Before any editing, make sure you use the text-based Source editor as the visual editors can mess up the table formatting.

For decoration pages you will need to update the desc name on the item page itself to the one you put into the Decoration_Variable template. So for example on the Begonia Pedestal page, view the source and you can see the first line is:

{{Decorationbox2 | name=begoniapedestal}}

Then if you go to the Decoration_Variable template you can Ctrl+F in most browsers, search for begonia and you can see the entire variable there, making note of the first line having the decoration name defined:

| begoniapedestal= {{#switch: {{lc:{{{2}}}}}
  | disp_name = Begonia Pedestal
  | desc = The wizards somehow found a way to prevent the Begonia Dragon egg from hatching while in your magical park by placing it on this pedestal. Unfortunately eggs placed on these can never be hatched while they remain on the grounds of your park. They sure do make neat decorations though!
  | level =
  | buy =
  | sell =
  | placement = 0
  | size = 1 x 1
  | element = Aura
|image = [[File:Begonia_Pedestal.png|center|175px]]
|type1 = Gem
|type2 = Coin
|limited = Yes
|countdown =

To make a new entry, all you need to do is copy and paste the template and input new data. All the templates are updated very similarly.

  • The Dragon Variable does not need the dragon name defined on the page itself as it uses the page name.

There are further instructions on the various template pages themselves, listed below.

Note that some of these templates are becoming very large and might take a while or be laggy to load and edit. There have been discussions on how to update these pages better, but for now this is how the system works.


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