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    Hi everyone!

    It's been hard for me the past few months. DV didn't particularly interest me after Christmas, and that sort of brought me to drift away. Soon after, I have been involved with some other friends in a different game, and that worsened the ties.

    I've also been quite busy with school and life in general this hasn't been working out too much for me. Last semester I tried to do school with the wiki at the same time and that failed miserably, leading me to stay up until 3AM many nights in a row. But enough about the problems I've faced...

    I realized afterwards that I couldn't put time (and for a while, didn't want to). I told myself if I managed to go a month without editing, I would remove my rights. So here it is, it's been over a mo…

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    This has been one of the most discussed debacles of DragonVale since the Gold Shrines were released as part of Update 1.4. How long would it take to get all dragons to level 20, and is it even possible to do so legally in a respective amount of timeframe? In this blog I will be calculating the theoretical maximum amount of per day, and also finding the amount of coins needed to perform such an act.

    NOTE: Briank made a similar blog about the theoretical maximum amount of coins earned per day. However, the blog has since been outdated, and I will be including the newest mechanics. You can visit here for his blog: User_blog:Briank/Iron_Breeding_and_Panlong_Waterpark_Strategy.

    NOTE:There have been updates made since the writing of this blog. Ple…

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  • Frost786™

    I remember when I deleted you, the first time

    Saying this was it I had enough

    Cause like, my grades were dropping to a D

    And you were too addicting. Why?

    Then you post on Facebook and say

    I miss you and here's bug fixes, trust me,

    Remember how that lasted for a day

    I say, you bore me, I hate you, you note me, I install you

    Oooh I deleted you again last night

    But Oooh, this time I'm telling you, I'm telling you

    I am never ever ever going to reinstall you

    I am never ever ever going to reinstall you

    You go post on Facebook

    Push notify me to tell me

    But I am never ever ever ever going to reinstall you ever.

    I'm really gonna miss your limiteds

    And me, screaming at the incubation time

    And you, releasing more epics at the speed of light

    when I, simply cannot…

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  • Frost786™

    Equality for ALL :D

    November 20, 2012 by Frost786™

    Important movements that are leading to equality in the world.

    More to come!!

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  • Frost786™

    Original Post (9/14) Just got this idea in the middle of Chemistry class...

    I will get to the rares later.. they will get their own section at the bottom. :3

    UPDATE 9/15/12: Changed Iron to Fe based on suggestion... Should I change Quicksilver to Hg based on the same idea?

    UPDATE 9/16/12: Added Epics and Limiteds

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