So, in this blog post of mine, I had mentioned that I wished for the social menu to be improved, specifcally the random button. I want it to become truely random, taking you to any single other players park in the world. So, I thought that since that might not happen for a bit, prehaps we can do something close to that.

Tomarrow, (5/28/18) I will get a screen-recording video (or at least I'll atempt too) which would be a tour of my park, going over each island. Ya' know. Just to show others my work, and I encourage you to do the same. Just know that screen-recordings are prefered!


Update: Here's the video tour:

Tour of my Dragonvale park-1527515871

Tour of my Dragonvale park-1527515871

Billy Bamboozler is me, by the way! :D

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