Paint dragon

My Paint Dragon Adult.

Paint Dragon(Metal+Water)

Limited for Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday(March 30th)The elusive paint dragon only comes out when a certain artist celebrates his birthday. It took our wizards years to find the island of Nav Gough, where paint dragons live. Many like to drink bottles of paint, so if you have any, give the dragon some.

Cost:1,000Gem template Inc:30hrs 3min

Aluminum Foil Dragon(Metal+Plant)

The Aluminum Foil dragon appears to have been a plant dragon but found a junk-heap to make a suit of armor. It has modified it's sight so it can see much better during the night. they also appear to be breedable with a plant and a metal dragon!

Cost:750 Gem template Inc:6hrs

Titanium Adult

Aluminum Foil Adult

Devil Dragon

Devil Dragon

Demon Dragon(Dark+Earth)

Earth-bound Demon dragons are literally the demons. They have mace-like tails that they use to smash their food with. It was said to be the dragon of Evanil, the doom-bringer himself. If your dragons cower at the very presence of the Demon dragon, now you understand why!

Cost:250Gem template Inc:1hr

Angel Dragon(Light+Air)

The sky-high angel dragon only appears in Dragonvale parks during the happiest days of the year. It was said to be the dragon of the great angel, Aelcam, the angel of joy. They like to soar high above the clouds and never come down, so it'd be best to microchip it when you get it!

Cost:250Gem template Inc:1hr

Angel Dragon

Angel Dragon

Gem Adult

Gem Dragon

Toradel Dragon (Gem+Gem) 1,000Gem template

The toradel dragon hails from the palace of Toradel, deep inside the Caves of Destruction. Our wizards found one wandering off from who-knows-where!

Gem Dragon (Gem) 2,000,000Coin template

This dragon can earn gems as fast as it earns Dragoncash! Finding the gem dragon can invest a truck-load of gems.

Topaz Dragon (Gem+Lightning) 900Gem template

They wear large geta, and have the rare mineral, Topaz, on the tip of their tail. It was thought all dragons earned Dragoncash, until Gem and Topaz were discovered.

Opal Dragon (Gem+Rainbow) 900Gem template

Shining every color of the rainbow, the opal dragon is sought out by many mineral collectors for the mineable gem on their side. They are known for being clowns.

Pearl Dragon (Cold+Gem) 900Gem template

These guys build cleets made of pure ice. They are expert hockey and football players.

Diamond Dragon (Gem+Air) 900Gem template

Slicing its food up, the diamond dragon's tail has been classified as a lethal weapon. Because they are sometimes careless with their tail, it's best to watch it from a safe distance.

Ruby Dragon(Gemstone)

The ruby dragon walks around on two legs searching for warmth. It sometimes races other dragons and lost to the pearl dragon this year, but the wizards saw that it was back up and ready to race again, so they placed a spell to allow you to breed them during the month of July. This dragon is imbued with magic from the Shimmering Isles that makes it unable to breed with other dragons.

Cost:1,400Gem template Inc:31hrs

Ruby Dragon Adult

Ruby Dragon

Thorn Dragon Art

Thorn Dragon

Thorn Dragon(Plant+Metal)
Ninja Dragon(Dark+Fire)
Ninja Dragon Adult

Ninja Dragon

Squirrel dragon

Squirrel Dragon

Squirrel Dragon(Plant+Earth)
Dragon Eggs
  • Paint Egg
  • Devil Egg
  • Angel Egg
Baby Dragons
  • Paint Baby
  • Titanium Baby
  • Baby Demon Dragon
  • Gem Babies

Small Dark Habitat

Small Dark Habitat

Featuring rocks and stones from Amon Caverns, this habitat doesn't have a very happy feel. The only thing puzzling our wizards is why the rocks have shadows that are backwards! But I'm sure your dark dragons will like it!

Cost:1,000,000Coin template

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