening but is actually just a gargantuan pussy cat. the volcanoes found on it s rocky body are mostly dormant only occasionally letting out a puff of smoke. However, on the rare occasions when these dragons do blow their tops, it's best to keep a safe distance.


Thunderbolt Dragon

Thunderbolt Dragon(Lightning+Air)

By feeding on large amounts of erudine crystals, these super-charged beasts have mastered a form of magic that allows them to produce purple lightning, which gives them a super boost allowing them to shoot through the air at the speed of light. These dragons, however, cannot roar so although they may appear like actual lightning bolts, they can't produce thunder or rain.


Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon(Air+Cold)

By gliding through the air on transparent wings and possessing a mane that refracts light, the wind dragon appears almost invisible as it circles the frozen tundras. Their presence, however, can be felt as they leave a trail of squalls wherever they fly often unintentionally causing hurricanes and tornadoes as they migrate from the north to the south pole and back.


Ghost Dragon

Ghost Dragon(Earth+Air)

Although this phantasmic fellow may appear frightful at first, it's actually just a lonely soul who wants some companionship. However, since it's perturbed by strong sunlight and warm weather, it only appears at night during a special time of the year when winter is around the corner. Not only does this reinforce its scary image but it doesn't help that it screams its head off in excitement like a bat outta'...well you get the picture.


Chameleon Dragon(Rainbow)

This multicolored marvel is a true sight to behold. The ability of its pelt to change colors erratically has our best wizards befuddled although each dragon appears to favor specifically five different color patterns. It also has the ability to move its eyes in every which way so if you feel like you are being watched, you probably are. Although it is a close relative of the rainbow dragon, its more colorful personality makes it welcome in any habitat making it a much more common sight.


Eclipse Dragon

Eclipse Dragon(Sun+Moon)

The hidden darkness that is the ancient eclipse dragon is still a mystery to our wizards. Many believe it to be found on the dark side of the moon but we all know that there's no such thing. Or is there? Others say it is the unholy offspring of the sun and moon themselves but that's just an old wives tale...maybe....


Permafrost Dragon

Permafrost Dragon(Earth+Cold)

This chilling beast can withstand the lowest temperatures as it wanders the frozen wastelands unearthing and munching on lichens and stones. As the blizzards blow, snow piles on top of its back forming magnificent pillars of ice the size of small mountains. Although this dragon is cold, it has a warm heart.


Aurora Dragon

Aurora Dragon(Cold+Lightning)

The spines of the magnificent aurora dragon holds so much electric energy that it supercharges its highly conductive made causing it to glow in all seven colors of the rainbow. These beasts can only be seen in the north and south pole during special times when rainbows drape across the night skies. Although it might look it, this dragon is not related to the rainbow dragon.


Sakura Dragon

Sakura Dragon(Plant+Cold)

Imbued with the mystic energy of the curious Yuzakura, the blossoms on this lovely creature's body bloom all year round. Although normal cherry blossoms are at full bloom by the beginning of spring, the magical blossoms on this dragon's wings bloom especially well during the coldest winters. When it flaps its wings, a flurry of petals fall beside you like fresh snow. It's skin is also ice-cold to the touch.


Ironwood Dragon

Ironwood Dragon(Plant+Metal)

It was once thought that all plant dragons needed sunlight to survive but the curious ironwood dragon has our best wizards puzzled. Although it can photosynthesize, it spends most of its time in underground tunnels where it is pitch black, but even then long scythe-like leaves sprout from its steel-hard and bark-like hide that can render any axe useless. But the most curious thing is that its color scheme makes me think of purple suits and candy.


Mercury Dragon

Mercury Dragon(Metal+Water)

This smooth fella moves as fast as quicksilver as it shoots through the water at godspeed. The winglike fins on it head supposedly helps it make swift turns but the more I look at it, the more I think they belong on its feet. Too bad this dragon doesn't have any feet.


Automaton Dragon

Automaton Dragon(Metal+Lightning)

This bodacious beast is literally a bucket of bolts. Its super-charged hide accumulates so much metal debris that it eventually encases its body in a suit of armor. Still others believe this beast was once a machine that has come alive for unknown reasons.


Aluminum Dragon

Aluminum Dragon(Air+Metal)

Although appearing bulky at first, the aluminum dragon's body contains a metal that is so light that this beast has no trouble flying at all. The silvery feathers that this beast sheds is collected to make swords, silverware and flying machines. Pretty versatile stuff.


Icicle Dragon

Icicle dragon(Metal+Cold)

This cold, steel-clad beast plows through the northern tundra like a tank on four legs. the diamond -hard horns and tusks that adorn this beast's face are actually derived from the metals that this dragon feeds on. when angered, it lashes out with its spear-ladened tail.


Forge Dragon

Forge Dragon(Fire+Metal)

This hammer-headed creature sure is thick-skulled. It's so hard that metal can be beaten directly on top of without affecting the dragon at all. By pumping its wings, it stokes its inner fire, which leaks out from the end of its tail.


Lithium Dragon

Lithium Dragon(Earth+Metal)

This dragon spends most of its time buried eye-deep in the earths crust. Only when hungry do they emerge to feed on precious ores. Beware of its clubbed tail and spiny back though. Just because it enjoys taking dirt naps doesn't mean it can't react quickly.


Tornado Dragon(Earth+Air+Lightning)

This twisted up fellow looks like it always has a bad hair day. The long flowing mane the grows from the back of this dragon's neck form in a way that it wraps around its body like some cocoon. No ones knows it purpose but it seems the help this dragon fly by flowing in a circular motion around its body often creating twisters in the process. I guess it makes up for the lack of wings.


Fly Dragon(Fire+Air+Plant)

Not as pretty as the butterfly dragon and unable to emit light like the firefly, the fly dragon is usually green with envy. However, this interesting fellow does have the ability to remain completely still in the middle of the air without flapping it wings. Talk about stealth. Also from what I heard it's related to a creature from a less magical place called a "dragon fly", but that can't possibly exist, can it?


Light Dragon

Light Dragon(Metal+Air+Fire)

A beacon of hope during the darkest nights, the brilliantly dazzling light dragon is said to have descended directly from the heavens to help those in need. These delicate beasts are extremely gentle and kind unwilling to even bend a blade of grass. It's also said that seven trumpets will sound whenever one is born.


Dark Dragon

Dark Dragon(Metal+Air+Cold)

Said to be the harbinger of doom and the omen of bad luck, the dark dragon is often regarded as a beast of misfortune. However, our wizards can tell that they are extremely intelligent and have no ill intentions at all, but the way they rise from the shadows still sends chills down my spine. The eternal blackness that is the dark dragon will definitely freeze all your visitors in awe.


Scald Dragon

Scald Dragon(Water+Fire)

This pot-bellied fellow really needs to let off some steam. By swallowing a bellyful of water, the scald dragon uses its internal fire to bring it to a rolling boil. Although it sometimes uses the boiling water for defense, it mostly uses it for its culinary talents. The secret behind every good cook is a good scald dragon.


Eco Dragon

Eco Dragon(Earth+Air+Water+Plant)

Said to only appear during the time when people pay special attention to the land that they inhabit, this nurturing creature is thought to be the mother of all dragons. With it superb maternal instincts, it nurtures the earth as well as all the creatures that live on it. It has given so much so it's our turn to give back. Having one in your park will definitely raise that awareness.


Wildfire Dragon

Wildfire Dragon(Fire+Plant+Earth)

This hot-headed beast can burst into flames at any minute. With a dry, highly combustible hide and an ample amount of tinder, flames usually cover this dragon's body like the way dew covers the morning grass. by flapping its leafy wings, it spreads embers all around. Just make sure your visitors keep a safe distance.


Steam Dragon

Steam Dragon(Air+Water+Fire)

This effervescent creature is lighter than air. With four wings as weightless as down, this dragon floats through the air as smoothly as embers roll off a fire dragon's back. a close relative of the fog dragon, the steam dragon hides a secret. If you get too close, be careful not to get burned by the immense heat this beast gives off.


Dune Dragon

Dune Dragon(Earth+Water+Metal)

Originating from the Dracobi desert, this sneaky serpent loves playing tricks on passerby's. If you are walking along the beach or trekking through the desert and you get a sudden sinking feeling, most likely you're about to be pranked. Although designed for the water, this dragon loves swimming through the sand.


Coral Dragon

Coral Dragon(Water+Earth+Fire)

Burning like a flame under the surf, the brilliant coral dragon is a true sight for soar eyes. Its magnificent horns often serve as a mobile reef for a variety of marine life. It sheds its horns once a year and these are collected for their healing properties. Be sure to consult your healer before taking dragon horn. Side effects may include itching, burning, and the inability to operate a wand for 24 hours.


Unicorn Dragon

Unicorn Dragon(Metal+Cold+Lightning+Plant)

A close relative of the Panlong, this legendary beast is only found at the peaks of the highest mountains. A benevolent creature, the unicorn dragon will stop at nothing to restore order in the ecosystem. Although it's not associated with rainbows nor are they particularly fond of maidens, this golden beast sure is to turn some eyes in your park.


Island Dragon

Island Dragon(Earth+Water+Plant)

This Mammoth monstrosity literally carries the world on its back. Often seen cruising lazily in the middle of the ocean, people usually mistake them for patches of land. Because they love to eat coconuts so much, the trees sprout out of their backs providing food for local wildlife and stranded sailors out at sea.


Feather Dragon

Feather Dragon(Air+Metal+Plant)

Often in a state of constant hiding, the elusive feather dragon only shows itself when the solar pathway moves directly above the Temple of the sun. Only will its energy call out this multicolored beast as it is a time for its celebration. The feathers on this magnificent dragon sparkles so much light that it puts the sun to shame.


Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragon(Rainbow+Sun+Moon)

Said to be even rarer than the rainbow dragon, this beast of the silver sky has only ever been hinted in the earliest scriptures during the the emergence from the dark ages. The wizard Dalfgan says that this astronomical beast drapes across the night sky while giving off sparkles of starlight that shines as bright as the sun or the moon in all seven colors of the rainbow.


Cave Dragon

Cave Dragon(Air+Earth+Lightning)

Often seen hanging from its favorite stalactite, these dragons send tingles down my spine every time they fly overhead whenever I'm exploring some caves in attempt to find an extra gem or two. Closely related to the Sonic dragon, don't let this vampiric critter drive you batty since they don't really drink human blood.


Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon(Plant+Earth+Water+Air)

Only found in the deepest jungles of the Zonamian rainforest, the elusive forest dragon is a master at blending in. By lifting up its leafy wings and raising its flowery tail, it can look like any blossoming jungle plant. Extremely friendly, this beast doesn't really fly but actually glides through the canopy.


Well Dragon

Well Dragon(Water+Earth+Fire)

Preferring cool, dark places, the well dragon has grown three heads so that one head is always above the water while the other two sniff around for food underwater. They occasionally pop out of wells scaring the living daylights out of people but don't worry, the worst that can happen is a slobbery kiss. If you decide to keep one in your park, keep them away from your wishing well because they are prone to "accidents" if not well trained. However, they make loyal companions if trained correctly. While most wizards use three-- headed dogs to guard their gems, I prefer a three-headed dragon instead.


Lantern Dragon

Lantern Dragon(Water+Lightning+Metal)

Don't swim away! This dragon just wants to make friends! Born with a mouth full of teeth, a steel-hard hide and a light on top of its head, the lantern dragon is truly an anomaly of nature. By generating a current through its body, it lights up its photo-organs like stars under the sea. Although it may appear fierce, it mainly uses its light to find a friend among the murk. Because it likes to say hello with its mouth, it's always losing teeth. Luckily, they all grow back.


Pharaoh Dragon

Pharaoh Dragon(Metal+Earth+Plant)

A favorite of ancient kings, the ornately decorated Pharaoh dragon looks more like a piece of jewelry rather than a living creature. This probably explained why they were often used to guard treasures since they can easily blend in. Said to have the face of a man, this dragon can't resist the allure of flute music, which sways it to break out in dance.


Wintergreen Dragon

Wintergreen Dragon(Plant+Earth+Cold)

Found in the land of ice and snow, this chilly creature has grown to be able to spring to life even during the coldest winters. The spiny leaves that grow from its body are tough, but they last even when covered in snow. When you walk through a forest of Wintergreen dragons, you get the sensation of being on a mountain top.


Plume Dragon

Plume Dragon(Air+Fire+Plant)

This curious being of legend looks more bird than dragon. A wonderful singer, the melodies of this dragon can soothe even the most savage beasts.Although some have said that one glance from this dragon can turn a man into stone, our wizards have assured that this is not the case. People simply become stunned from its beauty. When you put one in your park, I would advise you place it with your Panlong since the two seem to get along very well.


Spiral Dragon

Spiral Dragon(Metal+Earth+Lightning)Although large and sluggish in appearance above ground, these dragons move with lightning efficiency underground where they use their massive tails to drill through anything that their ironclad jaws can't already chew through. Because they have no use for their arms, they have shrunk over the years.

Dandelion Dragon Art

Dandelion Dragon(Air+Plant)

This jovial beast is a known floater among the dragons tending to visit regions wherever the wind takes it. from its cottony wings and tail, it releases seeds that fill the air with joy and sunshine. This is one dragon that knows how to live life to the fullest.

Smoke Dragon Art

Smoke Dragon(Air+Fire+Earth)

Rising from the burning hillsides is the soot-covered smoke dragon. Just by swinging its burning mane, this beast can block out the sun with a cloud of ash. However, it means no harm at all and the ash will clear in time. If you have dust allergies, you might want to keep your distance.


Leaf Dragon (Plant+Air+Fire)

The colorful greenery that sprouts from this dragon's back serves to hide it among the fallen leaves on the forest floor. These beasts wander the forests searching for perfect leaves to build their nests. The sail through the air with ease by flapping the leaves on its back.


Freezebite Dragon (Water+Metal+Cold)

This ironclad beast slices through the ice-cold waters of the northern seas like a sword slices through butter. The metal plating not only doesn't slow it down but actually helps it swim and fly. Having the tendency to eat everything in its path, this is a dragon that bites first and asks questions later. It's always sorry if it makes a mistake though.

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