These are my ideas for Backflip! I hope you enjoy.

User Dragons

These are some of the user Dragons that I have created. I only draw these for my best of friends on the wikia. If you feel like you are one of the friends, don't hesitate to tell me!

To be Completed:

  • Shade Dragon(SynergyShade3624): Complete!
  • Shade Dragon 2.0! (SynergyShade3624): Complete!
  • WhiteTiger Dragon(WhiteTigerLily): Complete!
  • Pickle Dragon 2.0(Pickle786tm): Complete!
  • Moonlovur Dragon(Moonlovur): Complete!
  • Liberkhaos Dragon(Liberkhaos): Complete!
  • Sept Dragon(ME! 1000th edit): Complete! 1000th edit. How 'bout that?
  • Synergy Dragon(SynergyShade3624): Not started...
  • Lily Dragon(WhiteTigerLily): Not started...
  • JustinDaOne Dragon(JustinDaOne): Started...
  • Tarmunora Dragon(Tarmonora): Not started...
  • Lala Dragon(Lala96xx): Completed!
  • Wood-chi Dragon(Wood-chi): Not started...
  • Gr1dsl Dragon(Gr1dsl): Not started...
  • YeeMeYee Dragon(YeeMeYee): Not started...
  • SeeMeSee Dragon(SeeMeSee): Not started...
  • Katie Dragon(KatieKhaos): Not started...
  • Essiw Dragon(Essiw): Not started...
  • Chocobolt Dragon(Chocobolt): Not started...
  • Tatzel Dragon(Tatzelwyrm): Not started...
  • Halo Dragon(Halofan99): Not started...
  • Bane Dragon(Bane Cane): Not started...
  • SilverMarsh Dragon(SilverMarsh): Not started...
  • RaidenRyu Dragon(RaidenRyu): Not started...
  • Argyos Dragon(Argyos Maestre): Not started...
  • Trip Dragon(Dragon Trip): Not started...
  • Kululu Dragon(Kululu12): Not started...
  • Belle Dragon(Lady Belle): Not started...
  • Machius Dragon(Sir Machius): Not started...
  • Nate Dragon(~=(iNate)=~): Not started...
  • AllHailKingMe Dragon(AllHailKingMe): Not started...
  • Alphaomnomer Dragon(Alphaomnomer): Not started...
  • Razor Dragon(Razor Wing): Not started...
  • InkMaster Dragon(TheInkMaster):Not started...

(I may not know some of you, but I have decided that ALL the admins should deserve something in thanks for keeping the wiki in check. It wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks! :D)

  • Shade Dragon Egg
  • Shade Dragon Baby
  • Shade Dragon
  • Full Ref
Shade Dragon Art

Shade Dragon 2.0!

Shade Dragon(SynergyShade3624)

Description added in later

WhiteTiger Dragon

WhiteTiger Dragon

WhiteTiger Dragon (WhiteTigerLily)

Description added in later

Pickle Dragon

Pickle Dragon

Pickle Dragon(Pickle786tm)

Description added in later

Moonlovur Dragon

Moonlovur Dragon

Moonlovur Dragon(Moonlovur)

Description added in later

Sept Dragon

Celebrating my 1000th edit to the wiki! YAYAYAY

Sept Dragon(Sept-creature)

Description added later

Liberkhaos Dragon

Liberkhaos Dragon

Liberkhaos Dragon(Liberkhaos)

Description added later

Lala Dragon

Lala Dragon

Lala Dragon(Lala96xx)

Description added later

Wizard Dragon Art

Wizard Dragon

Wizard Dragon

Dragons of 2012


Summer Dragon

Summer Dragon(Fire+Earth+Metal)

This hot-tempered fellow will surely attract more visitors, especially since the winter cold is still in the air. The Summer Dragon will heat up even the coldest park. However, never and I mean never get on the wrong side of a Summer Dragon. It would probably be your last move. But, our wizards were able to tame even the wildest Summer Dragon. But, then again, our wizards can do anything!

Autumn Dragon(Plant+Fire+Cold)

Has your day started off on the wrong side? Then an Autumn Dragon is sure to brighten your day! Your neighbors will be green with envy! Or brown with envy. I'm not sure, but an Autumn Dragon is certainly going to be at the center of attention!


Autumn Dragon


Winter Dragon

Winter Dragon(Cold+Plant+Water)

Brrrr! If your park has been hit by a blizzard, then there is probably a Winter Dragon nearby. The wizards who discovered this living blizzard were only aware of it's presence when the temperature dropped down to impossible levels. Just to stop your park from freezing, it's best if you keep some fire dragons nearby or even better, a Summer Dragon. Every park needs a Winter Dragon and whats more, you can make a snowman! Surely that's the most important thing, right?

Spring Dragon(Plant+Earth+Water)

If you want a breath-taking dragon, then what better choice then a Spring Dragon? This recently discovered dragon has been visited by wizards all over the world more times than I had birthdays! Need a pick-me-up? Having a Spring nearby, will most definitely lift the moods of everyone standing close. Maybe that's because of the perfume of the flower. But, surely the visitors will be running and tripping over themselves to have a glimpse of this magnificent beast. I know that I'm heading for the nearest park to have a second glance.


Spring Dragon


Swirl Dragon

Swirl Dragon(Air+Lightning+Cold)

This usual fellow is probably one of the most unique discovery yet! Instead of walking straight, this dragon can't help but walk in circles! Our wizards would see this dragon and then it would disappear! It's actions are so unpredictable that it's no wonder that no one has found it since!

Fireball Dragon(Fire+Air)

This Dragon is literally as fast as a fireball! This dragon was discovered when it was found stuck in a dragonsai tree that was engulfed in fire. Talk about instant cooking! The heat a Fireball Dragon is enough to send a cold dragon running! Even a Frostfire Dragon can't stand this dragon. I think it best not to place this dragon in the same habitat.

Fireball 1

Fireball Dragon


Desert Dragon

Desert Dragon(Earth+Fire+Plant)

Well, it wasn't easy finding this dragon. Our wizard Retrieval Team had to endure a beating from the sun. They are still in the recovery ward, suffering from burns AND splinters. They received quite an attacking from this feisty fellow. Secretly, I'm glad I bribed the team in not taking me on the expedition.

Peacock Dragon(Fire+Air+Cold)

What a magnificent beast! It didn't our wizards in the DragINN to notice a moving rainbow outside. This dragon is extremely showy and will do almost anything to be at the centre of attention! Well, your visitors will surely give it enough attention! You know what? I think I am going to slip off and have another peek at the Peacock Dragon at the local park...


Peacock Dragon


Icicle Dragon

Icicle Dragon(Cold+Water+Metal)

Brrr! This is one cold fella! This dragon can be found during the cold climate in the mountains. However, this dragon was found straying from it's pack. It seems to be attracted by the magic properties of the entrance portal. I wonder how that happens.... oh well, that's just one mystery we'll never know.

Ivy Dragon(Grass+Earth+Cold)

This fellow sure can get himself into a twist! This dragon can be found climbing up high walls or jump from branch to branch. It loves the company of humans and try every chance they get to lick anyone who dares to come close. But it is quite the friendly beast.... I think.


Ivy Dragon


Fish Dragon

Fish Dragon(Water+Lightning+Cold)

Whoa! This is one slippery dragon! A fully grown adult Fish Dragon(also known as a 'Flying fish') can swim with up to speeds of 60mph! Now, that's what I call express! Our wizards failed and failed again to capture this beast, but it wiggles through their grasp every time! Well, about time!

Star Dragon(Star)

People will love to visit this flashy beast on a daily basis! Some children found this baby dragon jumping outside their gardens. Strange, I wonder why it has an addiction to flowers?


Star Dragon


Ivy Dragon

Space Dragon(Star+Fire+Cold)

Wow... it's an alien! No, not really but this dragon has extreme features that make it so...Sci-fi...ish. Especially, the tail, now you must admit that it looks like a space monster, right? Right?

Ruby Dragon(Crystal+Scorch)

Wow... This dragon can sure raise a crowd. The shining Ruby on it's head has special healing properties and high value. But, it doesn't appreciate if you try to pull it off it's head! It is a very gentle creature and it will try to lick you if the opportunity comes by. If it feels threatened by your presence, prepare yourself for a whacking of it's tail.


Ruby Dragon


Sky Dragon

Sky Dragon(Air+Cold+Fire)

Is it a bird? Or is it a plane?'s a dragon! The Sky dragon can blend in so well with the sky, that it is almost invisible! Sky Dragon can often be seen (Barely) with passengers on it's back. It has become one of the favourite ways to travel, a part from broomsticks. But, secretly, I'm petrified of heights!

Neon Dragon(Metal+Lightning+Fire)

This dragon is sure to light up your day. The strange, unknown element in it's bloodstream called Neonium (I made it up) causes it to grow. It has a calmed look, but it can be vicious when it wants to. It is advised that you place it in with your magnetic dragon since the two get along well.


Neon Dragon


Fairy Dragon

Fairy Dragon(Air+Plant+Water)

(I know, it sounds funny)

The story of a Fairy Dragon is a strange one. A professor stuck in a storm created by a angry Storm Dragon was forced to take shelter in the Dragorbi Forests. Wondering around, he found a light emitting from the clearing. Running thorough the trees, he emerged with the world's first Fairy Dragon egg.

Emerald Dragon(Gem)

Should you be lucky enough to breed an emerald dragon, you may notice they're imbued with a special magic from the Shimmering Isles. Small but powerful, the emerald dragon magically generates Gems... making it, and other gemstone dragons, the most sought after dragons in all the land. Emerald dragons originate from the crystal forests hidden within the Sedna Mountains. Because they're imbued with a special magic from the Shimmering Isles, these dragons can NOT breed with other dragons.(This is Backfilp's description)

Emerald 1

Emerald Dragon

Sapphire Dragon Art

Sapphire Dragon

Sapphire Dragon(Gem)

Should you be extremely lucky enough to breed a Sapphire Dragon, you should know that they have been given the strange power of producing gems instead of dragoncash! Now that is strange... But what is more befuddling is that it refuses to been fully seen in the sunlight without a bit of mud, stone or dirt. Hmm.... However because of this power to form gems, these dragons can not be bred with other dragons.

Peridot Dragon(Lava+Willow)

These gentle beasts love human company so much that they will charge at our wizard-caretaker and as a bonus, licking. The dragons have massive Peridots on their tails, because apparently they stick their tails in the molden Peridot on the surface of the Suma Volcanoes. Every year, Peridot Dragons will gather and dip their already massive tails in. But the incredible thing is that the extreme tail-power used to lift the Peridot. Because these dragons are imbued with the power of producing gems, they can't be bred with other dragons.

Peridot Dragon Art

Peridot Dragon

Pearl Dragon Art

Pearl Dragon

Pearl Dragon(Seaweed+Snow)

Pearl dragons are known for being some of the most playful and friendly dragons in all the land. If you ever see them in the wild, the chances are high that they will be racing other gemstone dragons near the sea surrounding the Shimmering Isles. This year the pearl dragon was able to beat the alexandrite dragon and our wizards cast an amazing spell to allow you to breed them. You may also notice that these exceptionally rare dragons are imbued with a special magic that prevents them from breeding with other dragons.(This is Backflip's Description)

Light Dragon(Light)

Known for their kindness and graciousness, the Light Dragon is one of the most gentle beast on the planet. Seen as a omen of good, the Light is worshipped everywhere in the world. Every year, a Light Dragon will fly down to earth and spread Gems everywhere. I wonder how they got them... These beasts also will stop to help anything or anyone, but deep down inside, I think it has a hatred of mosquitoes and Licorice. 

(In progress)
(In progress)

Dark Dragon(Dark)

Although it may look hostile, the Dark dragon is just a lonely soul looking for someone who doesn't scream at first sight. But when it melts into the shadows, I still have nightmares about a Dark Dragon sneaking into my room to steal my robe. Now that's scary!

Opal Dragon(Blazing+Iceberg)

Shining in the seven colours of the rainbow, the Opal Dragon is a favourite among the wizard community. Depending on the conditions of breeding this rare dragon, the colour will defer. I swear no Opal Dragon is the same! They are most likely found underground in the Shimmering Isles. Although they have the ability of producing gems instead of Dragoncash, they can't be bred with another dragon.

Opal Dragon Art

Opal Dragon

Topaz Dragon Art

Topaz Dragon

Topaz Dragon(Sonic+Flower)

With massive ornate horns made from pure Topaz, these dragons are not the ones you want to pick a fight with. The Topaz on it's tail falls off every now and then, but they regrow. But where does the gem go!? Their ability to earn gems instead of Dragoncash, prevents this dragon to breed with other dragons.

Citrine Dragon(Brass+Storm)

Although this dragon only has two legs, the Citrine Dragon can run in speeds that could match any galloping horse. Anyone would think that the Citrine gem on it's tail would slow it down. However, their ability to produce gems, prevents these dragons to breed with others.

Citrine Dragon Art

Citrine Dragon

Garnet Dragon Art

Garnet Dragon

Garnet Dragon(Mud+Ice)

This dragon has one of the biggest hands I've ever seen! I mean, look at the size of them! Their scales are made from garnets. Real Garnets. I mean, isn't that a little heavy? But these dragons have the power to produce gems instead of dragoncash! However, that makes them unable to breed with other dragons.

Anubis Dragon(Metal+Fire+Lightning)

One of the favorite guarding buddies for the God, Anubis, the Anubis Dragon is also a favorite here! Usually appearing those who have just experienced a tragedy, this dragon is a sign of good things to come. They are attracted to the usual: Gold, gems and the occasional scroll, they will do almost anything to get their claws on the loot, so hide it well!

Anubus Dragon Art

Anubis Dragon

Beach Dragon Art

Beach Dragon

Beach Dragon(Fire+Earth+Plant)

The Beach Dragon is a calm dragon that can bring the spray of the waves and the sun's rays on your island! This fella calms most people and dragons alike with their call which sounds like when you put a conch on your ear. But make sure that you steer your beach dragon clear of clean wood floor board for they are sure to spill some sand!

Comet Dragon(Fire+Cold+Air)

The cute baby dragon nibbling on your robe, will turn into friendly dragon. The longest dragon the wizards have ever seen, Comet dragons can't bear their tails on the floor. Perhaps it is because of the adrenalin racing through it's body.

Comet 1 Dragon Art

Comet Dragon

Crocodile Dragon Art

Crocodile Dragon

Crocodile Dragon(Water+Earth+Metal)

Crocodile dragons love the murky water of the massive bodies of water where others dare not venture. Crocodile dragon are quite gentle, although they may not look like it. Literally, a lighting bolt in water, you never want to be caught in hot water with this dragon!

Ender Dragon(Dark+Lightning+Fire)

This mysterious dragon is one dragon you never want to get on the wrong side of! Stare at it's icy eyes and look away, the next thing you know is that a enormous black dragon towering over you. Some young group of wizards were exploring an Abandoned mine shaft when they tumbled over a curious portals with green pearls. Their mistake was to light it on fire. 'Hoards' of Ender Dragon, streamed out of that portal. Curious, don't you think?

Ender Dragon Art

Ender Dragon

Fern Dragon Art

Fern Dragon

Fern Dragon(Plant+Dark)

This dragon is very easy to find. Their main hiding places are walls and anything that is vertical. Give them a treat and a scratch and they will love you forever. Quite an easy dragon to catch and tame.

Nightmare Dragon(Dark+Fire)

This dragon is actually quite a shy dragon and a pussy, if I do say so myself. I sometimes mistake these dragons as flying horses at night. However, if angered, the Nightmare dragon turns extremely fast and dangerous, so it is highly advised to keep Nightmare Dragons as happy as possible.

Nightmare Dragon Art

Nightmare Dragon

Rose Dragon Art

Rose Dragon

Rose Dragon(Plant+Light)

This lovely dragon is a kind helper. Although they have a fear of fire, I have seen a Rose dragon save a family of wizards from a inferno of cursed flames. Now that's what I call loyal!

Shadow Dragon(Dark+Lightning)

This dragon is one of nature's mysteries. It has the ability to literally melt into the shadows and teleport to another shadowy place. Also, it can shape into the nearest shadow. So, if you are in a dark place, prepare yourself if there is a Shadow Dragon standing behind you or, if you are unlucky, on top of you.

Shadow Dragon Art

Shadow Dragon

Static 1 Dragon Art

Static Dragon

Static Dragon(Lightning+Metal+Light)

This dragon will put your hair on end, literally! It is also advised not to touch it's fur. It is NOT fluffy. They are spiked and can contain 1000 volts and the most. So seriously, don't touch it. No seriously, don't touch it, you are going to be eletrified.

Amethyst Dragon(Steel+Quake)

Amethyst dragons absolutely love attention. And sunshine. You cannot walk outside without getting knocked over and blinded by this dragon. So, to distract this dragon, the wizard concil decided to create a sunroom, after the incident of the Amethyst dragon pushing a young wizard off a cliff. He was alright though, but shocked, I think.

Amethyst Dragon Art

Amethyst Dragon


Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon(Water+Earth+Cold)

Sea dragons are calm creatures, often seen riding the waves or playing the mysterious creatures that the others call 'a dolphin'. Once a majestic flying beast, Sea dragons had become so fond of the water so much that their wings shrunk and are now used mostly as flippers.

Hummingbird Dragon(Air+Plant+Water)

Hummingbird Dragons are the only dragon found to fly on the spot to collect their favorite nectar from the once-a-year-blooming Carnivia. Carnivia can be found near parks, so if you plant a Carnivia in your park, these dragon may stick around you park!


Hummingbird Dragon


Acid Dragon

Acid Dragon(Water+Fire+Lightning)

Don't get to close! The Acid dragon may look fluffy, but it is covered in a clear liquid of acid. Obviously, it is a defensive move by the Acid dragon, so don't blame it, if the naughty young boy wizards climb over the fence.... and pat it..... Not the Dragon fault!

Bubble Dragon(Water+Air)

This dragon love to float and ride the rough winds of a storm! They may look delicate because of the 'human myths' imply, but here bubble are one of the main causes of bruising and sore eyes. But these dragons are one of the kindest creatures, swooping down to save sailors from the ragged rocks.


Bubble Dragon


Rain Dragon

Rain Dragon(Air+Water+Lightning)

Rain Dragons are extremely fluffy and sometimes can make your hand stand on edge! They love to suddenly drop buckets of rain on the sunny days on the beach, where all the wizards were relaxing. So it is advised for visitors not to treat the park like a beach. Also, place it in a habitat with a Storm Dragon, since they obviously like each other.

Wave Dragon(Water+Cold+Plant)

Ever been in a wave pool? Wonder where all the wave come from? The Wave dragon obviously! These dragons love to create waves and cause the poor surfers fall. It is quite mischevious, so never share the water with a mob of Wave dragons! No, seriously, it is not a joke.


Wave Dragon


Bamboo Dragon

Bamboo Dragon(Plant+Earth+Cold)

Found in grassy fields and bushy forests, the Bamboo dragon is a sight to behold. On a random date, mobs of Bamboo dragon gather in empty fields to celebrate. A farmer was moving because his crops were producing terrible results. Heading to his shed, his farm had hundreds of bamboo growing! But, then they started moving...and flying.....and roaring. That scared the living daylights out of him, but immediately, the ground grew all the treats he could dream of. His farm is now at the top of the farming companies. Funny, huh?

Toy Dragon(Lightning+Metal+Plant)

A very playful dragon, the Toy Dragon was created by a mysterious company that goes by the name 'Toys' r' us'. The company is in ruins now, being a 'human' building (Wizard buildings are much more durable, of course). This company designed toy dragons, all but two were destroyed in a fire. Some delinquent wizards used a powerful spell to make them come alive! Toy dragons have developed a second set of wings, due to their 'presumed' weight.


Toy Dragon


Shefu Dragon

Shefu Dragon(Earth+Air+Water)

Greatly respected by almost every dragon, the Shefu Dragon is said t have lived thousands or even millions of years before the existence of humans. HUMANS, not wizards. Wizards were here thousands of years before human. Remember that. Anyway, Shefu dragons were thought to have taught nearly every dragon to what they are now. Except, a few unknown dragons.


Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon(Fire Supertype)

Prefering to live in volcanoes and lava pits, the Inferno dragon is a close relative of nearly all fire dragons and hybrids. But, mostly the Lava Dragon, Fire Dragon and the Blue Fire Dragon. The Inferno Dragon is another one of the typical dragons that will pop into your mind first. Rarely emerging in the winter seasons, it is best to keep your Inferno dragon in a nice and toasty place for it to stay and not unleash it's fiery temper!


Leaf Dragon

Leaf Dragon(Plant+Air+Earth)

Said to be the offspring of a tree dragon, the leaf dragon love one thing more then anything else. Gliding. As a baby, a Leaf dragon can spend more then six hours staring up into the sky. What it thinks about, nobody knows, but a wizard by the name of Dr. Brown found that one other thing that would make a Leaf dragon happy.... Candy!

Sunrise Dragon(Fire+Air+Metal)


Sunrise Dragon

Often seen in the early hours of morning, the sunrise dragon is a sight to behold! Many myths whisper that two dragons alone and miserable, found one another at last. But, the gods were not happy, so they had cast an ancient spell to separate the two. As time went by, the spell weakened and the two dragons could only see each other in the middle of day, when the sun was at its highest point. The sunrise dragon was thought to have bought the sun up each day. The fire on its tail represent hope, that one day, they could be reunited.


Sunset Dragon

Sunset Dragon(Cold+Air+Metal)

Often seen in the late hours of night, the sunset dragon is a sight to behold! Many myths whisper that two dragons alone and miserable, found one another at last. But, the gods were not happy, so they had cast an ancient spell to separate the two. As time went by, the spell weakened and the two dragons could only see each other in the middle of day, when the sun was at its highest point. The sunset dragon was thought to have bought the sun down every day. The fog on its tail represent the loss and misery that was bought on the two.


Angel Dragon

Angel Dragon(Light+Air)

The Angel Dragon is rare sight. Coming only when no evil or great need is to be found, the Angel dragon is usually seen helping lesser animals. The sparkles that shimmer off it's silver body can be collected to cure many poisons and diseases. But, since the epidemic has passed, wizards and witches mostly use it for party decorations.

Prepared for utterly cute babies?

  • Summer and Autumn
  • Winter and Spring
  • Desert and Fireball
  • Swirl and Peacock
  • Hummingbird
  • Sea
  • Acid
  • Bubble
  • Rain
  • Wave


  • Summer Egg
  • Autumn Egg
  • Winter Egg
  • Spring Egg
  • Swirl Egg
  • Fireball Egg
  • Desert Egg
  • Peacock Egg

Dragons of 2013

Art Dragon

Art Dragon

Art Dragon(Water+Earth)

The elusive Art Dragon can be found admiring the various works near galleries and street walls. The Art dragon received the skill of art by observing street artists and the famous wizard-in-hiding, Gough on 'moving boxes', the biggest mystery of our time.

Aqua Dragon(Water Supertype)

Little is known about the shadowy Aqua dragon. Many mortals have sighted this amazing dragon and described them as 'Leviathans', 'Lockness Monsters' and the strange 'Kraken' or whatever. Every dragon that we have caught has a mysterious blue gem.


Aqua Dragon

Nova Dragon

Nova Dragon

Nova Dragon(Space+Metal)

Nova Dragons are rare sight. They have the power to control any space-related object in a wave of shady mist. The colourful wings described by our Space-observer resemble a supernova.

Note: Umm, I kinda coloured the body wrong so, I ran it through Photoshop and got rid of it. So just...Imagine.


FanJinxin's Victory Dragon

FanJinxin's Victory Dragon Many a dragon has the Victory Dragon clashed blades with. As the name ensures Victory dragons mostly comes up as the winners. But, never, ever pit a Victory Dragon against another Victory Dragon. Your result will be an endless battle and two tired dragons to take care of.

Skullduggery Dragon

Skullduggery Dragon

Skullduggery Dragon(Legendary Dragon of Tribes?)

(My side of an Art Trade with Deadman Grimoire)

(Description Later)

Birthday Dragons

I am more than happy to allow you to use these for a special someone who is having a birthday or because it is a special occasion or just because they like dragons. Anyways if you are going to, I hope they enjoy them!

B'day 2

B'day Dragon 2

B'day 1

B'day Dragon 1

B'day 3

B'day Dragon 3

B'day 4

B'day Dragon 4

B'day 5

B'day Dragon 5

B'day 6

B'day Dragon 6

B'day 7

B'day Dragon 7

402px-B'day 7

FanJinXin's colouring *sparkle eyes*

B'day 8

B'day Dragon 8

B'day 9

B'day Dragon 9

B'day 10

B'day Dragon 10

Happy Birthday!


Other Drawings

This is a section for my other drawings. Hope you enjoy.

MinoMonsters Entry

My MinoMonster Entry!

MinoMonsters Entry 2.0

MinoMonsters Entry 2.0

Happy Holidays 1

Happy Holidays Peeps!

Art Trades!

Exciting stuff. This is the place if you want to see my Trades with other people!

Skullduggery Dragon

Skullduggery Dragon

Skullduggery Dragon

Art Trade with DeadmanGrimoire

(I WILL get it done, don't you worry!~ I'm just in a... Procrastinating mood now Dx)

Art Trade - Elektron

Tetzira and Elektron

Peaceful Flight

Art Trade with ElektronX

A Picture of my OC (Tetzira; The crazy Orange Dragon-thing) and Elektron's Cybernetic Dragon. Elektron has decided to play with Tetzira and his s l o w  flying. *Troll face*


Gifts for mah Potato-Buddies 8D

Syn's B'Day

Mind your Language Tetzira...

Happeh Burfdai Synergy!

You know, enjoy... life


Fan Arts

Yea :D

Smaug Dragon - Coloured

Smaug Dragon

Smaug Dragon

What is this.... All I know is that this took me a hell of a lot of time. I could have... won a medal in like, 15 minutes. ._.


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