All dragons have traces of Order and Chaos, and the player’s goal would be to breed a purebred Order Dragon and a Purebred Chaos Dragon. 

When purebreds come together they could either replicate themselves or created something different… something that combines the dual purebred essence of the dragons and creates something powerful. 

The Order and Chaos Dragons would be new elements; however, they would be different from other elements.  They would have different breeding rules, in a sense.  Once you get past the bottom tier of the breeding pyramid, you can no longer breed with other elements.

How it works: when breeding two purebred dragons together, you get a small chance to either get an Order or a Chaos dragon for that respective element.  An Order Dragon can only live in an Order Habitat and vice versa for the Chaos Dragons.  As you progress through the Order and Chaos dragons you start combining more and more of the elements; thus increasing the Order and Chaos in each dragon.  Once you reach the top of the breeding pyramid, you have a chance to breed a purebred Order or Chaos dragon.

Here are the dragons and the breeding pyramid.

Order  (1st tier):

Plant + Plant = Fern

Metal + Metal = Ingot

Water + Water = Stream

Lightning + Lightning = Pulse

Fire + Fire = Warmth

Cold + Cold = Brisk

Earth + Earth = Steppe

Air + Air = Breeze

Light + Light = Flicker

Dark + Dark = Opaque

Chaos (1st tier):

Plant + Plant = Weed

Metal + Metal = Ore

Water + Water = Typhoon

Lightning + Lightning = Burst

Fire + Fire = Inferno

Cold + Cold = Frozen

Earth + Earth = Fissure

Air + Air = Gale

Light + Light = Lucid

Dark + Dark = Blackout

(2nd tier):

Fern + Weed = Jungle

Ingot + Ore = Alloy

Stream + Typhoon = Squall

Pulse + Burst = Explosion

Warmth + Inferno = Conflagration

Brisk + Frozen = Piercing

Steppe + Fissure = Gravel

Breeze + Gale = Cyclone

Flicker + Lucid = Evanescence

Opaque + Blackout = Black Hole

(3rd tier):

Jungle + Alloy = Wasteland

Squall + Explosion = Blast

Conflagration + Piercing = Volcano

Gravel + Cyclone = Hurricane

Evanescence + Black Hole = Void / Star

(4th tier):

Wasteland + Blast = Desolate

Volcano + Hurricane = Tempest

Void + Star = Paramount

(5th tier):

Desolate + Paramount = Fusion

Tempest + Paramount = Amalgamation

(6th Tier):

Fusion + Amalgamation = Order / Chaos

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