Discussions...I love discussions.  Someone I know once said that they speak 3 languages fluently:  English, profanity and sarcarsm.  This blog post is being written in the 3rd language. I'm letting off a little steam so everyone relax.  

I love the questions that candidates for promotion get in their discussions.

SQ 1.  "Why do you want to be an Admin (Wiki Mod, Rollback, Chat Mod, Foot Scrubber)?"

A.        "It advances my power hungry quest for Total World Domination.  Next stupid question."

SQ 2.   "What will you be doing with enhanced tools that you are not doing now".  

A.        "Well, first I'll wait until I'm the only admin on.  Then I plan on vandalising every page in the wiki. With my       new awesome, superpower tools, I'll then protect the page so no one can fix it.  Next Stupid Question."

SQ 3.  What is your opinion of the policies that we currently have?  

" I love 'em!  I can't wait until some poor schlemiel has been nominated, vouched for, gone through a week long round of stupid questions, like I'm doing right now, have their every edit looked at to see if they are 'good enough' to join this elite admin team, go through a week long vote (where you learn who your friends really are) and then after all that, I'll blackball them by refusing to form a "consensus".    Yeah!  Now that's a big step towards TWD!  I'm psyched Coach!  Give me the damn ball!  Next!  

~To be continued

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