Welcome to the Dragonvale Scavenger Hunt Quiz!

This is a new blog created by me, called the Dragonvale Scavenger Hunt Quiz! I think it is a very interesting new thing in the world of contest blogs on the wiki here, and everyone will have fun with it. Please check out the tabs to learn more about the blog! Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy this blog!

The blog will end March 20, 2013


There will obviously be rules. Here I will also explain how the game works. Good luck :)

The point of the game is to answer as many questions you can. How do you find the answers to these questions? Well, since it is a scavenger hunt, what do you think? Yes. You will have to use the questions as clues and find the answers around the wiki, by searching for info (like a scavenger hunt). Also, sometimes I will post CLUES for harder questions. These clues can be found on blog pages, or pages in the wiki. Those can help you answer the question correctly. I think this set up is interesting and enjoyable, and I hope you find it like that too. Have fun with the blog, and follow the gameplay and rules correctly!

1. No cheating allowed!

2. Be honest!

3. Be fair, kind, and respectful.

4. Have fun!

Each question WITHOUT a clue is worth 3 points. Each question WITH a clue is worth 2 points. Every 3 points equals 1 Gem template in Game Center. This means that there is no "Definite" reward (15,10,5). That also means there isn't really a first place, second, third, and so on. It all depends on how many questions you answer correctly, and which questions you answer.

All players will recieve a badge for participating, but the person with MOST gems won/questions answered will get a customized badge for "winning" the blog.</center>

1. Pokedragon786™

2. Br318

3. Laser Perseus

4. DragoNex

5. Pickle786™

6. Crthatha

7. Adriano 25

8. TheWizardz

9. Marman02

10. Glammy786™

11. theARTdragon

12. DragonDude1819

Everyday, 5 questions will be posted here on this tab. You have to find my comments to get the answers. You can also look around the wiki for clues!

Question 1: Shards of what? (There are two possible answers, I will accept them both)

Answer: 1) Shards of Tull 2)Corundum Crystal

Winner: Wiz and Art

Question 2: What do you mean nobody knows where it came from?

Answer: Blue Fire Dragon

Winner: Marman02

Question 3: What is Pickle's favorite FEMALE friend?

Answer: Bre

Winner: Glammy

Question 4: I think there were just 2 that couldn't.

Answer: Gemstone Dragons, couldn't SWIM

Winner: Wiz

Question 5: They're just alike, except the eggs.

Answer: LYD and Rainbow

Winner: Poke

Question 6: What is Wes's favorite musical instrument?

Answer: Piano

Winner: Wiz

Question 7: What does Wes "kinda" like?(food)

Answer: Cheese

Winner: theARTdragons

Question 8: What's Pickle's Local Time?

Answer: EST

Winner: theARTdragons

Question 9: What does Wes say in chat a lot?

Answer: Lol

Winner: Pickle

Question 10: What is Bre's GC name (2nd one)?

Answer: crazygirl1718

Winner: Laser Perseus

Question 11: What's that one at that level that comes...

Answer: Water Dragon

Winner: Glammy

Question 12: I'll hoard it. But 1 thing. Only shiny!

Answer: Crystal Dragon

Winner: DragonDude1819

Question 13: On the Sapphire Dragon's page, how many "Gem template" are there?

Answer: 6 Gem template

Winner: Glammy

Question 14: What page has the note: "The Sun Stones of Surya is likely a reference to "Surya", the Hindu god of the sun"

Answer: Solstice Dragon page

Winner: Glammy

Question 15: Find the first article that has the word "orange" in it.

Answer: Kairos

Winner: Crtha

Question 16: When searching the word "Mountain", how many results come up in ARTICLE section?

Answer: 38 results

Winner: Glammy

Question 17: How many descriptions of anything in the game has the word phrase "The wizard"?

Answer: Approx. 25

Winner: Marman02 ;)

Question 18: When searching the word "update" in the wiki search box, what is the 7th page? Name the page, and if it is a dragon, the buying cost.

Answer: Acheivments

Winner: BWEE! :D

Question 19: It was an effort of science and magic.

Answer: Star Sapphire of Trigon

Winner: Bre :)

Question 20: only Epic ____ to include the word 'Element' in it? That's weird.

Answer: Rainbow Element Flag

Winner: TheARTdragons

Question 21: Ugh.....How can it see that well?



Question 22:



Question 23: What...? Still none? This is gonna be forever...the last one had nothing really.



Question 24: Heh, I wish. They should all come back again. This is easy :/



Question 25: Fast ways to what? Oh...consider Dragon Track and Colosseum.



Question 26: ASIAN ____ RULES! But it wont come back for a long time.... :(



Question 27: The only wizard named ____ in where?



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