Oaky here are dragons for people of this wiki.

JustinDaOne Dragon

This is a very prideful dragon as well it should be because it is said to be the fastest dragon in Dragonvale. It is named because it is always first so Just The One meaning always first. This dragon is for user JustinDaOne here's his profile


A fierce dragon that comes out at night. It is very sneaky and very loyal. A great dragon companion and awesome dragon in general. They only usally come out during a full moon or extremly late at night, very strange. This dragon is for user Wolfiethezwolf here's his profile

Aygros Mastere Dragon

Clumsy as a baby it grows up to be a slivery master at what it does. A ninja moving around pretty much silent. A strange thing about these dragons it seems to respond very well to French speakers. This dragon is for user Aygros Mastere here's his profile

Br318 Dragon

This is a dragon that is sought after for purely looks. It is a very beautiful dragon and loves to have attention. Even as a baby people scour the world looking for this dragon. This dragon is for user Br318 here is her profile

Zordon2k11 Dragon

This dragon is very special because it was never known for having a young form. It just commands 5 other dragons to keep peace in dragonvale. Yes this is from power rangers zord on and the five rangers. This dragon is for user Zordon2k11 here is his profile

CelticStar87 Dragon

It is shy as a baby but as an adult this dragon is beautiful and powerful at the same time. It can make spectacular fire displays with is Celtic flare or can do damage with the same effect. This is for user CelticStar87 this is her profile

Pickle786 Dragon

This dragon actually emits an essence known to relax and sooth any living thing on earth. It's essence is sold for a high price in shops and is used as medicine for people with injuries. This is for user Pickle786 this is his profile™

This dragon is believed to have come from mars. That is why it has heat vents on its back it acts as camoflouge, but from what? A very mysterious dragon indeed. This dragon is for user Marman02 this is his profile

Conchitah Dragon

This dragon flies through the sky like a comet. Actually many people thought these dragons were comets at first. They're not though, just really pretty. This is for user Conchitah this is her profile

Halofan99 Dragon

This dragon was imagined into existence by a powerful wizard. He was thinking about aliens he called elites in his dreams and this dragon was made. This is for user Halofan99 this is his profile

A very cool dragon stealth dragon indeed. It wasn't know to exist for quite a while because it was so sneaky. It was also taken a while to be confirmed as a epic or regular dragon because it was rare to see. This is for user JumboNinjaDragon this is his profile

DragonDancer Dragon

This is a dragon which can fly even as a child. No one knows why the top wings don't grow, but some say that those wings are used in a magical display like Dragon Dancing. This is for user DragonDancer this is her profile

D0nSTar5 Dragon

This dragon is beloved to have been born from a super nova. No one has ever seen this dragon as a baby but there are many explorers searching for it. This is for user D0nSTar5 this is his profile

1-64 Dragon

This dragon loves to hang around the dragon track but never gets picked to race because it is said they are to crazy. Legend says they can run at every angle upside down right side up, and even on walls. This dragon was made for user 1:64 this is his profile

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