I have decided to create a useful page which you can use for symbols, and other extra stuff

DragonVale Symbols

Coin template {z{Coin}z} remove the z
Gem template {z{Gem}z} remove the z
NewExperienceIcon {z{XP}z} remove the z
Treat template {z{Treat}z} remove the z

Normal Symbols (for signatures, comments etc.)

® ®1; remove the 1
© ©1; remove the 1
&spade1; remove the 1
&clubs1; remove the 1
&diams1; remove the 1


Papyrus: <1font face="Papyrus" size="+3">Insert ur text here</font> Remove the 1

Times New Roman: <1font face="Times New Roman" size="+3">Insert ur text over here</font> Remove the 1

Harlow Solid Italic: <1font face="Harlow Solid Italic" size="+3">Insert ur text here</font> Remove the 1


Green <1font color="green">ur text here</font> Remove the 1
Blue <1font color="blue">Ur text here</font> Remove the 1
Yellow <1font color="yellow">Ur text here</font> Remove the 1
Red <1font color="red">UR text HERE</font> Remove the 1


To create a Border on your profile page, your talk page or your blog just like the one I put on this blog first type in or copy <div style="overflow: auto; border:8px

To increase the width of the border add more pixels (px) to the border. For example" The border on this blog is 8px but if you want the border with more depth make it 10 or 12 px like: <div style="overflow: auto; border:12px

The next part in this border using the new our new 12px border is: <div style="overflow: auto; border:12px solid Green; To change the color of the border you have to make the "solid Green" to any color you like. The colors I can conform are Red, Purple,Green,Yellow, and Blue. To change the visibility of the border you need to add :background:transparent margin:4%, the brighter you want it increase the percentage.

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