aka Zach AKA Zachabo53 AKA BlooperDude53

  • I live in Zmonia
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is to create Fifis
  • I am The King Fifi.
  • DragonTrainer53

    Hello I am Zach with a new quiz blog, but this time, with badges. Anyway, here we go, and tell me if you have earned any badges.

    Here we go!

    Easy Start: What is the incubation time of A River Dragon?

    Answer: 13 hours.

    Winner: Green Majesty

    What elements are needed for the Spring Dragon?

    Answer: Cold, Lightning, Fire

    Winner: The Magic Dragon

    What are Meteor Dragons followed by?

    Answer: Sonic Dragons

    Winner: The Anonymous Dragonfan

    What was the first Epic Hybrid?

    Answer: Equinox

    Winner: The Anonymous Dragon fan

    How do you breed a Motley Dragon

    Answer: Any two elements

    Winner: The Anonymous Dragon Fan

    Which element has the least number of dragons (not counting epics)

    Winner: Fire and Water

    Answer: The Anonymous Dragonfan

    Name at least two dragons that NEVER land …

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  • DragonTrainer53


    March 17, 2013 by DragonTrainer53

    Xever can be summoned by combining Zach with a Shadow, in either order, at the Mixing Station.

    Coin per minute: Level 1: 53 / Level 10: 53,000

    Dragon Earning Rates without boosts.

    Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

    • Xever is Zach's Alternate form who is an extreme ninja and amazing fighter.
    • Xever was discovered on June 3, 2010.
    • Every June third, Xever comes out for a whole day.
    • June third translates into 5/3
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  • DragonTrainer53

    This blog is for finding out the most favored dragon in Dragonvale. This will be as of 3/13/13, any dragons after that will not be included. Limited dragons will have their own category. Please vote responsibly.

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  • DragonTrainer53

    Zach's Dragon Ideas

    December 3, 2012 by DragonTrainer53

    Hio! This is DragonTrainer53 reporting on my third blog. I like art, I like Dragonvale, so I thought why not combine those two things that I love. Anyway, like I said on Lala96xx's art blog, I said I would probably start a blog. So here it is. BTW I use notability on my iPad to draw these although some I will hand draw them.

    SEA DRAGON Water+Earth

    Behold the beautiful Sea Dragon, this Dragon lives in any body of water that it can fit in. It is the fastest dragon known. With it's powerful wings it can soar through air and water so it can catch up to other Sea Dragons. Good luck, I have some catching up to do. In the meantime, try breeding one of these elusive dragon before they migrate to the equator.

    DESSERT DRAGON New Dessert Element

    This Drago…

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  • DragonTrainer53

    My Dragonvale Story

    November 15, 2012 by DragonTrainer53

    I was lvl 23 when I started this and had a lot of dragons. First ones are near bottom. Archive files are stories that were before I was level 23.

    On day I wanted the turquoise dragon. So I bred swamp and poison, I got 31 hours. So then like a kagillion seconds later. I hatched it and named it December, like I do with all my gemstones, name it after the month, this is my third gemstone dragon.

    One day I wanted Panlong, so I bred the unspoken combo, Rain and Obsidean. I got 36 hours. Some time later, I hatched it and named it china. I put it in a water habitat because it prefers it. Then I got it to level 10, and I was happy, now I'm trying for another in my epic breeding cave.

    One day I bred lichen and plant, I got 5 hours, I got reindeer. Som…

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