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    Dragons of Khaos

    September 2, 2012 by Liberkhaos

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  • Liberkhaos

    This page is a portal to people's art. Any artist with a blog can request a link here along with a choice of 2 pictures that will be displayed on this page. Those pictures can be changed at the artist's request any amount of times. The name of the artist itself is a link that can be clicked to go on that artists blog.

    Dear Backflip Studio, if you're reading this, here are some designs artists from this wiki would like to propose to you:

    Once your drawing is done and scanned/photographed on your computer, here are the simple steps required to upload the picture on this wiki so that it makes it to this blog.

    1.Log in to the wiki and place your mouse(don't click) over the "On the Wiki" part of the menu at the top of any page.

    2.Click on "Photo" fr…

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    Breeding 101

    February 8, 2012 by Liberkhaos

    We receive a fair amount of questions about basic breeding stuff on this wiki so this page is dedicated to teaching the knowledge required for basic, intermediate and advanced breeding. Here we go:

    Here are some of the terms I will use often in this guide and their meaning:

    • P: Plant element
    • E: Earth element
    • F: Fire element
    • C: Cold element
    • L: Lightning element
    • W: Water element
    • A: Air element
    • M:Metal element
      A specie of dragon.(Example: Plant dragon, Tree dragon, Iceberg dragon, etc...)
    • Elemental Pool: The sum of all elements used during your breeding session.(Example: Breeding a Flower dragon and a Mountain dragon puts Plant, Fire, Earth and Cold in your Elemental Pool)
    • Basic Dragon: A dragon with only 1 element.(Example: Water dragon, Plant dragon, et…

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  • Liberkhaos

    Dear Backflip studio!

    January 11, 2012 by Liberkhaos

    Dear Backflip Studios, here's what we would like to see in the next updates:

    Three elements dragons(And an idea for egg design):

    • Tsunami(Water+Earth+Fire)
    • Thunderstorm(Lightning+Air+Cold)
    • Phoenix(Earth+Fire+Air)
    • Marsh(Plant+Earth+Water)
    • Smog(Air+Water+Fire)
    • Wildfire(Lightning+Earth+Fire)
    • Nature(Plant+Earth+Fire)
    • Electric Eel(Water+Lightning+Plant)
    • Wild(Plant+Water+Air).
    • Dragonfly(Air+Fire+Plant)
    • Mithril(Earth+Metal+Air)
    • Glass(Earth+Lightning+Water)
    • Meadow(Earth+Plant+Air)
    • Mystic(Lightning+Fire+Cold)
    • Shell(Water+Metal+Fire)
    • Ember(Fire+Earth+Air)
    • Electric(Metal+Lightning+Air)
    • Aurora(Air+Lightning+Fire)
    • Sea(Water+Lightning+Metal)
    • Mirror(Metal+Fire+Air)
    • Magnitude(Earth+Fire+Metal)
    • Seashell(Air+Water+Earth)
    • Moth(Earth+Water+Cold)
    • Wicker(Plant+Earth+Metal)
    • Music(Fire+Wat…

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  • Liberkhaos

    Bronze than Silver???

    December 5, 2011 by Liberkhaos

    Am I the only one to notice that the Epic dragon statues turn from bronze to silver, leading to the inevitable thought that an eventual update will allow for gold statues and level 20 dragons??? Oh and hopefully lvl 3 habitats because even with level 15 it's getting a little ridiculous.

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