Hey, Dragonvale! Here are my dragon ideas!

HNI 0067
Bubble Dragon (Air/Water) The Bubble Dragon loves floating around lazily. it's stomach is filled with a magical light substance, allowing it to float without the use of wings. This has caused a debate among wizards about the use of their wings, but the truth is the wings have only ONE purpose...But nobody can remember what it is.

HNI 0068
Snap Dragon (Plant/Lightning) Snap Dragons have a very snappy personality and quick reflexes. They are bouncing with energy and can only let it out through lashing and roaring...and since they're ALWAYS full of energy, they're always lashing and roaring. The wizards have calmed it down enough to keep it in it's habitat, so it won't roar TOO much.

And now, a new element concept....Weather.

HNI 0070
Weather Dragon (Weather)The ever-curious Weather Dragon only lives on the peaks of the Lapen Mountians. They fly on the high winds at the peaks, only resting in caves. These curious dragons are sure to whip up a storm with your visitors.

HNI 0073
Thunder Dragon (Weather/Lightning) The Thunder Dragon's wings make deafening noises when they flap. Even on all fours, they make sonic booms when they run, making them some of the noisiest known dragons.

HNI 0074
Weather Habitat Capcity: 2

Several Problems came up when transporting this chuck of rock from the Lapen Mountians to your park...this habitat has a 50/50 chance of ripping a hole through time and space, but this home for your weather dragons is totally worth it!

HNI 0075
Large Weather Habitat Capcity: 4

By bringing in more expeirienced wizards we were able to bring in more rocks safely. We also used a water condensing spell to keep some clouds in the habitats, so your weather dragons will feel right at home!

HNI 0080
Heatwave Dragon (Weather/Fire) The Heatwave Dragon's sensitive antenna can detect changes in the tempreture around it. If the tempreture drops too low, it can heat the area up by emitting heat waves from it's colorful generator on it's head. But don't worry: other dragons don't seem to mind it much!


HNI 0082
Aurora Dragon (Cold/Lightning) The Aurora Dragon defies physics, flying without the use of wings. Instead, they emit a colorful, freezing gas that envelops them and allows them to float around! But the gas freezes anything it comes in contact with, making it a lonely and depressed dragon. But with a loving habitat with a few dragons, this dragon will feel right at home!

Now, for a new, more EDGY computer graphic style........

Island Dragon

Island Dragon (Water/Earth) The great thinker and explorer Charles Origin was once sailing in the Great Sea when a storm shipwrecked him onto a small island. But when he tried to climp the nearest tree to seach for land, the earth shook. It wasn't an island at all.....It was an Island Dragon! Despite this creature's massive size, it is actually a very peaceful and timid creature and is sure to draw in guests!

Exo Dragon

Armour Dragon (Plant/Metal) The Armour Dragon's shiny coat is made of an indestructable type of metal. This means that no one knows what lies underneath this dragons mysterious armour. There are severel different possibilities to this, but most people can't decide. What chaos such an innocent dragon can create!

Post if you like my ideas and I will keep making more!

More Updates Coming Soon!!!!

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