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Dear Backflip Studios, here's what we would like to see in the next updates:


Park Aesthetic



Game Mechanic



But wait, there's more.

Dragonvale Merchandise


Because not everybody agrees on everything I will open votes for some topics from time to time. It can be about the name of a certain dragon or about a controversial item some people like while others don't. You can view previous voting winners in the "Voted" section. I will personally abstain from voting unless their is a tie in which case I allow myself the right to break it. The voting deadline is based on Pacific Time. If you wish to push a matter in this section say so but know that I will NOT come back on something already voted.

Currently Voting


Next voting session


Backflip is now aware of this list. If you want them to take us seriously, log on your wiki account and leave a message of approval in the comments. Or join the fray and make a REASONABLE(There shall be no such thing as free Gem template.png or trades with other players!!!) suggestion. Who knows what will happen. Also, if you wish to comment on someone else's idea, please do so RESPECTFULLY!!!

PS: Read the the list carefully before posting a request. There seems to be an increase in demands already posted.(You don't have to go through the comments, just the list)

Special Thanks

There are way too many contributors for me to name them all but I'm responsible of less than a quarter of this list. The rest is all good ideas the Anon and Wiki users have posted down below, and I want to thank you all for that. I'm sorry for everybody I'm turning down, but I try to explain as best as I can why every idea I shun down is refused. I hope people understand, and keep the ideas and support coming guys; the list is looking good.