Hi, my name is Daniel Tong, otherwise known as danieltheawesome. I decided to draw some dragons just for fun. I am open to constructive criticism but don't make it too harsh. :D

IMG 2668

Wave and Solar dragons

Wave: The majestic wave dragon is truly a sight to behold. Its streamlined body allows it to easily maneuver through the water. The beautiful pearl on its tail tell all that see it that this is one magnificent dragon. (Water + Air)

Solar: Talk about green energy! The solar dragon is one of nature's most resourceful dragons. The patterns on its back act like solar panels, drawing in energy from the sun. At night, the small wings on its back fold to make a cover for its "solar panels", allowing it to rest. (Plant + Lightning)

IMG 2669

Steam dragon

Steam: The elusive steam dragon is a tricky little dragon. It lives in the cover of clouds, playing pranks on passing aircraft. A close cousin of the fog dragon, its body is made from a material so light that it can float easily in the air. Contrary to its name, it will not condense in extreme changes of temperature. (Water + Fire + Air)

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