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  • Dragon trip

    Best Wishes Wikians

    December 5, 2013 by Dragon trip

    I have removed my user rights; I may stop in sometimes to say hello but can no longer support the wiki as a staff member. I appreciate how much all of you supported me over time and wish you well.

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  • Dragon trip

    Wikia Best Practices

    September 28, 2013 by Dragon trip

    So, it's almost 3:00 am and my adult child just told me I should go to bed. For all of you young ones, remember that-someday you will get to tell YOUR parents to go to bed. And they can ignore you, as I'm sure some of you do to them today.

    The reason for mentioning the time is to explain, if you come across this blog soon, why it is is so short. I've been thinking a lot lately about best practices on different wikis. I've spent a lot of time looking at various wikis to see how they set up rules and processes, so that I can help build/modify/enhance what we have here on our great wiki.

    I also have to give credit to JustinDaOne (one of our Admins) as he created a post on Community Central asking for input from users about their wiki experience…

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  • Dragon trip

    The Journey Begins= Clearly, this user plays DragonVale and via friends or Facebook or Google has (fortuitously, we hope) come upon this very wiki. More information than she dreamed possible--collected so clearly, and accurately, and interestingly--about this simple game that can tie brains and mouths up in logic and mathematics and debate and discussion.And, what, upon entering, might the user see? All entrants experience the wiki uniquely. All who enter this space and wish to share their unique experiences may do so if respect and decency are maintained within comments. This is my blog, and if I feel a need to delete or edit comments, I retain the right to do so without further explanation to others.

    So, to this user's experience and learni…

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  • Dragon trip

    Troll Dragon

    June 17, 2012 by Dragon trip

    Thank you to Lady Belle

    Troll dragons are known for their deceptive and manipulative ways. Found in dank, musty lodgings built primarily under rusty bridges, these deluded creatures feast on gruff billy goats and n00bs. Wizards who come across these sad creatures just shake their heads in disgust. Incubation time: 21 years. Habitat: Parental basement.

    "Best" Troll Dragon description recently is the "dark blue two headed dragon that lives in the Moon habitat and represents the Winter Solstice." Of course, the creator misses the facts that Solstice has no connection to the moon and that it is currently Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

    What is your favorite Troll Dragon?

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