Blood dragon's element is fire, lightning, and water. you can breed them if a holiday dragon is there.

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Atomic dragon breeds with any dragon to get that dragon. it has the new atomic get it you need to use summer and panlong has it's habitat and egg on the top. on 2013-inf you need a flower and quake dragon to breed it.

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The mineral dragon is avalible on September 14 and expires on oct 1.It's elements is fire, earth, and metal.

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The gem dragon needs to be bred with crystal+steel and it's elements is earth, lightning, and metal and it takes a day to incubate.sells for a gem( backflip can X that out).Breedable on dragonvale's anniversary until the end of that month.

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The summer dragon can be bred during june 1 to september 1. it's elements is plant, metal, cold, and lightning.


Emerald element is Metal and plant.


Splinter element's is plant and metal.

Announcements: so far, nay and Lightning, earth, and metal are winning!

I have some ideas for dragons and a new rare element.

Blood dragon

The mischeivous blood dragon is hard to find. They transform into other dragons that come at a certain time of the year. if breeding with another the offspring will be the other dragon it mates with.

Atomic dragon

Atomic dragons are made out of the genetic material of every dragon. It is said they made the basic, hybrid, rare, and limited dragons of dragonvale. We have more dragons to didcover, but get one an it will transform into any dragon when breedng and in the collecium they become a good basic dragon.

Mineral dragon

they are made out of a material that is hidden until 9/14-10/1. They are smelted when born out of an egg. The mineral is useful to build a spike.

Gem-possesed dragon

They are made out of a magic gem! Recently, it is known that the gem is the life source of this dragon. the magic gem is useful, but destroys it's life when harvested.

Summer dragon

The summer dragon stays near the shore of pawhinay. Disguised as a barrier and part of a sandy cold paradise, on the hottest months it reveals itself. they are good pets if you have sand or dead leaves. Dead. Leaves? I'd feed him sand.

Emerald dragon

The emerald dragon is very rare in the tull caverns! we noticed it has leafy scales for an odd reason.

Splinter dragon

They are leafy, but have aluminum wings! Be careful on touching it, it can hurt you really bad if you touch a wing scale.

Training arena

  • note that if the photo changes it is an animation suppositly.
Training arena

This arena is where dragons train! the dragons take one minute to train, but an hour to rebuild. It cannot be sped up when recharging, so choose wisly! A Opposite dragon and a rare cannot partisipate, but Panlong dragons can still participate! a dragon gets 1/4 Xp when training!

Inside arena

Example of how the inside arena would look like. Controls: Atack left target button hits the target on the left, Atack middle target hits middle target, and attack right target hit's right target. The color of the dragons elements is the target you are not supposed to hit, and the opposite element's main color you're supposed to hit.Hit your element's color, and lose with no XP for that dragon and you are out of the arena and the recharge still happens. a timer shows how much seconds left. A minute is there for training, and hit none and no XP either. 1 hour to recharge and cannot be sped up when recharging.

Cost: 200K Build time:6 hours

Level buildable:12

What level to enter a dragon:6

What dragons cannot participate:sun, moon, rainbow, dodo, sandstorm, bluefire, frostfire, current, any gemstone dragon, and plasma.

Fan made unpartisipating dragons: Atomic, splinter, and emerald.

look at a faster explanation of my ideas here.

Reap dragon

To breed one, you need a lava and firefly dragon. it has fire, earth, and lightning.

Reap dragon

The reap dragon is a sight to behold.Legend says that they Clashed with the lich dragons, but in the end, they became teammates. They shouldn't be but near water habitats, or else they will destroy your water dragons!
Lich dragon

The lich needs Bone and ron to be bred. it's element's is Fire, earth, and metal.

Lich dragon

The lich dragon is a Skull to behols. Legend says they Clashed with the reap dragons, butt in the end, they became teamates. They shouln't be put near Plant habitats, or else theey will destroy your plant dragons!

Steam dragon

These dragons are able to pass through people yet it isn't an air dragon! this dragon can now know you have to
Steam dragon

Steam dragon, the first water+fire hybrid.

breed a fire dragon and this for the air dragon! We only recently discovered it, so now we know. But the air dragon has still been received by a water and fire dragon breeding together! The steam dragon is a close relative to the more common fog dragon.

Gemstone dragon

Gemstone dragon

The gemstone dragon has the gem element and is breedable all year. You need a cold and crystal to breed one.

The gemstone dragon, commonly refered to as the Gargoyle dragon, Are found making gems! They are tough enough to kill a reap or lich dragon alone! so that is why they only can live on the gemstone habitats. The reap and lich are very tough, And those dragons commonly refer it as "the moonstone dragons", cause Lich and reap dragon are not big fans of the moonstone. They often get severly hurt of die when they encounter the gemstone dragon.

Dragon and habitat boosts

Dragon boosts:


A dragon can have a certain amount of boosts.A habitat can have a certain type of boost.

1 dragon can equip a boost that is a

element of that dragon.A dragon cannot have duplicate boosts! Ex: Fire dragon can only use the fire boost and therefore only has one slot. Panlong can use fire, water, earth and air boosts and also has 4 slots! a boost ups a dragon earning rate by 30% and dragon boost calculation is like this: 30%+30%=60% boosted. opposite dragons equipped with 2 boosts calculate like this:20%+20%=40%. Panlong being equiped with Air/Earth/both applies to the opposite rule.For each element a dragon has there is 1 slot added (Ex:A dragon with 3 elements has 3 slots and therefore can only use 1 of each dragon boosts.A boost ups a opposite dragon income like bluefire by 20%.Note that a rare dragon gets it's earning rate boosted by 10%

Habitat boosts:

1 habitat can equip a boost that is for it's habitat(for example:plant habitat can equip a plant habitat boost) that up's the amount of money a habitat can hold by 100%. On a rare habitat a rare habitat boost it going to add 10%max capacity to that rare habitat. Example:large plant habitat Holds 500 dragoncash, so if you give a plant habitat boost to a plant habitat it boosts like this 500+500=1000 capacity.

How on earth do we get these?

When breeding a dragon and then hatching it you may get a boost that has a element of that dragon. to get habitaat boosts a new dragon has to be placed on a habitat which does not include selling from nursery or placing in hibernation cave. a 10% to get the boost when you do the requierd things.

Instant gatherers

instant gatherers cost gems. the costs is shown on them.
  • Gathers finished breeding dragons and places it's egg to incubate.
  • Gathers finished crops and gets your treats.
  • Gathers finished eggs and places in a random habitat or in hibernation cave.
  • Buying this will speed up your crop growing, breeding, and incubating by 25%
  • all three gather items+speedups

buying them will help you collect items when you are not here. Also, you can reduce time to collect breeding eggs, incubating eggs, and treat farming.


Cubis decription:

This cubis was a killed Three headed Thing. Luckily we reincarnated it with Metal, lightning, and fire! And We cast a spell on it that will allow it to Live. The cubis remembered it's past as a three headed mortal thing. Because of this, it helps other dragons earn faster.


100 Gem chat



The Cubis can help you get Coins (and Gems) faster.

+10 earning rate speed to all dragons. If it is a Metal, fire, or lightning dragon, Instead, If equipped with a boost, it gets double the boost Equipped to it.



Build time:

3 hr.

Gold dragon

Gold dragon

Gold dragon's element is Metal and earth.

We were mining at the tull caverns when we thought we struck gold. We then finished mining to discover this dragon. We find that some gold of it is brighter than others. Just don't get too crazy for it! also they are very frigile.

Unknown dragon and Unknown island

Unknown dragon baby

Unknown dragon baby

Unknown egg

Unknown dragon egg

This is a new element. It's element flag looks the same as the Invisible dragon's element flag. Dragon description:It is a dragon that we never knew. We do not know it's orgins, so we called it the Unknown dragon. we found a book in dragon language which we translated. It says:This dragon was the result of a blue fire, frostfire, current, plasma, dodo, sandstorm breeding on the legendary
Unknown dragon juvinile

Unknown dragon juvinile

breeding island.
Unknown dragon adult

Unknown dragon adult

then we thought we could breed a storm and panlong to get this dragon.

Island description:We kknow they cannot be in a island with others. This is why we created the unknown isand, which houses the rare unknown dragons. This fire lasts forever and cannot be destroyed, so they can stay here forever! Who knows, maybe there is a gem there! But they are so rare that they had

Unknown island

This houses the Unknown dragon and only 2 can be in it.

became a legend only, but that will be proven wrong when you get one of these very hard to get dragons.

Pixel Dragon


Pixel Dragon's element is Metal and Air.

Pixel Dragon Baby

Pixel Dragon Baby.

The Pixel Dragon Is one of the funnier Looking dragons, and he means buissness. He Is Very light and can float at will. He occasionaly Changes shape.

Lemon Dragon

Lemon Dragon

Lemon Dragon's element is Lightning+Plant.

The lemon dragon was thought not to contain electricity but one day, i was playing with him, and when he slapped his tail at me, I got zapped! Luckily i got saved, but never underestimate it's looks that it's a plant only.

Hydra dragon

  • Hydra dragon baby and juvinile
  • Hydra dragon adult
  • Level 11 hydra dragon.
  • Hydra dragon level 20
The hydra dragon cannot be put in the Fountain of youth. These dragons are cursed if put in the FoY(FoY is Fountain of youth), making it incompatible if put there. It will be a corrupted dragon. We want a park to not be corrupted.

Cursed dragon

Acursed element and habitat

Accuresd element and habitat.

Cursed dragon

Cursed dragon.

Where did you get this dragon? What, you put a Hydra Dragon in FoY? I told you this isn't good! This is why the hydra dragon wasn't supposed to be found! They think it's ok and then put it in FoY, and then this happens!

New basic elements?

Visit monster and hero elements here!

Earning rates

Blood dragon: same as cactus dragon

Atomic dragon: same as rainbow dragon

Mineral dragon: Same as copper dragon,but +1 more than copper

Gem-possesed dragon: same as butterfly dragon

Summer dragon: same as panlong dragon

Emerald (hybrid) dragon: same as sandstorm dragon

Splinter dragon: same as Dodo dragon

Reap dragon:Lv1=1 Coin chat Lv2=2Coin chat Lv3=4Coin chat Lv4=8Coin chatLv5=16Coin chatLv6=32Coin chatLv7=64Coin chatLv8=128Coin chatLv9=256Coin chatLv10=512Coin chat

Lich dragon:Same as reap dragon

Steam dragon:same as water dragon

Gemstone dragon:Lv1=1Gem templateper month,Lv4=2Gem templateper month,Lv7=3Gem templateper month,Lv10=4Gem templateper month

Unknown dragon:Lv 1=1Gem templateper hour,Lv4=2Gem templateper hour,Lv8=4Gem templateper hour Lv10=1Gem templateper minute

Breed times and costs

Blood dragon:incubates the same as current dragon, and costs 200Gem template

Atomic dragon:Incubates and costs the same as rainbow dragon

Mineral dragon:incubates the same as mine dragon, and costs 1,050Gem template

Gem-possesed dragon:incubates for 21 hours and costs 700Gem template

Summer dragon:Incubates and costs the same as panlong

Emerald (hybrid) dragon:Incubates same as metal dragon,costs 900Gem template

Splinter dragon:incubates the same as magnetic dragon, costs same as Emerald (hybrid) dragon

Reap dragon:incubates for 150 minutes, costs 150Gem template

Lich dragon:incubates for 100 minutes, cost 175Gem template

steam dragon:incubates the same as air dragon, cost the same as mud dragon

Gemstone dragon:incubates for 1 day, cost same as sandstorm


Blood dragon:they transform into other dragons-a reference to ditto from pokemon

reap dragon and lich dragon: Breed times and costs are a reference Here and There

Steam dragon: are able to pass through people-A reference to steam, a gas made from heated up water


Voting ends at june 15

If a poll gets 100 votes with no ties, then it is finished even if it is not due.


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