I use a Wacom tablet to draw these btw, its a challenge decreasing the detail in my sketches to draw my Dragonvale dragons but its fun and I want to see my creations come to life. Even though they're Dragonvale dragons, adding a bit of realism and expression won't hurt!

PS. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to design ONE dragon, so yes VERY time consuming!!! I also am fond of massive claws, teeth, spikes and horns so sorry if they look scary. I know 4 year olds play this game but I think there should be some scary/ugly looking dragons in the game, I know they're supposed to look cute but I'm sick of seeing smiling faces and blunt claws!!!

WOAH! So many ideal dragons to draw!!! I'll try to get through all of them but it will take some time! Btw if anyone wants a request just post it below thanx xD

Special thanks to Moonlovur!!

Dragon count: 62 +

Very First Dragon Designs

Newest Dragon Designs

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