September 9, 2017 - Fixed bug in loader which causes a hang after Backflip's latest update.
Update Note: Please report any errors down below.


Welcome DragonValers,

Today I am here to introduce The Ultimate DragonVale Sandbox. The Ultimate DragonVale Sandbox is a program to determine the results of breeding two dragons.

Update Note: The Ultimate DragonVale Sandbox only works on a Windows environment. If you are not on Windows (e.g. Mac, Linux, etc.) this program will not be able to be run since it is an executable (.exe).

You can download the sandbox at any time by clicking here.

Getting Started

To get started, download the The Ultimate DragonVale Sandbox(.exe) here.

After the download finishes, double click the program to run it. (Please forgive the SmartScreen messages, getting an app officially authenticated by Microsoft is more trouble than its worth for this small side project.)

The following window will appear. Since this app is not recognized by Microsoft it gets flagged as a possible threat. This prevents you from running potentially malicious software by accident. If you have downloaded many applications from the internet, you will know this is a common occurrence until the company (or single person in my case) is large enough to get verified.

Do not be alarmed by this. Simply click the "More info" text.


After clicking "More info" you should see the app name and publisher appear. It lists me as "unknown" because Microsoft has not certified this app. Here, click the "Run anyway" button.


Now the program will run. You will see this screen appear. Simply hit the "Start" button. The program will search if any new dragons have been added to the 'Vale. This is how it automatically updates when dragons are added.


Here, the current version is 2719. As I update new dragons, this version number will increase. Once it finds the version, click "Next." If loading is taking a particularity long time (if you are reading this far in the future), hit "Cancel" in the bottom right and try choosing the "Auto From" option. Try inputting a higher number. By default it starts at 2700. You may find as time goes on the version will be 2800 or 2900. The program magically remembers your last used version so you don't have to wait a long time for updates. However, if you are from a couple of months from now, it will be quicker to choose the "Auto From" option.


If there is an update to the program, the following window will appear along with information about the update. This should rarely occur since it updates the dragons automatically. The only reason for this to occur is if I tweak a rule or if I change something major like the interface. If this happens, select "Details" to see the change long, "Skip" to temporarily ignore this version, and "OK" to download the new version. The program will take care of automatically updating itself.


The loading screen will then appear. It is setting up the sandbox.


After it loads, the sandbox will appear.


Using the Sandbox

Reporting Bugs/Errors




Change Log and Version Archive