Why Can't You Breed That Dragon?!?!

So, you've bred a Fire Dragon with an Ice Dragon for the hundredth time, and still haven't got that Blue Fire Dragon you've been trying for. What gives? What are you doing wrong? The answer is simple, yet equally as frustrating: you aren't doing anything wrong, and it's all based on probability theory.

I think that a fair number of players forget the basic concepts of probabilities, and tend to buy into the "gambler's fallacy". So, for any and all of you that are getting super frustrated and pissed off because you can't seem to successfully breed a certain dragon type, here's a link you can check out that will very likely help to calm your nerves. It's a very easy-to-understand summary of both basic probability theory and the gambler's fallacy.

So, while I can't offer you any guarantees about which dragon combo will get you that Blue Fire Dragon, I hope this little link will at least help you to better understand why it might take you another hundred (or more) tries to get your dragon.

But remember, if all of the dragons were easy to get, the game would be kind of boring, right? And I know everyone gets a rush when they see that magic number that they've been waiting eons for pop up on the screen when they check the breeding time. Take away the thrill, and where's the enjoyment? Just some food for thought... ;)

Good luck and have fun!

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