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  • GhastlyKhaos

    So, this is goodbye. It's been fun, it's been interesting, and I've enjoyed myself. I'm just not sure what to say now...

    I've been with this wiki for nearly a year (the longest I've ever spent with a wiki in my 6-year Wikia career :P), and I've seen its ups and downs. I've seen it change, I've seen it become something better. And yeah, I guess that this is the best I've ever seen the wiki. So why leave now?

    The last year has been a hard one. I've broken my leg (twice), I've lost two members of my family, and I've been diagnosed with cancer (non-terminal and very small, please don't worry). I know a lot of people have probably had worst times, but this hit me hard. Nothing like this had ever happened to me, and when something bad happened, an…

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  • GhastlyKhaos

    The elderly and wise among you may remember this blog from June 2012 - My Many Mad Ideas. It was a lot like a personal Dear BFS, and suprisingly, some of the stuff from it ended up happening. I decided to revisit the blog to have a recap and see what's actually in our parks now. This is still the original version - nothing's been added as new dragons have come out to make me look "clever" :) Here it is...

    • Thorn Dragon (Metal-Plant) - The Malachite Dragon appeared instead
    • Shard Dragon (Metal-Air, 2nd M-A hybrid) - Still no 2nd Metal/Air hybrid (watch this space!)
    • Core Dragon (Metal-Earth-Fire) - I doubt this will ever happen, though I thought it was possible :P
    • Rain Dragon (Water-Air) - Yes! It happened!
    • Star Dragon(Sun-Lightning) - Once again, I've lost fa…

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  • GhastlyKhaos

    Alooooooha all! I've made this blog so that you guys can request DragonVale memes to be custom made for you. Incase any of you don't know what a meme is, check you mine or Pickle's avi. Basically, I can take a DV or custom image and add your own caption to it. I can take your current avi and add your name to it. Whatever you want, I can do it!

    ==== Leave a comment below with:

    • Caption for meme
    • Page that contains the DV image you wish to have, and/or link for image and/or actual image in comment.
    • Name
    If you're finding it hard to do the above, leave me a message on my wall and I can do it direct for you.
    Thanks all!
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  • GhastlyKhaos

    Harry Potter sat quitely in his bedroom, working over the possible ways in which he could escape from his prison. He kept on telling himself that it wasn't actually a prison, it was more of a...3 bedroom house situated in the middle of Surrey, however he didn't like to ponder over the details. He turned over the object in his hands. he more he examined it, the more important it seemed to be to escape. The object in question was a small locket, and when opened, two smiling, happy faces looked up at him. On the left door was a photo of one of his best friends - Ron. On the right door was a picture of his other best friend Hermione. He stared at the photos for a few seconds, then snapped the locket shut and stomped over to the bedroom door. "Le…

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  • GhastlyKhaos

    Blogs have started popping up daily with peoples "Dragon Ideas". These blogs will be full of exciting and new ideas, such as Space Dragons! However, there is a big thing standing in the way, that many people have failed to see; the Logic of DragonVale. I'm back, with new content and new tactics. Give me your ideas, and watch them get dissected...

    These Dragons can pop up quite a lot, such as the Love Dragon and the Bloom Dragon. There is one common pattern linking up all 3+ Element Dragons; they are ALWAYS Limited and celebrating some sort of event. Like:

    • Butterfly Dragon (Fire-Air-Lighting) - Deaf Awareness Month
    • Panlong Dragon (Air-Earth-Water-Fire) - Year of the Dragon

    So far, we have never seen a permanent 3+ Element Dragon, and I think it i…

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