This blog was made specifically for my Dragon species and elements (if I can come up with any). Let's just get straight to the pretty, shiny, colorful things.

Holly Dragon:

Holly Dragon (JPEG Version)

The Holly Dragon

Holly Dragon Egg (JPEG Version)

Holly Egg

Elements: Fire, Plant, and (possibly) Cold.

Limited: Yes, specifically for the Christmas season.

Egg design: A piece of holly in front of a red background with some candy canes (Herpy-derpy-doo :l).

Level Available: 5-7 (Can't decide).

Ocean Dragon:

Ocean Dragon Family (JPEG Version)

Top-left: Baby Top-right: Juvenile Bottom-center: Adult

Elements: Water and Earth.

Limited: Nope.

Egg Design: Rock chunks with a navy blue background.

Level Available: 14 (Same as Mud Dragon)

Note: I actually pay homage to the book 'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell with this dragon. In the book, an enourmous dragon emerged from the ocean and threatened to kill all of the vikings. Over the years it had been submerged large barnacles had attached to its body, creating a sort of 'armor'. The juvenile and adult forms of this dragon both have barnacles growing on some of their joints, and the Adult even has coral on his wings!


The Legendary Dragon, Tryphon (JPEG Version)

The cosmic dragon, Typhon

Elements: Legendary.

Limited: Sort of (Two Talons of Typhon are required to summon him).

Powers: By altering the space surrounding your park, Typhon can either increase the size of your present and future islands by 25%, or decrease the size of five structures of your choise by 50%.

Method of summoning: Two Talons of Typhon must be placed side-by-side, and surrounded by Sun and/or Moon habitats with dragons inside. A purple mist begins enveloping the habitats and Talons of Typhon at this point, and they become a single 'building'. By selecting the 'building', you can still feed your dragons, and you can even see an 'Offering' button that allows you to place some food as an offering for Typhon (5,000 or something). After a week of daily offerings (you can only place one offering per day), the mist will grow thicker until you can't see anything on the screen. It'll suddenly dissipate, and Typhon will then be there, on his own monument that has arisen from the Talons of Typhon! The habitats will have merged with the monument, but grassy platforms will stick out, allowing your dragons to still live there and earn coins.

Level available: 17.

Ultra Gemstone:

Ultra Gemstone (JPEG Version)

A very poorly drawn diamond.

Elements: It's a gemstone, what do you think?

Limited: Nu-uh.

Design: Large diamond with colors from the gemstones found on every last Gemstone Dragon (Ironically doesn't include the Gemstone Dragons for March and April).

Usage: After purchase, the Ultra Gemstone makes all Limited Dragons available, but with their rarity increased by 95%.

Price: 200 gems.

Note: This building can only be purchased after all Gemstone Dragons have been bred, hatched, and boosted to level 10.

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