We receive a fair amount of questions about basic breeding stuff on this wiki so this page is dedicated to teaching the knowledge required for basic, intermediate and advanced breeding. Here we go:

Before Starting

Basic Breeding

Basic Breeding Rules

Basic Breeding Tricks

Intermediate Breeding

Limited Dragons

Opposite Dragons

Uncommon Dragons

Three or More Elements Hybrid Dragons

Epic Dragons

Epic Breeding Island

Advanced Breeding

Time Management


Speed-breeding with Gems

Exceptions on Limited Dragons


Breeding Glitches

Useful Links


Well, if you've read all this you now know as much about breeding as I do. Just keep in mind that I have been playing since the middle of September and didn't acquire everything in a single day. Be patient. You will be rewarded for your efforts someday.

If you have any questions don't be shy and post them down here. I try to go on the Wiki everyday but worst case situation I should be available to give you an answer in at most 5 days.

I wish good luck to anyone playing this game with the intent of getting everything.


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