My List!

Here is the list of dragons that I ,myself, plan to do. It is also a list for what some contributors have requested of me. Keep in mind, even though you may request a dragon it may not be put here simply because I don't want the list to be super long and, let's face it, not every suggestion will be something I wish to draw. Without further ado, my list (including dragons people have previously requested) is:

- Star Dragon

- Aquamarine Dragon (March)

- Diamond Dragon (April)

- Sept Dragon

- Pickle Dragon

- WhiteTigerlily Dragon

- Emerilla Dragon

-Nebula Dragon

-Honey Dragon

-Quilt Dragon

-FanJinxin Dragon

-Fruit Dragons (12 monthly)

-Flag Dragon

-Legendary Dragon Astra

-Jester Dragon

My dragons!

Hey everyone!

This is the part of my blog which showcases all of the regular dragons I have drawn. They are all my original art and are in no way actually in the game (yet ;)) Some of these dragons don't have elements but if you comment with an element combo, sooner or later every dragon will have their elements! Oh and BFS, if you are watching, these, and any of my dragons in the other categories, are for you to use!!! Enjoy! Oh and if you want to check out more cool art click HERE!

Yin-Yang Dragon2

Yin and Yang Dragons

Element: Yin-Yang element (they will be base dragons)

Yang Dragon:This century old dragon was thought to be the most generous and luck bringing dragon according to its white, innocent looking scales. It is only now that we realize this dragon is just as capable of bad deeds as it is heroic deeds! However, if you unite this Yin Dragon with a Yang Dragon, mystical and unusual things have been known to occur.

Yin Dragon:This century old dragon was thought to be the most tricky and evil dragon ever to walk this earth. It is only now that we realize this dragon is just as capable of good deeds as it is devious deeds! This creature is a perfect example why you shouldn't judge books by their covers...or in this case, a dragon by their scales.

Fan Dragon

Fan Dragon

Elements: Fire + Air + Cold

Fan Dragon:This strange creature has been known to crash parties and find its way in to any high class performance. When it wants to show off, this dragon simple spreads the appendages on its head and instantly dazzles anyone who happens to come into its path. We recommend all visitors to carry a pair of sunglasses with them just in case a enthusiastic Fan dragon decides to make an appearance.

  • Adult Glacier Dragon
  • Baby Glacier Dragon

Elements: Cold + Earth + Metal 

Glacier Dragon:Hundreds of years flew by as the once bare Algorian mountains were caught in a vicious snowstorm. This species of dragon, known before as the Rock dragon, had to adapt to fit into it's new, snowy environment. Little did we know, the snow on these mountains had magical properties and caused ice crystals to form all over this dragon's body. These gentle beasts now roam the earth, confusing many by blending in with their frozen landscape.

Stocking Dragon

Stocking Dragon

Elements: Cold + Fire + Plant + Lightning 

Combo: Poison + Storm

Stocking Dragon:One day, a young wizard boy went out to take in the hanging laundry, as his mother had asked. Luckily for him a curious dragon had found his way into the clothes hanging on the clothes line. Ever since then, Stocking dragons, as they are now called, have been known to do anything to get their claws on to socks, scarfs, slippers, anything! Guests are advised to keep their clothes on at all times.

Dreamscare Dragon

Dreamscare Dragon

Elements: Air + Fire + Plant

Combo: Posion + Blazing

Dreamscare Dragon: A wizard by the name of Dr.Hekyll had found a magical potion that could cure almost any disease. One night he decided to test his concoction when a Dreamscare dragon flew into his home. The stare from this mythical beast was enough to make Dr.Hekyll's mind fill with crazy visions and his greatest fears. By accident he took a wrong potion which let the evil side of himself come out. Today he is known as the dark wizard, Mr. Jyde. On a side note, you can tell if you are dealing with an adult dreamscare dragon, the age when it is most notorious, when its tail wraps around to the front of it's body, acting as a shield. We don't want any more Mr.Jyde's around so we strongly suggest you tell your guests to stay calm when approaching this beast of darkness.

Neon Dragon

Neon Dragon

Elements: Lightning + Air

Neon Dragon:Somehow this peculiar dragon's tail was fused with Neonium, a strange new element found to be an indestructible, powerful source of energy. As a consiquence for this magnificent gem, the Neon dragons' tail will stay the same size throughout its whole life. Also, to keep the energy in specialized scale-like tubes, silver scales are needed around the neonium scales so that energy doesn't surge through the dragons whole body. Poor dragon! It's more like a walking science experiment rather than a beast but shhh, don't tell it that!

Tropical Dragon

Tropical Dragon

Elements: Plant + Fire + Earth

Combo: Moss + Flower

Tropical Dragon:This magnificent creature has been known to congregate on the hottest day of the year. Following that day these dragons dance for a whole week in an attempt to gain a mate. You can tell when a Tropical dragon is near the end of its dance when the bud on its tail blooms into a lovely lily. This week, which has been coined "Festival of the Sun," is one of the most amazing times of the whole year so you won't want to miss out!!

WTL Fusion Dragon

Fusion Dragon

Elements: Water + Fire + Lightning

Fusion Dragon:In the days when catapults and swords were very in fashion a wizard named James Cannon developed many scientific tools using his pet Fusion Dragon as inspiration. Through his studies he found that this playful creature has strange energy running through large veins on the outside of its body. He also noted that his Fusion Dragon enjoyed spending time with various metal dragons even though this dragon was not directly linked with the metal element. Fascinating right?

Pinecone Dragon

Pinecone Dragon

Elements: Plant + Earth + Cold

Only Combo: Evergreen + Earth

Pinecone Dragon: Most wizards, in the days of their youth, would try collect the largest pinecone so that they could gloat to all of their friends. Unfortunately for one wizard, finding the largest pinecone (or rather not) wasn't a cake walk as he had to haul a sleeping pinecone dragon all the way home on a magic carpet with 15 other wizards helping him out. To this day most wizards in their youth collect flowers, wait no, that's not Ya, they definitely collect rocks.

WTL Dark Dragon

Element: Dark

Dark Dragon: Said to have been spawned from the flames of darkness, this sneaky creature is often the cause of "the feeling of being watched." Rarely ever even seen, this dragon of shadows is hard to tame but will make a very loyal friend....that is, if you aren't afraid of the dark.

WTL Light Dragon

Element: Light

Light Dragon: Said to have been spawned from the heavens above, this beautiful dragon is often found circling the clouds on a sunny day. In many wizarding tribes this dragon means good luck. It is also a common tradition that when you spot a light dragon, you must make a wish before it flies away. None have proved this although they say and old, blind wizard could see the very next day after wishing upon a Light dragon, coicidence? Entirely.

Gear Dragon

Gear Dragon

Elements: Metal + Lightning

Combo: Magnetic + Current

Gear Dragon: Gear dragons are said to hatch without any piece of metal on them whatsoever. They have highly magnetic scales that attract whatever pieces of scrap metal may be lying around and, since the Gear dragons body has electricity coursing through it, the metal will fuse to its body. What would a Gear dragon look like without metal on it? We may never know....

WTL Amber Dragon

Amber Dragon

Elements: Plant + Earth + Fire + Water

Amber Dragon: Amber dragons have a strange habit of hatching only when placed in or near a tree. Once they hatch, their sticky scales get stuck to sticky orange tree resin commonly known as amber. as this substance sticks to the dragons scales, other pieces of debris are picked up and can be seen right through the amber once it has solidified. Trust us, you do not want to test if an Amber dragons once sticky coat is still sticky, it's NOT!

  • Ember Dragon
  • Baby Ember Dragon

Elements: Fire + lightning 

Ember Dragon: Have you ever looked out into a sunset of amazingly beautiful colours? Have you ever seen a flash of light that you couldn't explain? Well here's the explanation, an Ember Dragon! These fiery creatures tend to spread sparks and light, causing strange things to happen. A word of caution, do not stare into the sunset to find one of these creatures. Just because their eyes can handle the sun does not mean yours can!

WTL Pegasus Dragon

Pegasus Dragon

Pegasus Dragon: This wonderful dragon is known to frolic around with, not dragons, but unicorns and pegasus' and is therefore very dificult to spot. In earlier days, these dragon's scales were thought to cure any diesease and were therefore hunted to near extinction except for two which were saved reportedly by "a giant magical ark" a long time ago. Now these rare creatures are here for you and your guests to enjoy, not to hunt.


The dragons here are not gemstone dragons nor regular dragons. Therefore they can only be classified as rare dragons! Keep in mind there might not be very many dragons here because I sometimes have trouble putting my rare dragon designs on paper but not to fear! I'll sure as heck try!!!

WTL Magestic Dragon 001

Magestic Dragon

Elements: Water + Air + Cold

Combo: Ice + Rain

Magestic Dragon: This Magnificent creature is most likely related to the most sought after Rainbow dragon. With further research we have found that one out of every 50 Rainbow dragons turn out to be a Magestic dragon due to a genetic anomoly. Because of this difference this dragon has a slightly different shape, different coloured scales, and most importantly different needs. Please be sure to treat any of these creatures with the utmost respect.

WTL Legendary Dragon Plenus 1

Lergendary Dragon Plenus

Legendary Dragon Plenus:

There is a famous wizard fable called "The boy who cried dragon" which most wizards know. This tale tells of a father who used his son's relationship with Plenus to his benefit. Every time he couldn't afford something, he would ask his son to call upon Plenus to 'weigh down his pockets' using his special scales. Little did the father know that Plenus could see what he was up to and one day Plenus froze himself in a giant, un-mineable diamond sculpture until he was truly needed. Rumors say to summon this dragon, you must acquire the Tablet of Truths, the Diamond Tomb, and the Golden Scale.

WTL Star Dragon

Star Dragon

Star Dragon:

Each night, especially on a full moon, you might be able to witness a magical sight. No, it's not a shooting star, it's in fact a Star Dragon. These colourful night dwellers can be seen only through the use of night-vision goggles or telescopes as they fly so fast, as fast as comets in fact! No one has yet to ever see one in daylight except for, well eveyone now that they are avaliable to breed!


These are my interpretations of what the Birthstone/Gemstone dragons should look like. Please remember that they are not in order as I do not draw them in order. They will hopefully all be up by the end of October! Enjoy!

WTL Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon

WTL Peridot Dragon

Peridot Dragon

Peridot Dragon

WTL Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

WTL Opal Dragon

Opal Dragon

Opal Dragon

WTL Topaz Dragon

Topaz Dragon

Topaz Dragon

WTL Turquoise Dragon

Turquoise Dragon

Turquoise Dragon

WTL Garnet Dragon

Garnet Dragon

Garnet Dragon

WTL Amethyst Dragon

Amethyst Dragon

Amethyst Dragon

WTL Aquamarine Dragon

Aquamarine Dragon

Aquamarine Dragon

WTL Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon

Friend's Dragons and User Dragons!

Here is the sacred area dedicated to the dragons my DV Wikia friends request of me. There may not be tons of dragons here (I'm not all that popular) but it's probably worth looking into! Hope you all like them!

Important Notice!

As of now I am no longer making any more friend or user dragons. Sorry, but my main objective was to create dragons for the game, not for wikia users and I am afriad I may have strained from my path of origin. Yes, I will of course finish any of the user or friend dragons that I promised but I will only make friend's dragons at my own discretion from now on. I plan to shorten my list and make as many of my original designs as I can without user or friend dragons slowing me down. Sorry once again!

~WTL =^.^=


Friend's Synergy Dragon

My Version of the Synergy Dragon!

Elements: Lightning + Metal


DragonHawk Dragon WTL

DragonHawk Dragon

Elements: Cold + Air


WTL Wizard Dragon for TheWizardz

Wizard Dragon

Elements: Rainbow + Lightning


Kululu's Rasengan Dragon WTL

Rasengan Dragon



WTL Pickle Dragon Finis

My version of the Pickle Dragon


Fanart (my dragons drawn through other's eyes)

Hello all my fans and/or art lovers! This is the section where I will showcase any fanart other users have drawn for me. This does not include any 'WhiteTigerlily' dragons that friends have made for me, just fans who have drawn my dragons is cool poses!

My first fan, my new cyber buddy DeadMan Grimoire. And yes, his fanart is truly amazing!


DMG Fusion Dragon Fanart

DeadMan Grimorie Fusion Dragon Fanart!


Hi everyone! Since I am horrible at coming up with element combos, you get to decide! Just leave a comment down below with a combo for one of the element-less dragons and your reason why it should have that combo. If you give a reasonable reason I'll put it up with it's appropriate dragon!

Thanks everyone, especially to a Wiki Contributor who gave me this idea, and HAPPY COMBO CREATING!!!!

Please feel free to leave a comment down below. Artistic criticism is appreciated however rude comments are not. Thank you and I hope you like my drawings!

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