Please note, the creator of this app has not been active in a long time. Chances of an app update are unlikely right now.

Theres a lot of breeding speculations around here, but I think the summary Liberkhaos gave in the breeding 101 are the most secure information we have right now.
When you follow the rules described in this summary, you could calculate the POSSIBLE outcomes of a certain breeding combination.

Actually I just wanted to write a little script that would help me for my own breeding experiments. Once I started I decided to do this in javascript, so maybe I could put it on a web page with a simple interface to the script, so everyone could profit.

After the calculation script was finished I came up with the idea to make the interface a little iOS friendly and so I stumbled over Dashcode. Well, that was when the little project got a little out of the bounds and I started to do add more and more fancy stuff to it.

So to cut a long story short:

Let me introduce the Dragonvale Breeding Calculator to you. Visit to take a look at it. It is a web app for Mobile Safari (but you can also view it with desktop Safari) so the best way to use it is to open it with your iPhone/iPad/iPod and add it to the Home Screen (from there it will run as fullscreen app without the Safari navigation controls).
  • Tap on the action button
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen
  • Wait a few seconds for the icon. Then tap "Add"
I know there’s some information about the breeding process which this app ignores (such as breeding a Rainbow with less than 4 elements or breeding Moon/Sun without cold and lightning). This is because the logic behind these exceptions is still unrevealed and these results are very rare. Nevertheless I think this app is helpful to optimize your breeding experiments, so give it a try.

Here are some pictures from the app in action:

Update March 22th, 2012

The App now supports the new Metal Dragons, as well as Cactus and Lichen. Furthermore the Breeding rules were updated to match what was worked out in the extrnal forum. This applies to the opposite breeders (Sandstorm, Bluefire and Frostfire).

In addition the listing of all possible breeding combos has been changed. Instead of the Breeding Average Value it's now listing the Failure Average Value. (This is the average common breeding time WITHOUT the target dragon)

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