Here are most of the dragons I have drawn.

Their descriptions are in their captions.


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Great Air

When The Great Air was discovered its spiraling tail became a great controversy. The Great Council decided to make the symbol that represented air a spiral. At the same time, The Council of Ancients decided to use the symbol for wind. The Great Council eventually realized the conflict was overblown and they designed the symbol we use for air today. People still occasionally refer to this dragon as the wind dragon.

Great Cold

The Great Cold is ancient, intelligent, and inexplicably grumpy. Whenever he sees two other dragons playing, his head droops and he stares at the ground, as if remembering something from the distant past. On a completely unrelated note, records show that this dragon used to be picked on because of its uniquely shaped “hollow” tail.

Great Earth

The Great Earth Dragon’s plates are quite literally stone, although they don’t actually protect the dragon. Their skin is just as invulnerable as the plates, so all the plates do is keep most predators from trying and decrease the dragon’s flexibility. It doesn’t like moving all that much though, so that isn’t a problem.

Great Fire

The Great Fire Dragon’s head and tail catch fire when it grows older, which, if you don’t turn to ash over time, is surprisingly comfortable. As for the ball of fire in its hands, a con artist named Jack Boe said he stole one from them and claimed he could use it to translate dragon. When asked to prove it though, he “accidentally” dropped it in a bucket of water, extinguishing it.

Great Lightning

The Great Lightning dragon is what inspired the shape of the traditional lightning bolt. Since it is found in the wild just as often as the lightning dragon, experts argue it shouldn’t be the “Great” Lightning Dragon, but the Great Lightning Dragon usually rules their caves by using his transparent eyelids to convince lightning dragons it doesn’t blink.

Great Metal

The Great Metal Dragon is covered in large, shiny scales that are shaped perfectly to its body. The dragon can somehow manipulate these scales so it can move freely. When it is young, it is playful and friendly, but as it grows older, it’s eyes glaze over, and it becomes cranky and territorial. Other metal dragons usually respect it though, so they are almost perfectly safe.

Great Plant

The Great Plant Dragon thinks it’s good at camouflage, but its stiff legs and bright wings tend to give it away. As it grows older it becomes self-conscious about its looks, and starts pruning its wings, causing them to turn bright red. You don’t have to worry though, they probably won’t fall off.

Great Water

The Great Water looks like a large water dragon when looked at from above in a boat, but if you dive down to take a look at it, it’s brass colored scales and front claws give it away. Experts speculate these claws are used to retrieve sunken treasure from the sea, as they can’t figure out where else it would vanish to.


The Dark Dragon is born with an intense hatred towards everything. Fortunately a wizard named Natasha Vernada came up with a spell that either dulled this hatred or made the dragon a million times more powerful.


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