The Lightning Tribe

"The Warriors of the Searing Bolt"

Combat - Normal


Combatants of Land or Sky, we shall rule over all! We strike quick as lightning, no matter how fast you can run or fly. By our leader Zed's name, join us, or feel the wrath of the Tribe of the Searing Bolt!
  — The Lightning Tribe 

Member Count:7

We may be one of the smallest tribes on JustinDaOne's famous blog, but mark our words, we are one of the most powerful. We are calm and peaceful to all, unless we are angered, then all shall feel our wrath.

Tribal Snack:iCake 4S(flavor of your choosing)

Current members:Techno Fox,SynergyShade3624,Ramsec, Adriano 25, ThatCrazyKid, Anon, Anon


Mysterytribebadge Mystery Tribe: Neutral Supplies Alliance

FireEmblem Fire Tribe: Neutral Supplies Alliance

- Gemstone Tribe: Neutral Supplies Aliiance

- Plant Tribe: No-Attack Alliance

AIR Air Tribe: No-Attack Peace Treaty

The Lightning Tribe supports the addition of the Mystery, Gemstone, Epic, and DragonMon tribe's addition to the union. These alliances are not intended to alter or dictate JustinDaOne's story.

The Master Bolt
Inside this sacred cradle lies a weapon of infinite power, capable of wiping out whole tribes in one strike.


Lightningtribestaff Lightningtribesword


Lightningtribearmor LIghtningTribeDragon



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