Hi DragonValers! Most of us know that DragonVale now has 185 dragons. A lot of us wouldn't mind more. Well...not me.

If I were to be asked what I most want to be added to DragonVale, my answer would be pretty long and might not make a lot of sense, but here goes:

Minigames (1): Battle Arena!

Of all the minigames DragonVale needs, this one is pretty obvious. Most (if not all) of the other dragon-collecting sort of games have a feature where you can battle other players. They're typically very simple. You just select attacks and throw them at your opponent; the stronger opponent wins. My idea for how this would work is simple, but a bit more sophisticated.


All dragons have health which increases with their level. On level 4 it might be something like 40 health. On level 20 it might be more like 700 health. All dragons also have attacks. There are four attacks to every element. All dragons of that element can access that attack. The first attack is the weakest and is unlocked initially. The second is a bit stronger and unlocks at level 15.  The third is even stronger and unlocks at level 15. The last, the strongest of all, unlocks at level 20. A basic dragon would only be able to access the four attacks for its element. Hybrids can access two sets of attacks; one for each element.

There are also four defenses. Defenses are similar to attacks, and unlock in the same matter, except that they are performed as an opponent is attacking to lessen the damage of or completely block the attack. There might also be healing moves which heal your dragons.

The strength of the attacks and defenses varies due to the elements of the dragons. Dragons could be immune to their own element and extremely vulnerable to their opposite. The elements in the middle also have different effects. For example, a Plant Dragon might be weaker toward Lightning than Earth. Opposite dragons would be extremely strong because they would be powerful against their opposite element but would be able to completely block attacks of their opposite element. 

Instead of fighting random players (though you should be able to fight your friends) you fight through battle maps. There is a battle map for every element, or possibly more than one. For example, the Lightning map could be the Verulean Highlands. The Cold map could be The Frozen Highlands. Not only could you have a lot of cool background artwork for the battle (like a dark forest for Plant battles) you could progress through the maps toward some sort of prize. You could also get rewards for each battle if you win.  Most of the dragons on each elemental battle map will be of that element. Also, BFS could keep releasing new battles on every battle map to keep people interested.

You could start a battle through an entry fee, but your attacks might consume some sort of 4th currency (Magic?) Stronger attacks might consume more magic. You could earn magic in the same way that you did during the Magic Event.

Minigames (2) Elemental Smash!

This one is an idea I had for a simple match-3 game incorporated into DragonVale.


Instead of swapping something like gems or candy to make matches, you swap elemental orbs. There are plenty of possibilities for how this could work. You could be striving to gather as many points as possible in a certain amount of time, trying to collect a certain number of an element, or just about anything. Each element has a powerup that could have a certain effect. For example, Fire powerups could cause a target orb to explode and destroy adjacent orbs.

Minigames (3) Shooting Range

This one is also pretty simple. This is a mini game where your dragons fire their elemental breath at targets.


There could be targets moving past you of different sizes and at different speeds. Some of them give you points if you hit them. Others have wizards on them and detract from your score if you hit them. Smaller targets give you more points. Of course, there would have to be a more powerful-looking elemental breath animation for each element.

Minigames (4) Racetrack revamp! 

That said, I don't think it would be a bad idea to improve the racetrack a bit.


I would like to see a version of the race track that has better prizes and involves more skill, noy just picking the right dragon. Maybe you could move from lane to lane and avoid...or try to...bump into the other dragons. Perhaps there could be a version where you double tap to destroy obstacles in the way.

However, if there is no complete redesign, it would be appreciated if a leveling system was introduced. This could have 4 levels of difficulty based on which dragon you're racing on which track.

Level 1: Two or more of this dragon's elements match the track.

Level 2: Only one of this dragon's elements match the track.

Level 3: This dragon had no elements that match the track.

Level 4: This dragon has a least 1 element that is the opposite of the track.

Prizes on level 1 would be a little lower than they are now; on level 4 they could be like 350,000 dragoncash, 7,500 treats, or 5 gems.

Liked my ideas? Post more minigame ideas in the commens, and come back soon for my latest new ideas!  

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