Attention: Thank you for your very supportive participation in JustinDaOne's DV Event 1! Everything was a blast! Although it's time to end JustinDaOne's DV Event 1! I hope you guys enjoyed 'til the end! All those support... such amazing DragonVale Community! I hope we get to have JustinDaOne's DV Event 2 be another cool Event like this one!..... err... there's Event 2?!

Howdy Everyone! I am baaaackkkk from hibernation.. lol not into Wiki Activities, but into "Blog Making" Activities! Alot of you might not know me but its okay! No harm done... But today I will be launching my first DV Event! It is called "What's The Word?!"


As you might have noticed, if someone ever did, I wasn't able to continue my last story blog for various reasons, and one of those is our busy schedule with my best card maker Sir Marchius. So my story will be put on hold for long today; which is sad but who knows! It may continue :)

Anyway, I am now publishing this new game, which is inspired by the globally addictive game called "4 Pics 1 Word!" <~~ DOWNLOAD SAVVY!



So this is how the game will go. I will be uploading Whats The Word Puzzles, with 4 pictures in them. These pictures are somehow CONNECTED with each other with 1 WORD!

What's that word? Who knows! That's why you, the community, will participate in it by solving what the linking word is! Everyone will be having different words in mind, and they may all fit with the puzzle situation! But.... I will be biased now and say that my basis (the answer) will be coming from me -- the puzzle maker! -- so we avoid confusions and all -- or will we? We will find out!

This game will be updated once per week, and there will be 1-3 (or more) Puzzles from each week onwards. (Depends on how busy my week will be, sorry). Answers will be revealed weekly, every updates.

With no further a due, LET'S START!

Week 1 Puzzles With Answers

Week 2 Puzzles With Answers

Week 3 Puzzles With Answers

Week 4 Puzzles With Answers

Week 5 Puzzles With Answers

Week 6 Puzzles With Answers

Week 7 Puzzles With Answers

Week 8 Puzzles With Answers

Ending Bonus Puzzle



You have a guess?? Comment it down below!

Please answer in this manner so we know which one you are answering.

'''Puzzle # - Word'''

  • ONE WORD PER COMMENT! One word per comment is the rule to avoid confusion with other answers.

If you see someone's comment and you THINK its the word we're looking for, back him up by adding this on your comment:


^This will result to That's the word!

If you THINK someone's word is NOT the word, add this with your comment:


^This will result to That's not the word!


Even with our supportive and opposive one-liners, please be reminded to keep your comments respectful, and that they won't hurt anyone's feelings in any way, shape, or form! Thanks Everyone!


Howdy! This is the latest addition to the event. This weekly event will be giving out awards for the most know-it-all user! Only those who can get a perfect score with all the puzzles within that week will be given this award. Goodluck!



Simply type [ [ File:PuzzleAward.png ] ] <--no spaces! on your profile pages (or any pages you want it to, so long as its an appropriate place for this.

For ALL Participants!

Howdy!Just a parting gift to everyone, I made a participation badge gift! To add it to your profile, simply type:


^this will result to:


<insert name here>! What's the word?! THAT'S THE WORD! B-) ~

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