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    Today I am publishing a blog about DragonVale Park Islands! This blog is not about DragonVale knowledge, or any history, but this blog needs STYLE and CREATIVITY! We need all of our most creative ideas on designing park islands! This is a friendly blog for all DragonValers! The mechanics will be specified below. If you think you have one of the most creative parks, then show it off in this event blog! We are just here to treasure the creative island designs of our DragonVale Community Members. Now let’s get started!

    Leaderboard is used to track how our co-DragonValers rate each participant's overall Park Designs. The leading participant will be determined by how many votes he/she will get from the community. For voting the best design…

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    Attention: Thank you for your very supportive participation in JustinDaOne's DV Event 1! Everything was a blast! Although it's time to end JustinDaOne's DV Event 1! I hope you guys enjoyed 'til the end! All those support... such amazing DragonVale Community! I hope we get to have JustinDaOne's DV Event 2 be another cool Event like this one!..... err... there's Event 2?!

    Howdy Everyone! I am baaaackkkk from hibernation.. lol not into Wiki Activities, but into "Blog Making" Activities! Alot of you might not know me but its okay! No harm done... But today I will be launching my first DV Event! It is called "What's The Word?!"

    As you might have noticed, if someone ever did, I wasn't able to continue my last story blog for various reasons, …

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    ! Which element do you wanna be in??

    HOWDY! The EPIC-est EPISODE YET is here!! Finally after 1 month (again)! Now before we start the story, I would like to thank Sir Marchius for always being the best of making cards used for my stories, and thank you for everyone who actually reads this fan fic of mine!

    P.S. -- I used Brodensson's element buttons for my story today! Cheers to him!

    P.S.S. -- Today I made the Cards myself! And I am very proud of them! They are the Tribe Leader Cards! The pictures are NOT mine! I just got them from the internet, so Kudos to whoever uploaded those pics! Please give me feedback on how the cards look, in the comments! ~

    Katie: The Part 1 of the competition just ended! The top 8 who will be moving on to the next roun…
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    Howdy Everyone! I just want to inform you guys that this blog has ceased it's regular update processes. Due to my varying schedules in real life, I am not able to take on blogs that need constant update. So I just hope that you guys still share your DragonVale Journey's here, even though the blog questions and polls are not updated regularly anymore! I will try my best to add new posts when we reach 100 votes on each previous posts. TATA!

    We've all got those moments! what we always say whenever we see posts that we can relate in like "Yay I got a Sun Dragon!" or "breeding a Rainbow is amazingly hard!"

    Everyone should now know that not only personal experiences count anymore. Game Experiences count too! (Well in this world anyway…

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    Howdy! So yeaa, as we all know October is fast approaching! We're gonna be entering another new month! And as we DragonValer's know, a new month means a new GEMSTONE DRAGON! lol.

    And October's gem dragon is presumably OPAL! since Opal is the birthstone for the month of October.

    Opal is an amorphous form of silica related to quartz, a mineraloid form, not a mineral. 3% to 21% of the total weight is water, but the content is usually between 6% to 10%. It is deposited at a relatively low temperature and may occur in the fissures of almost any kind of rock, being most commonly found with limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl and basalt. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply. This includes the production…

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