Hello! It's me, NemiS with a new blog post.

In this blog post I want to share my dragon drawings with you. I'm actually not a good drawer, but I try my best. I will be really happy if you come with tips and tricks to make the drawings better, in the comments below.

I do not take requests at the moment, but I will be happy if you come with ideas to dragons I can draw!


BorageDragon NemiS

Element(s): Icon Dark + Icon Plant
Description: The wizard Alppeo discovered this dragon in a rubbish heap near his dwelling for some centuries ago. When Alppeo discovered the borage dragon it was really rare, but today it can be found everywhere. Don't try to use this in a salad, because you will most probaly miss some of your fingers while you try to hatch it.

  1. The name - a plant called borage
  2. Wizard Alppeo - where the plant orginally came from (Aleppo)
  3. Rubbish heap - The borage plant is often found in rubbish heaps
  4. Salad - In the early nineteenth century the borage plant was used in salads
  5. " can be found everywhere" - Now it grows all over Europe
Borage Dragon

StoneDragon NemiS Element(s): StoneIcon NemiS
Description: This dragon is one of the oldest dragons. The stone dragon is many millions years old, and no one know who discovered the stone dragon, it has somehow always been here.
References:#"...many millions years old" - Stone have been used by humans for millions of years
  1. " has somehow always been here" - The Earth's crust is made up of stone
Stone Dragon

PineDragon NemiS Element(s): Icon Earth + Icon Plant
Description: Pine dragons are mysterious and green from envy. The length of their headtree (in pine dragon language, "Ei ah Oo") symbols their maturity, strength and braveness. Not many know this, but pine dragons are distinct cousins of tree dragons (or as they call them, "Ei ah Oo") and when they meet they fight. Unknown to the situation, when brawling, pine dragons often use tree dragons to make a fungus they call "Ei ah Oo" to enslave the tree dragon. It seem to be weird, as they call everything "Ei ah Oo".
Thanks to Cheyser for the description, and to Will for the dragon idea!
Pine Dragon

BalloonDragon NemiS

Element(s): Icon Air + Icon Plant
Description: This colorful dragon always try to not breath so much air, because it can lead to that it cracks. The balloon dragon has never a shortage of air. If the dragon miss one of its foots or or its tail, it is no problem, it can always blow up a new one. In birthdays, the balloon dragon always create a good atmosphere, with its colorful body parts!

  1. Plant Element - a balloon is made of rubber, and rubber is harvested from trees
  2. " can lead to that it cracks" - balloons cracks if it gets too much air into it
  3. "In birthdays, the balloon dragon always create a good atmosphere..." - balloons are often used in birthdays
Balloon Dragon

CareDragon NemiS

Element(s): LoveIcon NemiS
Description: The care dragon like take care of other dragons, and can always be seen with a little baby dragon. It's one of the most loving dragon of all the dragons. Some dragons may feel that the care dragon takes too much care of them, and thay may feel that it gets a little troublesome, but everything this dragon does is well intended.

Thanks to Cheyser for the dragon idea!
Care Dragon

OwlDragon NemiS

Element(s): Icon Air + Icon Earth
Description: Beware, little hatchlings. The Owl Dragon can spot you from miles away using it's enormous eyes. Just try sneaking up on this guy. What's the next stage? Star-Nosed Dragon?

  1. "...can spot you from miles away..." - owls have good eyesight and can see far Ahead
  2. "What's the next stage? Star-Nosed Dragon?" - the Star-Nosed Mole, a mole that does everything with her nose
Thanks to Cheyser for the description!
Owl Dragon

InkDragon NemiS

Element(s): Icon Dark + Icon Plant
Description: The rumors says that this dragon was discovered by the wizard Jogut back in the 15th century. Many dragons run away when they see this dragon, because they are afraid to being splashed ink on. The ink dragon is the most inky dragon of all the dragons, and you may often hear this dragon saying "Iknho! Iknho!".

  1. Plant Element - carbon ink is made of gum arabic (taken from acacia tree)
  2. "wizard Jogut" - Johannes Gutenberg, maker of the printing press
Thanks to Cheyser for the dragon idea!
Ink Dragon

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