So in case you were wondering what Ts'aishen is all about... Once you get it (him?, her?) after earning (or buying...) the 50k Abundant Essence, its Habitat complets and it arrives. This appears at the bottom of the screen if you click on the Habitat:


Note: to active its powers another 1,000 AE is required. (I'm not sure how much we can earn every day, but I doubt I'll be able to activate it more than once a day.

Once the Activate button is pressed, this appears:

IMG 0283

Gems are collected as well. I checked: I didn't have any that were collectable. A little later one did appear... Note the bonus line. Apparently this is a percentage of my total capacity (I suppose the total amount of DC my habitats can hold all together), as per this screen:


Bonus DragonCash started at 5% of Capacity. I powered up once (for the 10k AE shown) only to have this percentage increased by a staggering .5%... Good thing is: to get to 100% of Capacity (assuming that is the maximum) will take a while. The bad thing is: it's totally not worth it (for me). I'm not really cash poor and I can't see where 10x Activation (with a bonus each and every time, of course!) could be worth a .5% increase in a bonus I don't really need. It would have been more logical if powering up meant a decrease in the cost of an activation. But alas: the game is what it is. I'll play it anyway it's thrown at me...

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