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These pictures originally appeared on Liberkhaos' Dear Backflip Studio! (Artistic_version) blog but have moved here now that that blog is a portal blog, hopefully making Liberkhaos' DV wiki life a little easier!

Some of the pictures herein were inspired by the ideas of others, as found on Liberkhaos' Dear Backflip studio! blog (*) or the blogs of the individuals in question as noted.

I really hope Backflip use some of these ideas for DV. I hope you enjoy browsing through!





Mysterious stone circles are dotted over the ancient world but for years their manufacture has eluded the best magical minds. They require a certain kind of stone that is only found in one place - a place all but lost. Well, we're pleased to say that it has now been found and so you too can now enjoy a magical stone circle in your vale! They bring good fortune and attract many visitors .. and yes, okay, sometimes ghosts aswell.




Every stream needs a source and our wizards are only too happy to oblige.
Using their arcane dowsing skills they are able to establish a spring almost anyplace,
drawing water through a magic water portal into your island. Sometimes a few intrepid fish get through
and our wizards have agreed to let them as they seem to delight the visitors.




With a spring in place a meandering stream is just a small request away
(asked nicely a stream will settle in anyplace and is happy to change its course, keen to see new things).
They chatter aimlessly and soothingly and are great for cooling the weary feet of vistors.
But what if you don't want to get your feet wet? A few artfully placed stepping stones should do the trick.


Island Bridge

Island Bridge*

Now it isn't true that portals are dangerous in any way and any rumours concerning visitors arriving home in less than, or more than one piece is pure fiction. However, a Court of Magic order has inspired us to create lovely stone bridges to span between your park's islands, should you choose to use them.


Towered Island Bridge


Sept-Creature's Carnivia Plant


Sept-creature's Hummingbird Dragons are the only dragon found to fly on the spot to collect their favorite nectar from the once-a-year-blooming Carnivia. Carnivia can be found near parks, so if you plant a Carnivia in your park, these dragon may stick around you park!



Huge Habitats

These were inspired by an idea by BlazingLightFire, which he puts forward on his blog
User blog:BlazingLightFire/Huge Habitats!


Huge Plant Habitat

DV Habitat-HugeEarthLAP

Huge Earth Habitat

DV Habitat-HugeFireLAP

Huge Fire Habitat

DV Habitat-HugeColdLAP

Huge Cold Habitat

DragonVale Habitat-HugeLightningLAP

Huge Lightning Habitat


Huge Water Habitat

DV Habitat-HugeAirLAP

Huge Air Habitat

DV Habitat-HugeMetalLAP

Huge Metal Habitat


Dark and Light Habitats

Small Light Habitat and Large Dark Habitat concepts for Anvil555's Dark & Light Elements idea as detailed on his blog

DV Habitat-SmallLightLAP

Small Light Habitat

DV Habitat-LargeDarkLAP

Large Dark Habitat



So far i've only done the one dragon (bar the Ancient Dragon above, but he plays by a different rule!)


Mistletoe Dragon

Mistletoe Dragon

Found hanging in the branches of the orchards one day in copious numbers (like cute lil furry bats huddled together under the eaves of some barn ..) this little critter has apparently recently migrated to the vale from the snowy Valleys of Claus.

The flock was apparently drawn forth by the emergence of the love dragon but only wakes up around the month of the winter solstice.

Awake or asleep, they like to huddle.


Rule: Limited Dragon (December). Cold+Plant+Air / 3hrs / 3coin pm

Thinking about it again it would be cool if this was dead easy to breed. It's not a big earner and only takes 3 hours to breed. However when the egg hatches 3 little dragons pop out. They always stick together (think of them as one dragon for placing in habitats and animation). This would enable the player to get a ton of them and have a whole parkfull over Xmas, eliminating any breeding stress during that generally more stressful period!! :)

I guess for that to work they'd have to stay babies when levelled up.


Other pictures to come . .

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