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  • I live in Guess
  • My occupation is Saving the grand city of Detroit from evil critics who have no lives and get their money from pointing out that detroit has slightly more deaths per capita than average. Ooh, scary! Get over yoursel
  • I am A re
  • Michigander1

    Welcome to the dragonvale hunger games! Nominate yourself in comments, give: district, dragon, gender, name.

    District 1: free choice -3 -3

      • drago nex, the forge dragon male tribute
      • koalala, the cactus dragon (koala dragon) koala tribute

    District 2: rainbow

    District 3: metal

    District 4: water

    District 5: lightning

    District 6: cold

    District 7: plant

    District 8: fire

    District 9: moon/panlong

    District 10: air

    District 11: sun

    District 12: earth

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  • Michigander1

    Various voting

    May 6, 2012 by Michigander1
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  • Michigander1

    Dragon fans

    May 5, 2012 by Michigander1

    Hiya, it's Michigander, this page is where you can pick what dragon ale dragon best represents or mascots your favorite college! Just leave your idea in the comments section. Forgive me if I don't post your comment within soon range of your post. I and my secret committee will pick the top 32 and create a tourney thing in June. Post now! If you win the tourney you could win something! (probably not)

    Michigan university is Frostfire -michigander1

    Michigan state is seaweed -michigander1

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