Hello All! This is Cheyser, in his brand new blog: THE SLOGAN CONTEST! But I ain't thought that idea for myself. I give All Credit on the blog to Adriano 25, and his very first blog! So, before we start, I just wanted to say a thing or 2 about the winners.

1st Place Winner: Will Get a free drawing for the avatar, a free badge and 20 gems on GameCenter! (Just need his Account)

2nd Place Winner: Will get a free badge and 15 gems on GameCenter!

3rd Place Winner: Will get a free badge and 10 gems on GameCenter!

4th place Winner: Will get A free Drawing and a free badge!

So, you all can enter. It's all free! JUST ENTER.

Let's begin!

Badge for 1st winner:

SapphireDragonBaby This user is the 1st Place Winner of Cheyser's Slogan Contest! SapphireDragonBaby

Badge for 2nd winner:

AmberDragonBaby This user has won the 2nd Place in Cheyser's slogan contest! AmberDragonBaby

Badge for 3rd winner:

BronzeDragonBaby This user has won the 3rd Place in Cheyser's slogan contest! BronzeDragonBaby

Badge for 4th winner:

FrostfireDragonBaby This user has won the 4th Place in Cheyser's Slogan Contest! FrostfireDragonBaby

Badge for parcipating:

CarnivalDragonAdult This user is partcipating in Cheyser's Slogan Contest! CarnivalDragonAdult

Code for partcipators: {{SloganMaker} } no spaces


Solstice2000: DragonVale is amazing and you must play it. Why is this fun? Play to find out...

Adriano 25: On Valentine's Day, Love DragonRose Dragon, and Moonstruck Dragon would fill your life with love. On Christmas, Reindeer Dragon makes sure that Santa Claus comes to your Vale with a Gift Dragon. On St.Patrick's Day, Clover Dragon and Celtic Dragon makes sure that the luck of the Irish is with you. Come join in the Vale of Dragons where Wizards would make your life magical!

ElektronX: Eat (Yum). Sleep (Zzzz). Dv (Yay!). Repeat.

Berseker9: DragonVale - There's a dragon in every tap.

Cduncan: DragonVale is the only place where you get a giant amount of Gold. Dragons.

Psycho Wendigo: DragonVale - Because the Dragons, what else do you need?

UnitateDragon: The Rose Dragons are Red, The Lapis Dragons are Blue, I <3 Dv, and I know you will too!

Wolfiethezwolf: Who needs to Sleep when you have Dragons to Breed??

CloudyMist: Breed Dragons till your steaming to get that Rainbow Dragon.

Northsky: WARNING: This game is very addicting... Your friends won't be able to see you for a while...

Momamoni: The game Dragons should play! Except claws don't work on Ipad touch screens...

Yetherf: When you open DV, say goodbye to your life, and say Hello to your Dragons!

21qmcgagin: They all want treats! I don't have cash to hire wizards! They're coming for DragonVale!

Inconspicusaurus: DragonVale: Build, Breed, Earn, Grow.

Willdragonart: It is better to be playing dragonvale than hacking bile...


1. NO MULTIPLE ENTERIES. Multiple Enteries will ruin the other's chance to win.

2. For the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd): Give me your GC account after i'll give you the Badge (For the Gems, Which payed Daily.)

3. There's no limit of words.

4. Only the Winners will take their Badge.

5. The contest ends in April 20th!

Good luck!


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