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Rare, 3- and 4- Element Hybrid Art Ideas!

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Today's dragon is the Precipice Dragon!

Next time's dragon: the Shuriken Dragon!

Hi Guys! This is a collection of dragon art I've been working on. Some of it will be artwork of dragons already in Dragon Vale (mostly for humor) and some of it will be ideas for new dragons I have been lucky enough to sketch in the wild. I don't know much about most of them yet but here goes!

Ideas I Plan On Doing Soon:

Double Elemental Dragons (all), Shuriken, Atmosphere, Black Ice, Bubble, Static, Drought, Razor, Carbon, Glue, Chalk, Blade, Precipice, Fjord, Isle, Garden, Graphite, Uranium, Manganese, Wilderness, Thistle,  and more!

Be sure to request ideas below!

NEW: Epic Redesigns!

In this section, I'll be taking some of my least favorite dragons and redesigning them. Come see!

Today's Redo: Arctic Dragon

Next time: Love Dragon


The Birth Flower Dragons are here! Check out the new Blossom element dragons, taken straight from the Isles of Paradise!

Habitats: Paradise Island

Unlocked at level 31

Snowdrop Dragon

Snowdrop Dragon



Incubation Time: 31 Hrs

Combo: Snow+Evergreen

This rare beauty comes from a small island in the center of the Isles of Paradise to the far East, perpetually frozen in bitter winter. These dragons can hatch only in the coldest of winter conditions, so they can only be hatched during this month. But the effort of building the Paradise Island was worth it, because these dragons, like all the Blossom dragons from the Isles of Paradise, earn instead of coins or gems a magical substance that can be used to feed your dragons. Amazing!



Violet Dragon

Violet Dragon



Incubation Time: 28 Hrs

Combo: Orchid+Root

Beautiful, spirited, and joyful, Violet Dragons are said to help break the grip of winter when they hatch. Many legends surround these austere creatures, but none of them really do justice to the dragon itself. Because they eat and drink only the nectar of the magical flowers of the Isles of Paradise, they produce a magical substance that can be used to feed your dragons.



Daffodil Dragon

Daffodil Dragon


Incubation Time: 31 Hrs

Combo: Flower+Arctic

At the first breath of spring in the Isles of Paradise, Daffodil Dragons hatch. You will never meet a dragon more cheerful and spirited than the Daffodil Dragon. Their gaudy yellow and green colors mirror their cheerful personalities. Daffodil Dragons earn a special substance that can be used to feed your dragons. In fact, our wizards suspect that it is healthier and grants more energy than ordinary dragon food!




Daisy Dragon

Daisy Dragon



Incubation Time: 30 Hrs

Combo: Luminous+Moss

In the bright fields of the Isles of Paradise, these dragons can be seen strolling about or lazing in the shade of trees. Their cheerful energy is contagious and their singing voices are beautiful beyond measure. Like all dragons from the Isles of Paradise, the Daisy Dragon produces a magical substance that can be used to feed your  dragons.



Lily of the Valley Dragon

Lily of the Valley Dragon



Incubation Time: 31 Hrs

Combo: Meadow+Flower

Lily of the Valley dragons are gentle and sweet, and yet beautiful beyond measure. No ancient king in all his splendor and majesty can match the simple, delicate beauty of these gentle creatures. Besides being sweet and loyal Lily of the Valley dragons produce a magical substance that can be used to feed your dragons.

Currently In Drawing! Honeysuckle and Water Lily Dragons!

To Do! Blossom Flag, Paradise Island, Blossom Dragon Decorations, Poppy Dragon, Morning Glory Dragon, Marigold Dragon, Chrysanthemum Dragon and Holly Dragon!

NEW ELEMENTS: Science+Magic

Elements--1 Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon


Incubation Time: 1 hour

Opposite: Science

Cost: 10,000,000 dc

Created by powerful wizards in an attempt to heal the Scar of the World, the Magic Dragon is a true wonder of the world. Possessing wondrous magical abilities, this dragon ushers in the creation of an entire new race of dragons. The wizards suspect that the hatching of the first Magic Dragon may mean more than they ever dreamed it would.

Elements--2 Science Dragon

Science Dragon


Incubation Time: 24 hrs

Opposite: Magic

Cost: 25,000,000 dc

The first Science Dragon was the result of an experiment that went not exactly as planned. In the remote observatory on Galil Island, some scientists had captured an ordinary blue fire dragon and were conducting an experiment to find the source of its fire breath. However, this dragon was transformed into a new breed, the Science Dragon. It flew across the warm eastern ocean and entered the Vale, where it was discovered by wizards. What's more, more dragon breeds, thought to be relatives of this dragon, are now turning up!



Magic and Science Hybrids!!!


PLANT+MAGIC: Potion, Hydra, (Basilisk) (Venom)

FIRE+MAGIC Phoenix, Vulcan, (Greek Fire) (Cursed)

EARTH+MAGIC Golem, Paralysis, (Troll) (Excalibur)

COLD+MAGIC Yeti, Werewolf, (Enchanted) (Rune)

LIGHTNING+MAGIC Thor, Thunderbird, (Bolt) (Sphinx)

WATER+MAGIC Poseidon, Sea Serpent, (Oracle) (Atlantis)

AIR+MAGIC Invisible, Shapeshifter, (Spirit) (Dreamtime)

METAL+MAGIC Mjolnir, Warrior, (Admantine) (Quetzcoatyl)

LIGHT+MAGIC Unicorn, Angel, (Vision) (Fairy)

DARK+MAGIC: Vampire, Overlord, (Demon) (Necromancy)


PLANT+SCIENCE: Medicine, Photosynthesis, (Botany) (Clone)

FIRE+SCIENCE: Thermal, Explosive, (Laser) (Infrared)

EARTH+SCIENCE: Drill, Friction, (Erosion) (Mineral)

COLD+SCIENCE: Subzero, Nitrogen, (Helium) (Altitude)

LIGHTNING+SCIENCE: Circuit, Kinetic, (Battery) (Radar)

WATER+SCIENCE: Hydrodynamic, Tide, (Forensic) (Submarine)

AIR+SCIENCE: Missile, Airfoil, (Ozone) (Decibel)

METAL+SCIENCE: Uranium, Automaton, (Supercomputer) (Bulletproof)

LIGHT+SCIENCE: Neon, Prism, (Lightyear) (Bioluminescence)

DARK+SCIENCE: Petroleum, Pollution, (Pigment) (Blood)

OPPOSITE DRAGONS: Alchemy, Utopian

New Idea: On Beyond Epic!!!

I think there should be EPIC HYBRIDS! Let all epic dragons breed together and create dragons with TWO epic elements. Some can be opposites, like Apocalypse and Seasonal, Sun and Moon. Then, when you combine FOUR epic elements, you have a chance at getting LIFE and DEATH dragons--which you can breed to get the legendary Eternal Dragon. The Eternal Dragon can be bred with any dragon  in the game to produce ANY dragon--even gemstone dragons!

Gemstone+Moon: Moonstone

Gemstone+Sun: Sunstone

Rainbow+Dream: Imagination

Treasure+Gemstone: Royal

Moon+Rainbow: Auroura

Seasonal+Sun: Day

Seasonal+Moon: Night

Olympus+Rainbow: Iris

Olympus+Sun: Helios

Olympus+Moon: Artemis

Apocalypse+Dream: Oblivion

Dream+Olympus: Morpheus

Olympus+Apocalypse: War

Seasonal+Dream: Music

New Idea: Epic Elementals

Epic Elementals are like regular elementals in that they have one element. However, they look much more in tune with their element (Epic Plant looks a lot more "planty") and each have animations (animated flames for Epic Fire) Instead of earning, they give a 10% boost to all the dragons of their element on the island and a 10% penalty.

FAN ART ~``~

Fan Art 1--Guilty Ruin Dragon

Fluffy the Ruin Dragon--GUILTY!


Fluffy the Ruin Dragon--This is my first fan art project. As you can see, potty training Fluffy isn't working out too well...

Fan Art 2--Cotton Dragon Advertising Slogan

Cotton Dragon Advertising Slogan


Eli the Cotton Dragon--Well this isn't my second fan art project; I tried drawing an Angry Poison Dragon but that was a fail (along with lots of other fails).


I actually prefer drawing dragons in more dynamic poses. This set of drawings, the Races, will allow me to do just that! I made these sketches while in the stands at the Dragon Track.

Fan Art 3--Ulster Meadows

Races: Ulster Meadows (Forest Dragon and Plant Dragon)




Decoration 1

Frozen Cave Decoration


Element: Cold

Size: 3x3

Cost: 205,000

This frozen cave gives just the perfect touch to an already perfect cold island. The wizards are absolutely almost certain that nothing lives in here, not even a single Ice Spider. Wait, did I say Ice Spider???



Decoration 2

Coral Growth Decoration



Element: Water

Size: 1x1

Cost: 10,000

Carefully extracted from the bottom of the Crimson Sea, we guarantee your coral dragons will blend right in with this decoration.



Decoration 3

Palm Tree Decoration



Element: Water

Size: 1X1

Cost: 5,000

Now all we need is a beach, and you'll be in paradise.



Decoration 4

Floating Rocks Decoration



Element: Air

Size: 3x3

Cost: 100,000

It took a lot of work to keep these rocks stable as they hover stationary, but now that our work is done the air dragons love them!

Decoration 5

Hot Spring Decoration



Element: Water

Size: 4x4

Cost: 900,000

This heavenly hot spring is a great place to relax after a long day of shoveling dragon poo and brushing Moon Dragon teeth.

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Flag Arts!

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