Hello to anyone who is reading this! I love to draw my own ideas! This is my blog for all my dragons. Newer ones are on the bottom.

My Water lily dragon. ( Fire, water,plant)

These gentle beasts are usually seen in late spring and early summer. They have been known to help wizards in the pouring rain by using their lily pad like tails as umbrellas... then again I had seen them used them to slap other dragons once.

Birthday Dragon ( Fire, cold, lightning)

"They say that a birthday dragon is born when someone makes a wish on their birthday. These dragons are very play full and love to appear on special birthday occasions. Their spots even fall like confettii and somehow grow back. Just remember to hide the ice cream cause these dragons will stop at nothing to get the first lick!"

Neon Dragon ( Lightning, Metal, fire)

"These dragons glow with excitment, literally! These dragon have an unknown metal in their bodies, causing them to glow"

Geyser by shadowstar146-d4xu73k

Geyser Dragon

Geyser Dragon ( Water + Fire)

"The independent Geyser dragon is a puzzle to our wizards. Instead of breathing hot water it releases it through its pores on its body. Good againsts dragons...not good againsts visitors..."

Rose by shadowstar146-d4xu729

Rose Dragon

Rose Dragon ( Plant+Fire)

" This small winged dragon is a sight to behold. The Rose dragon is a good natured beast, coming out early in the year. It has unusally big feet, probably helping it from the thorns it drops occasionally.."

My Dragonvale Asteroid Dragon

Asteroid Dragon( Earth+Metal)

This flightless dragon was believed to come from space. They use their tails as giant hammers, an occasionally, a beat maker. This will surely please your visitors.

Comet Dragon ( Earth+ Cold)


My DragonVale Comet Dragon

A cousin to the Asteroid dragon, the Comet Dragon uses it's feather like spines to fly. They can sometimes be confused to the cold dragon. These dragons live at the highest mountains, probably for the nice view it gets.

Drill Dragon ( Metal+Earth)

The unique two-tailed Drill dragon is very destructive. The end of its tails

My DragonVale Planet Dragon

have drills that are stronger than any machine. The most unique thing that our wizards have noticed is that when this dragon breaths it's fiery breath, it's drills turn as well... a very annoying feature.

Planet Dragon ( Earth+Fire+Air+Water)

This dragon is a majestic beast, one of the rarest of it's kind. It is believed that this dragon is the ancestor of all dragons. The first person who every saw one believed they saw a flying planet and recreated in a sketch and reported it. The grand wizards thought he was crazy but look who's crazy now!

Cinco Dragon( Air, Fire, Plant)

My DragonVale Cinco Dragon

The Cinco Dragon only appears for a short time during the year. The Wizard Fahndi named it it the Cinco Dragon for that it was the fifth dragon he seen. Many people believe this dragon brings the summer and celebrate it's appearance on a specific day with parties and festivals. Having this dragon will surely put your visitors into a party mood! ( this is for Cinco De Mayo)

My DragonVale Gold Dragon


My DragonVale Spark Dragon

Gold Dragon ( Metal+ Lightning)

This dragon is always in hiding, but when it does appear it glistens in the light. Turns out our wizards found out that this is a defensive tactic it uses. Having this dragon will surely make your visitors go crazy for gold!

Spark Dragon ( Fire+Lightning+Air)

The Spark Dragon is very calm, unlike its tail. It is known to cause wild fires. Make sure to keep away when this dragon gets angry, we wouldn't anything bad to happen.


My DragonVale Silver dragon


My DragonVale Flare Dragon

Silver Dragon ( Metal+Cold)

The Silver Dragon lives in caves that are very secluded. It is very friendly and is known to help wandering travelers by leading it to treasures ,and the occasional stash of gems.

Flare Dragon ( Fire+lightning)

If your visitors think they're seeing double, then they're right! Having two heads, four wings, and two tails, the Flare dragon will surely surprise your visitors. It uses it second set of small wings to help it fly since its double tails are useless in flight. Between you and me i'm glad this dragon doesnt have eight legs. It'd just be plain wierd.


My dragonVale Bomb Dragon

{C}Bomb Dragon( Fire+ Metal)

Many people ran in fear when the thought they saw a walking bomb, but it was just a bomb dragon looking for fun. Though their appearance may not show it Bomb Dragons love to have fun. Just dont let them get them get to excited or they may just blow up!


My DragonVale Hyper Dragon

Hyper Dragon ( Air+Fire)

Using its tail as a scaley spring, the Hyper Dragon is nothing but energy. It is very random and has a playfull time by bouncing around on its tail. It rarely walks on its legs and loves to have a great time with fellow dragon and your visitors!


My DragonVale Sweet Dragon

Sweet Dragon ( it is its own element)

{C}The Sweet Dragon lives in the Frosty Plains, enjoying the sugary grass that grows there. This dragon reminds me of the annoying sweet tooth i have... then again it probably does that to everyone.


My DragonVale Bubble Dragon

Bubble Dragon ( Water+Air )

This delicate dragon uses its ability to make bubbles to attract fish when air levels are low in water. Its usualy stays submerged under water or high above ground. The Bubble Dragon loves to please its watcher by blowing lots and lots of bubbles.


My DragonVale Thorn Dragon

Thorn Dragon ( Plant + Lightning)

This dragon sure doesnt look like a Thorn dragon at first glance but after you touch one of its spines you probaby will change your mind. Thsi dragon doesnt liked to be messed with. You might want to leave this dragon in its own habitat.


My DragonVale Music dragon

Music Dragon ( Plant+ Fire+ Metal )

This beast was thought to teach all birds to sing in harmony and even inspired how musical notes are written. These dragons are kind and gentle and are often seen in musical theaters as statues. Music dragons can be tought to recreate any song. Visitors will love to hear these dragons, espcially Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


My DragonVale Undead Dragon

Undead Dragon ( it is its own element)

The Undead dragon, sometimes called the Zombie dragon, is one of the most frightning of all the beasts. However, don't let looks fool you. This dragon is very good natured and is always searching for someone who doesn't scream at first glance.


My DragonVale Shadow Dragon

{C}Shadow Dragon ( Undead+fire+earth)

The Shadow Dragon is very unique. It has the ability to shape shift into its very own shadow, even the shadow of any other dragon. It uses this power quite often, even more then flying. Our wizards are currently trying to figure out how it does this, but in the end the dragon just turns into their shadows.


My DragonVale Glass Dragon

Glass Dragon ( Fire+Water+Earth)

Glass Dragons are very dangerous, especially during the summer months. They create its body can increase the sun's rays and make them twice as strong. Many people keep them as babies. They are great fire starters for the evening smores.


Toxic Dragon

Toxic Dragon( Lightning+water+plant)

It wasnt intill a spell was made by our wizards that this dragon was obtainable. Toxic dragons are well known for the radioactive spines they have and for their posionous firey breath. These dragons lives in the deepest of toxic dont keep them too close to your visitors.


Glider Dragon

Glider Dragon ( Air+Fire+Plant)

These dragon are very unique. Thier wings stretch from thier shoulders to the tips of the tails. Glider dragons are well known for thier triangular wing shape when they fly. When gliding, thier wings form a triangle. This dragon lives in the highest trees and also in the tallest valcanoes. The modern Glider was actually designed from the Glider dragon and are often seen flying next to gliders searching for excitment.


Star Dragon

Star Dragon ( Star )

These dragon were of legends, making itself shown when the dragon in the night sky appeared every summer season. Star Dragons are very small, and as babies they are so small that their front legs are useless, but their dragon breath is very dangerous with toxic gases and intense heat. However, if a Star Dragon is in a good mood it will breath out stars instead. The first Star Dragon to be found a named was Polaris, after the famous astrology wizard.

Slime Dragon (water+plant+lightning)

These dragons ar ot for those who are super clean with everything. Thier distinct yellow stripe is very slimy as the rest of its body. They sometimes leave slime trails on land and help it escape enimes in water. Slime Dragons come from slime pools from all over the world, yet sometimes the occasional pool suites them well.


Slime Dragon

Khaos Dragon (Earth+Air+Fire)

This dragon is dedicated to Liberkhaos, for all his hard work on this wiki.

Khaos Dragon ( dedication to Liberkhaos)

A rare dragon, Khaos Dragons are hard working, determined beasts. They stop at nothing to get the job done, making them one of the sought at dragons for those that need them. These dragons are very respective of others, putting others first then themselves. Khaos Dragns, however, have a reason why they are called Khaos Dragons. They sometimes get out of hand and go crazy, bringing wrath to anything nearby. A tasty treat will usually calm the down. I heard that one wizard used spaghetti once to calm a Khaos down.

Marsh Dragon( Water+Plant)

Marsh Dragon

Marsh Dragons live in the wetest places. Their wings are enable them to blend the whole dragon into its background. Marsh Dragons are known for the green thin like "mustaches " that help them in search of food. These dragons love to tease others by blending into the background and popping out of nowhere, Make sure to teach your Marsh Dragon to not do this to your visitors.

Fang Dragon ( Fire+ Metal+ Earth)
Fang (2)

Fang Dragon

Located at the tops of volcanoes near the Northern Molten Lakes, Fang dragons are ferocious dragons. Their smirk makes any creature back down from a fight, along that it's body looks like its covered in fangs! These dragons are only kind to their cousin, the Forge Dragon.

Fairy Dragon( Water+ Plant+ Fire)
Fairy (2)

Fairy Dragon

One of the most perfect beings, Fairy Dragons have to ability to make every thing happy, The white flower on it's tail can only be found in their home land, The Golden forest. Unlike it's name, this area is filled with rare treasures, colorful plants, and dragons like the unique Fairy Dragon.

The following dragons are supposed to be from breeding with my Planet Dragon but since it is not in DragonVale I made other combinations. Please do not be offended by my idea. I tried to make each dragon as equal as possible. Tell me which one is your favorite! Oh yeah, before I forget this dragons are called Continental Dragons, one for each continent. They would have a unique habitat for each one, 7 small floating islands almost connecting like the Gemstone island.

North America ( American Dragon)- Fire+Earth+Plant

America (2)

American Dragon

{C}When the famous wizard, Amerigo, began his famous journey he came across seven floating islands, each with a different environment. He explored each island and to his surprise each had it's own unique dragon! The first one he discovered was on the first island. He named it after himself, the American Dragon. He then named the seven islands The Seven Lost Worlds and each dragon that lived on one the Continental Dragons.


America ( Americus Dragon) -Air+Earth+lightning


Americus Dragon

The Americus Dragon lives in the second Lost World. The habitat was closely related to the American Dragon's and they seem to be very friendly with one another. For some odd reason, most of the dragons in the Lost Worlds have a unique "horn mask". No one knows why but don't get to close. The Dragon's purple color is thought to be from it eating a purple flower only known on that island.

Africa( African Dragon) Earth+Fire+Air)

African Dragon

Living one the Third Lost World, the African Dragon lives in a very buzzard habitat. It can survive droughts and hot weather for long periods of time. Many also see this dragon as very spiritual. It seems that it causes no harm, even to it's enemies. This Dragon was very hard to obtain and now after countless tries, this dragon can now be in your park!

★'Europe '( European Dragon)- Water+ Cold+Lightning

European Dragon

The most fearless of all the Continental Dragons, the European Dragon prefers to be in water but many have seen it walking along on land. In the Fourth Lost World where it lives, there are many temples and statues dedicated to this dragon which puzzles many. The most puzzling thing about this dragon is it can fly! After many years of trying to figure out how, our wizards looked at the gap between its spines on its back and discovered the first dragon to have invisible wings!!!

Asia ( Eastern Dragon) -Fire+Air+Plant

Eastern Dragon

The most peaceful dragon is the Seven Lost Worlds is the Eastern Dragon. It lives on the farther most east island and many precious gems have been found there. Ever since it's discovery it has been a symbol of peace and wisdom. We have also noticed that they sometimes travel to where the Pearl Dragon lives. They seem to be attracted to each other for unknown reasons.

Australia( Outback Dragon) -Fire+Earth+Air

Outback Dragon

The Outback Dragon, also known as the Rainbow Serpent, lives in the most harshest of any Lost World. The dry land there and hot weather make it seem unlivable but it frequently gets rain, making some very unique plants. The Outback Dragon's wings has no true purpose but to fly. Many say that it's colorful wings are magical and our wizards have try to prove this. However, they just seem to fall asleep.

Antarctica ( Antarctic Dragon) -Cold+Water+Air

Antarctic Dragon

The Antarctic Dragon lives on the Coldest Lost World with negative temperatures found nowhere else. These dragons collect snow on their backs and they have a hard layer of ice on their wings. They are the most rarest of all Continental Dragons and the most challenging to keep happy. If you are lucky enough to obtain one be sure you aren't afraid of a little chill.

Magic Dragon (Magic)

Magic Dragon

Also known as the wizard dragon, these magical imbued beasts used to show up once a year but thanks to our wizards this dragon is available through the market throughout the year. Their unique tail, wings, and its unusual symbol creates magic that is often glowing. Magic dragons are thought to taught the first wizards on how to use magic properly. It took a couple tries but they got it eventually.

Frostbite Dragon ( Cold + Air )

Frostbite Dragon

Most people don't like hearing the word frostbite, but combine that with a dragon and you got a problem. The small Frostbite dragon lives in the coldest of places. It's large teeth are in fact icicles that form quickly on the dragon's teeth. If you so happen to have one in your park be sure not to get too close. If so you're going to be in a hospital for a while.

Chill Dragon ( Cold + Earth )

Chill Dragon

The Chill Dragon arrives when the hot weather cools down and the leaves begin their magical color changing. When the snow arrives these flightless dragons become more active. Don't let their droopy eyes fool you. Chill dragons are very playful and territorial, striking at the first sign of danger. Other then that these dragons are very friendly and are good partners with the Earth dragon. {C}

Blind and Deaf Dragon ( Fire + Water)
Blind and deaf

Blind and deaf dragon

One head of a Blind and Deaf dragon can see but not hear. The other can hear but not see. They work together to move around in their surroundings. They are one of the most successful dragons, proving teamwork is important in life. Those who who are blind or deaf follow the guidance of these dragons. {C}

Stardust Dragon ( Rainbow )

Stardust Dragon

The rare Stardust dragon lives in the highest layer of our planet's atmosphere and beyond. The dragon is surrounded by twinkling stars, stardust comes from it's tail. One of the most richest wizards in the world, simply known as Taurus, said that one night he was woken by nosies. He walked out side and found a trail of stardust. He followed it in till it lead him to a cave filled with treasures! Boy was he lucky!

Ice Cream Dragon ( Sweet+Cold )
My dragonvale ice cream dragon

Ice Cream Dragon

Who ever thought that there favorite frozen treat was also a dragon! Sadly, it's not made of ice cream but sure looks like it! Ice Cream dragons prefer cold weather but can be seen year round. These dragons, to surprise, don't like ice cream. In fact seeing one melt will send shivers through their bones! Well, wouldn't you too? It'd be just plain sickening if you were named after ice cream.

Gum ball Dragon ( Sweet+Lightning )

Ever heard of the o' tale of finding a giant gum ball in the forest and bad luck will fall? Probably not. Let me break the story down for ya, the giant gum ball is actually a Gum ball dragon egg. They do in fact look like irregular shaped gum balls. The bad luck will fall part. That just means that when you tried to bite a gum ball egg, your teeth would fall. See, makes sense now.

Vine Dragon ( Plant+Metal )

Vine dragons are experts of the art of staying still. Their flexible bodies allow them to wrap around poles and trees, waiting for their next meal. They're also excellent guard dragons. Yes, guard dragons. Give them a nice pole to wrap around and they'll give you the best security you'll ever need!


Daisy Dragon

Daisy Dragon ( Lightning+ Metal )

Sorry For The picture! will fix later)

Daisy Dragons are very friendly and only live in the greenest of places. They love to sleep and canbe found year round but more in the summer.


Topaz Dragon

Topaz Dragon ( Gemstone) '

The Topaz dragon was always reffered to as the a winged cobra in acient texts. It was a sign of good wealth and in till recently this wasnt proven. A farmer was having a bad year for his crops and a Topaz dragon flew over his field. To everyone surprise, the farmer had the ripest and healthiest crops of all the farmers that year! It has been noted that these dragons are attracted to Dragon Treat farms. We are unsure why.


Rush Dragon


Black Poison Dragon

Rush Dragon ( Fire+ Earth)

The Rush Dragon is one of the fastest dragons in DragonVale. They can reach speeds that harricanes cant compete with. They live near hyper active valcanoes, but also few have been seen where sandstorms are very active. It seems like these dragon love to be in the face of danger...

Black Poison Dragon ( Fire+ Metal+ Earth) [Halloween]

They say that this dragon was born from a posion dragon that was filled with nothing but hatred and darkness. It is nothing but black metal and bones. One of the most unique thing about this dragon is its wings. When walking, there is a faint outline and arura of its wings, so thin you can see strait through them. But flying, it wings disappear and all you see its skeleton so it can look more threatning to its viewers.

My dragonvale melon dragon by shadowstar146-d5g9avm

Melon Dragon

Melon Dragon ( Plant+Fire+Water+Earth)

The Melon dragon was found around the time of the Great Harvest many years ago. It was noted that this dragon has the ability to grow Dragon Treats! Due to this, this dragon cannot breed.

Battle Dragon ( Its own element)

Battle dragon

Battle Dragon

Earth Battle ( Battle +Earth)

Earth battle

Battle Earth Dragon

Creature Dragon ( Fire+Air+Plant) {Dedicated to Sept-creature}

Creature dragon by shadowstar146-d5jj89x

Creature Dragon

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