I have noticed many struggling to breed dragons, some using combinations that will get them nowhere. So, I have made this blog specially for this reason. I will show you things to look out for, and resources and skills you might like to use.


I will start with the very grand, Rainbow Dragon. Breeding a Rainbow Dragon is a great challenge. It has about 1% chance of success in the Breeding Cave. The Rainbow Dragon needs at least 4 elements, so it means that there are many possible combinations. I advise using the Seaweed Dragon and Firefly Dragon to get a Rainbow, as your fail time is minimised.


The Sun Dragon and the Moon Dragon are both next. The reason I am placing the Sun AND Moon Dragons next is because of their similarity in the need of elements. The Cold and Lightning Elements are necessary to breed a Sun or Moon Dragon. The Sun and Moon Dragons are also the only dragons that have a specific time to be able to breed. The Sun Dragon is only able to be bred from 7:00am to 7:00pm on your iOS device, while the Moon Dragon can only be able to be bred from 7:00pm to 7:00am. I advise using the Firefly Dragon and the Storm Dragon because, like the combination I use for a Rainbow Dragon, minimises failure waiting time.

Next comes the...Gemstone Dragons! Gemstone Dragons are very rare, and one of the most sought for dragons. There is only one combination for each of the 12 Gemstone Dragons, so there is no calculating failure times. Gemstone Dragons change every month, and so far the released ones and their combinations are:

Emerald Dragon: Crystal Dragon and Lichen Dragon
Emerald Egg LA

Pearl Dragon: Seaweed Dragon and Snow Dragon


Ruby Dragon: Chrome Dragon and Scorch Dragon


Peridot Dragon: Crystal Dragon and Cactus Dragon


Sapphire Dragon: Rain Dragon and Mountain Dragon


After the very grand Gemstone Dragons are: The Olympus Dragons! Every Olympus Dragon, which are the Gold Olympus Dragon, Silver Olympus Dragon and Bronze Olympus Dragon use the same combinations. The Bronze Olympus will be a more common result than the other two, with Gold Olympus being the rarest result. All the Olympus Dragons need the elements of Earth, Lightning and Air to be bred, so many combinations are possible. I use and advise you to use the Quake Dragon and the Air Dragon to breed Olympus Dragon, as again, the fail time is minimised.

The Seasonal Dragon is a very interesting dragon, and so it is chosen to come next. Seasonal Dragons are much wanted, as they can change appearance every season. Seasonal Dragons need the elements of Fire, Plant and Air

If you would like to find more combinations for dragons, I recommend using the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox made by the user Robotron-2084.

This blog is in progress.

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