Wow I've been gone a long time and I doubt there's too many people around that even remember me lol or will notice this, but ah well. Anywho I actually noticed a while back that my admin powers were removed and tbh I gotta say thanks because that saves me the trouble of removing them myself (and inevitably forgetting something in the coding somewhere that I forgot to delete before removing my powers because I've done that before uh). I'll be honest: I fell out of love with dragonvale a long time ago. Mobile games, especially ones such as these, are designed for spurts of gameplay, and they keep my attention about just as well as that, if not less. Even when my interest waned and I made it clear that I was no longer really playing dragonvale, I continued to hang around the wiki and help out where I was able to, because I still enjoyed editing. But eventually I lost interest in that too and stopped coming by. I guess I've been wiki'd out for a while now because it's hard for me to even entertain the notion of going to edit anywhere, so iunno.

Anyway I don't intend to make this longwinded or anything of the sort, this is my goodbye to this wiki. It's been a long time coming and now I'm just stopping by long enough to make it official. Despite all the ups and downs it's been p great and I hold no ill feelings towards anyone or anything that happened in the last.. near three years. Gosh has it been that long, really...

I'll just go ahead and leave my stuff as is for the time being, I may come back at a later date to clean up but otherwise I have no intention of returning. My tumblr and twitter is on my profile if anyone wants that (no one wants that, trust me). But yeah, it's been great but I'm outtie now, ciao.

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