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    October 4, 2013 by Rianza33

    Discussions...I love discussions.  Someone I know once said that they speak 3 languages fluently:  English, profanity and sarcarsm.  This blog post is being written in the 3rd language. I'm letting off a little steam so everyone relax.  

    I love the questions that candidates for promotion get in their discussions.

    SQ 1.  "Why do you want to be an Admin (Wiki Mod, Rollback, Chat Mod, Foot Scrubber)?"

    A.        "It advances my power hungry quest for Total World Domination.  Next stupid question."

    SQ 2.   "What will you be doing with enhanced tools that you are not doing now".  

    A.        "Well, first I'll wait until I'm the only admin on.  Then I plan on vandalising every page in the wiki. With my       new awesome, superpower tools, I'll then prot…

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