Here you sign in to my new Fan-Fiction. It is called Tired Of Being Alone. 

To sign in you need to comment about a few things:



Favorite Animal:

Favorite mythical creature:

Favorite Dragon:


I'll do an example:

Nickname: CZ

Zodiac: Leo

Favorite Animal: Gliding Snake

Favorite mythical creature: Hydra

Favorite Dragon: Sprout

Personallity: Kindful, Helpful, Funny, Smart, Sly, Heroic.

  • Note: You don't choose if you're good or bad. Everybody who joins is good, animals are background characters and the villians are a mystery ;)

Main Characters

Cheyser the Cavelazer Blast

Nickname: CZ

Zodiac: Leo

Favorite Animal: Gliding Snake

Favorite mythical creature: Hydra

Favorite Dragon: Sprout

Personallity: Kindful, Helpful, Funny, Smart, Sly, Heroic.


Nickname: Beg

Zodiac: Aquarius

Favorite Animal: Squid

Favorite mythical creature: Ammit, Eater of Hearts

Favorite Dragon: Daydream

Personallity: Kind, Social, Comedic, Optimistic, Emotional, Dark, Repressed


Nickname: Bre

Zodiac: Cancer

Favorite Animal: wolf

Favorite mythical creature: Phoenix 

Favorite Dragon: Ruby

Personallity: quiet, kind, painfully blunt, caring, sarcastic when annoyed


Nickname: Simen

Zodiac: Gemini

Favorite Animal: Lion

Favorite Mythical Creature: Elf

Favorite Dragon: River Dragon

Personality: Pessimistic, funny, smart, friendly

Bane Cane

Nickname: Bane

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Animal: Canines

Favorite Mythical Creature: Shape-shifter

Favorite Dragon: Blue Moon, Winter, Flash if need to choose because of references.

Personality: Caring, Honest, Kind, Passionate, Curious

Glacier Dragon

Nickname: Froido

Zodiac: Virgo

Fav. Animal: Snakes

Fav. Mythical Creature: Naga

Fav. Dragon: Glacier (Of course.)

Personality: Caring, Focused, Creative, Friendly


Nickname: Celtic (or Celt)

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite animal: Horse

Favorite mythological creature: Pegasus

Favorite dragon: Celtic, Prism and Dawn

Personality: friendly, quiet, stubborn, protective, loyal


Nickname: Cloudy


Favourite ainimal: Cat

Favourite mythological creature: Hercinia

Favourite Dragon: Snowy Silver

Personality: Friendly, sassy, funny, serious(When needed to be)

Adriano 25

Nickname: Adriano

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Animal: Black Stallion and Dogs

Favorite mythical creature: Dragons forever

Favorite Dragon: Kairos!

Personality: Adventurous, Trusting, Kind, Smart, Funny.


Nickname: Cell

Zodiac: Gemini

Favorite Animal: Komodo Dragon

Favorite mythical creature: Dragon

Favorite Dragon: Jade and Sulfur

Personality: Secretive but trustworthy, sly but caring


Nickname: Tsunami

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Mythical Creature: Dragons or Hydra

Favorite Dragon: Nightshade

Personality: mischievous and shy, stays close to kind people.

Other Characters (Not less important, but don't appear on the wheel)

Escalade rabbit8

Nickname: Slade

Zodiac: Leo

Animal: rabbit

Favorite Mythical Creature: dragon

Favorite Dragon: equinox

Personality: caring, kind


Nickname: Will

Zodiac: Taurus

Animal: Bear

Favorite Mythical Creature: ALL!!!

Favorite Dragon: Smoke and/or Ooze

Personality: Funny, Interesting, Intelligent


Nickname: Smax

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Fav Animal: Quokka (Google it!)

Fav Mythical Creature: Dragons

Fav Dragon: Dream, Sulfur and Arbor

Personality: Shy, Unique, Thoughtful, Quiet, Jokeful, Considerate, Empathetic


Mysty, Misty, Myst.


Snow Leopard.


Artic or Firework.

Witty, sarcastic, thoughtful.

More will be added as people will join.




First part: Created

Second Part: Created

Third Part: Created

Fourth Part: Coming Soon!

I might do a part every week. Stay tuned through, I might change it.

To be continued....

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