Hio! This is DragonTrainer53 reporting on my third blog. I like art, I like Dragonvale, so I thought why not combine those two things that I love. Anyway, like I said on Lala96xx's art blog, I said I would probably start a blog. So here it is. BTW I use notability on my iPad to draw these although some I will hand draw them.

Sea Dragon

SEA DRAGON Water+Earth

Behold the beautiful Sea Dragon, this Dragon lives in any body of water that it can fit in. It is the fastest dragon known. With it's powerful wings it can soar through air and water so it can catch up to other Sea Dragons. Good luck, I have some catching up to do. In the meantime, try breeding one of these elusive dragon before they migrate to the equator.

Dessert Dragon

DESSERT DRAGON New Dessert Element

This Dragon is sure to give you a sweet tooth, when wizards first discovered this dragon they had no idea what is was. When they came up closer, they got showered by sharp peppermint bits. Although this occurred, Dessert Dragons are one of the friendliest Dragons around. Just remember to keep an eye on them, they've been known to escape and play with your guest.

Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon Air+Light

This cloud Dragon is very strange. As a baby, they easily fly, but as an adult, they walk and glide. Do we know why? No. Why don't you find out. If you want to find one, I would fly up on an air or air hybrid. They were first discovered by Chooka-Looka or the Jeremy. Why does he name himself that? Ask him. We tied, he kicked us out. Just breed the gosh-darn-diddly-do-dragon.

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