The Leap Year / Rainbow Dragon park strategy is one that requires a minimal time commitment for maximum Dragon Cash profit. It stacks up really well against the Panlong Waterpark Strategy and the Panlong Earthpark Strategy, but can be done in as little as one login per day.

Set Up

  • 34 Leap Year Dragons or Rainbow Dragons and 34 Rainbow Habitats. You can use less if your level is less. Just max out the habitats to your liking. Personally, I use only 28 rainbow habitats. I like to keep one of each non-rare (minus Plant) so I can breed new dragons as they come out.
  • 1 Metal Habitat with 4 Iron Dragons.


LYDs and Rainbow Dragons earn 400 DragonCash per minute. And the Rainbow habitat can hold up to 1 million DragonCash. This translates into 576,000 per habitat per day. In this case, 19.6M DC per day. If you are also actively breeding and selling Iron Dragons every 4 hours, you can pad you total. I prefer to breed-and-sell three times per day (using both breeding grounds). So one could earn about 26 million DragonCash per day, every day. This isn't a theoretical amount, this is an actual/attainable amount. And you'd only have to play for about 15-30 minutes per day (typical when there's no new content to consume).

Wait, I can earn more per minute with a Panlong strategy!

This is correct in theory, but the optimal Panlong strategies require the use of Water and/or Earth habitats. They have DragonCash caps of 30,000 and 75,000 respectively. So, depending on your setup you'll have to log in and cash out your habitats many times every day to match the output of the Rainbow habitat. Here is the breakdown:

L15 Waterpark L20 / L19 Waterpark L15 Earthpark L20 / L19 Earthpark

Boosted / Unboosted Habitat Count

21 / 13 21 / 13 14 / 20 14 / 20
Boosted / Unboosted Habitat Fill Time (minutes) 18 / 26 14 / 20 61 / 87 46 / 67
# Logins required to reach 19.6M DC w/ 30 minute collections. 19 logins / 9.5 hours 19 logins / 9.5 hours
# Logins required to reach 19.6M DC w/ 15 minute collections. 26 logins / 6.5 hours 21 logins / 5.3 hours
# Logins required to reach 19.6M DC w/ 60 minute collections. 10 logins / 10 hours 8 logins / 8 hours
Optimal yield with a 10 hour committment 29.6M DC 36.9M DC 20.6M DC 24.0M DC

In it for the longhaul

So the Waterpark and Earthpark strategies might be fun for a day or two as the DragonCash rolls in, but eventually you're going to need a break. That's where this strategy really shines, because you can take almost two full days off from even checking your islands, and you're still making a ton of DC. I'm certainly not against any of the other great strategies out there, but if you don't want to spend all of your time cashing out your habitats, this might be the way to go.

If you missed out on the Leap Year Dragon, you can still breed Rainbow dragons. At 48 hours a pop, it's not for the faint of heart. But if you think you might be playing this game for awhile, it's a great investment of time!

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